The Damning Contradictions in Early UFO Incidents and the Present

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All we can do as intelligent people is probe through what clues lie within the "Official Version" of the truth when it comes to much publicized controversial incidents such as terrorist acts, untimely deaths, missing people, missing aircraft, assassinations, and, of course we can't leave out UFO history. Isn't it strange how science told us for so long there was no basis in fact for UFO's other than errors in observations or hoaxes, but why is as new leaks come out now that says there are now filmed evidence of UFO's when for the last 70 years we were told it was all bunk? In the words of the CIA, "Nothing is as it appears to be." To me, anything the federal government comes up with today as a sudden admission of the truth has a hidden agenda behind it!

Photograph from purported UFO sighting in Passoria, New Jersey
More than a mystery?

Let's take a short walk back through history and reconsider some of the famous and deadliest of UFO stories that were rapidly dismissed before the public got too suspicious. First, let us consider the Maury Island Mystery, 21 June 1947 dismissed as a hoax yet it involves death, lost evidence, and government spying. It all begins when 2 fishermen a boy and his dog are all in a fishing boat when they see above them a bizarre sight. Several objects revolving around a flaming object that drops a molten substance that strikes the dog killing it, burns the boy, and then explodes. The fisherman recover the molten substance and take the child into the local hospital to be treated for his injuries. Soon word gets out that a UFO sighting has occurred and there may be evidence.

Maury Island incident is located in Washington (state)
The event unfolds

A local policeman corroborates the story of the 2 fisherman as having seen the event himself. The US Air Force sends 2 intelligence officers from nearby Hamilton AFB to retrieve material left by the donut shaped objects as described by Harold Dahl and Fred Crisman. Kenneth Arnold of "Flying Saucer" fame after his sighting over Washington State was hired to interview the two men and after doing so contacts the US Air Force. Upon arrival the two officers inspected the substance that they determined to be slag or a molten metal by product of steel mills. They reluctantly took the sample with them and then boarded a B-25 Bomber back to Hamilton AFB that night. However, disaster struck as the aircraft's right wing caught fire due to an engine malfunction and while the crew successfully bailed out, the two intelligence officers went down with the plane and died in the crash!

Image result for b-25 mitchell bomber
In the aftermath

Immediately, rumors about whether or not the plane had actually crashed, had been sabotaged, or had been brought down with anti-aircraft fire to prevent the evidence from being revealed. Further more Crisman and Dahl, the two fisherman claimed that a classic "Man in Black" had confronted them before they reported their sighting and warned them not to mention what they'd seen! Soon, the entire incident was written off officially as a hoax. Let's examine. All World War II bombers had fire extinguishing systems in case the engines caught fire. Why was this procedure not used? Why were 2 intelligence officers left in the plane to die? Would their safe return not have been a priority? It was discovered that the federal government had been conducting a phone tapping operation at the town from it's hotel phone room. Was all this just a coincidence?

Another fatality

Captain Mantell dies in a plane crash while in pursuit of a UFO near Fort Knox January 7, 1948. Many people know the general details that the entire sighting was dismissed as a misidentification of a US Navy skyhook balloon experiment even though the tower at Godman Airfield had been observing a brightly lit object loitering in the area for 45 minutes first reported by Kentucky Highway Patrol near Madisonville. Mantell's flight of four Air National Guard F-51 Mustangs was requested to investigate. According to Captain Edward Ruppelt in his 1956 "The Report on UFO's" book there had been no flight records of any weather balloons being released in the immediate area.

Mantell UFO 1
Flimsy excuse?

The explanation of Mantell's crash was that he had suffered anoxia from climbing beyond 20,000 feet in an unpressurized cockpit. All three of his wingmen found some reason not to engage in the pursuit. One pilot reported low fuel. Another pilot said he had an over heated manifold, and the third claimed he had lost sight of Mantell's aircraft, but commented that whatever Captain Thomas Mantell observed was more important to him than his family or even his own life as he continued his attempt to intercept the unknown object. Mantell's last words were that the object was huge, metallic, and that he was gaining on it. Some experts theorized that Mantell had target fixation and this had cost him his life.

More denial

Here's where the contradictions begin. One witness reported seeing Mantell's F-51 orbiting the area and then saw it explode in mid air. Another witness claimed that Mantell's fighter was perforated with holes and a Geiger counter gave a suspiciously high reading. A British RAF intelligence officer was along for the ride when the crash investigation team arrived at the crash site. He said Mantell's head was nearly decapitated and that his bones were pulverized unlike the aftermath of no aviation accident he'd ever seen. Yet, the condition of the Mustang fighter was in remarkably intact condition for a plane that had plummeted to the ground from 30,000 feet! Even with the initial reports pointing toward an aggressive act the "Official Version" denied that Mantell's aircraft had exploded while in flight under pilot control. They also claimed no holes in the hull of the craft had been seen nor had there been any radioactivity detected on the F-51 Mustang.

No longer play time boys and girls

However, suddenly whereas UFO's or "Flying Saucers" a term invented to describe, pilot Kenneth Arnold's sighting, they were considered a curiosity more than a threat, now the unknown was considered to be a potential danger to air traffic! The tide of public opinion had also changed from mysterious to possibly hostile, and why not? Here are two of the earliest UFO cases being officially investigated and there were deaths involved!

They're every where!

One might note that the Maury Island Mystery predated the alleged Roswell crash by less than 2 weeks. It would seem that the US Air Force was on full alert through out its secret radar sites in New Mexico and Arizona and technicians were instructed not to leave their posts for any reason on that fateful week in July 1947 and a few days earlier hundreds of miles north off the coast of Washington State another incident occurs right after Kenneth Arnold's famous sighting of 9 silvery disks flying near Mt. Shasta.

Image result for images of UFO's

Two different versions of an explanation

The repeated message from the US Air Force and its spokesperson, J. Allen Hynek, Project Blue Book's scientific advisor was that UFO's were either misidentified, weather phenomenon, or what small percentage that were not verified showed no threat to national security, an explanation the government used over and over again. Despite mounting evidence in the years to come from 1952 on of many lost military aircraft and their crews as in the words of General Benjamin Chidlaw that by 1965 there were 3,000 attempted intercepts over the continental United States and this resulted in the loss of many aircraft and their pilots.

The true agenda?

Why, all of the sudden, has the Defense Department decided to leak or declassify secret military documented UFO sightings for public review? As I said before, there must be a clandestine reason for it that as the CIA has said, " is never as it seems." Whether it be a way of a secular and God hating government that rejects the "One Nation Under God" presumption of America that explains our abundance or that a staged extraterrestrial event will be in the works so that once again like Covid 19, a new Machiavellian plan will be unleashed to further convince the sheep that its best they stay in, obey their masters, and even expect that a few missing persons will have to be tolerated as mankind fights a deadly galactic foe. After massive government sanctioned voter fraud and an imbecile for the new president I believe in nothing the government claims anymore!

Image result for images of UFO's

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