The Age of the American Gestapo is Upon Us

America is under siege by so many false narratives and mishandling's by the federal government's Justice Department that it's beyond mind boggling it is reminiscent of the German Gestapo of World War II that persecuted all perceived political enemies and crushed free speech. The false flag of January 6th intended to vilify President Trump and convict his supporters while DC police were actually allowing patriots to peacefully enter the Capitol Building in one entrance, ANTIFA operatives among the crowd urged bystanders to burn and ransack the premises at another entrance, and while police on the roof began targeting visitors on the ground with anti-riot weapons hundreds of other visitors were caught in a crowd surge pushing them toward the Capitol Building.

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If you can get away with it

Why did the DC police lie about one of their own being killed by the crowd when in truth his own family reported that he died of a stroke, natural causes, while a black DC policeman blatantly shot a white female Air Force veteran to death who was not committing a violent act? She was climbing through a window. Ask the white police officers accused of killing blacks across the nation while resisting arrest if what they did was as intentional as what the black DC Cop did?  You see, they were not blatantly firing at a person who was not assaulting them!

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Government sanctioned deception

Now the FBI claims to be launching its biggest manhunt in history to catch people who, in many instances, were invited into the Capitol Building labeling them as "White Supremacists". When the Sergeant of Arms called Nancy Pelosi for backup she refused. When a known ANTIFA member was filmed in the Capitol Building the response from FBI Director Christopher Wray was that ANTIFA had nothing to do with the violence. A trailer of Molotov cocktails was parked near the Capitol Building and we have no findings on who delivered it? When ANTIFA has been busy destroying US cities for months and even attacked people on Capitol Hill and caused property damage there too during the summer still the FBI is not focused on those who commit proven criminal acts! Why isn't that manhunt being directed at ANTIFA?

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The prosecutor becomes the hunted

Now the Justice Department is issuing a warrant of search and seizure of Rudy Giuliani's Manhattan residence for evidence concerning his involvement with the Ukraine? You know the country that was being investigated because Hunter Biden was laundering money and using drugs while being appointed on the board of Burisma, an energy company, even though he has no expertise in that industry. His exorbitant salary apparently being laundered to the Biden family? Joe Biden himself proudly bragging that he got a Ukraine prosecutor fired using 1 billion US taxpayers dollars as a bribe to get the court investigators off his son, Hunter's trail? People, blatant violations of the law for everyone to see and nothing happens to a man who goes on to become president in a very controversial election?

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The stench of lies

But, rather than convict or further investigate the Biden family, the federal government is going after former prosecutor and New York Mayor, Rudy Guiliani, and punish him for investigating the Bidens and also identifying all the voter fraud that was massive, blatant, and well documented even though our treasonous judges refused to hear the evidence! This is like a replay of the Nazis at work putting people in jail who don't belong there, ignoring the damning evidence against them, and then trumping up charges against their political opponents! The media is the messenger for the Democrat Party deception and the low information voters accept this misinformation as news you can count on!

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Can this get any crazier?

Let us remember that as one of his many executive orders within days of his election Joe Biden signed a pardon for more than 2,600 violent protesters (ANTIFA & BLM) who burned police cars, assaulted police officers, attacked innocent people, and destroyed public property in cities like Seattle, Portland, and Minneapolis! Has the world gone mad? Has the American justice system been completely compromised from within? Obviously!

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Going after every political opponent to stay in power

The state of New York is not done with former President Donald J. Trump who has no charges of wrongdoing with the IRS but will still be pursued by the Democrat's prosecutor there. Why? Well, they can't risk having Mr. Trump run for office again. This just can't happen and by golly they'll even enact HR-1 to make sure that there is legal voter fraud with no requirement for identification, same day voter registration, and how ever long it takes to tally votes will be just fine. In other words no matter how many votes it takes for the Democrats to manufacture the numbers they need. They have the legislation passed to do so. Georgia doesn't want their elections nationalized so the negative press and celebrity reactions have been well noted.

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Ye shall not convict me!

California Congressman, Eric Swalwell sleeps with a female Chinese spy while serving on the intelligence committee on Capitol Hill and is still holding office without being charged. California Senator, Diane Feinstein had a Chinese spy under her personal employment for 10 years and we see no legal repercussions what so ever. The Democrats were ready to use the Logan Act on decorated US Army General Michael Flynn deliberately lying to him about a casual conversation with FBI agents that was actually an undeclared interrogation that ended in a series of attempted prosecutions that cost an American patriot just about everything he owned failing to prove anything! So we see how things work in the nation's capital when the Democrat majority is busy making sure they will always be in power no matter what! America is in the hands of a dictatorship using Gestapo tactics!

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