The Democrats Definition of "Values" as Defined By Their Actions

“Our Values” According to Schumer and Obama


The media, the Democratic Party, and liberal groups in general will go on analyzing polling data for years to come in the wake of their humiliating defeat to Donald Trump. They will wonder where they precisely got it wrong without questioning their policies or conduct. Once again it is the way of the left that refuses to see the nature of its failures preferring to blame FBI Director James Comie for his letter to Congress concerning Hillary’s deleted e-mails or low voter turn out according to Keith Ellison. Many in the schizophrenic Democratic Party even blame Hillary Clinton as a flawed candidate too old to have a universal appeal to voters. These flawed conclusions will ensure that their party will indeed self destruct in the aftermath of continued losses since the 2010 elections. 

False claims

Recently the new Democratic House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer claimed that he would work with the GOP under President Trump just as long as his party’s values were upheld. What values, one might ask. The same was true for President Obama while speaking in Lima, Peru as reporters asked him the typical scripted questions designed for a predetermined political answer. Once again, claiming that he would work with the Trump team in an effort at a smooth transition as long as the values of the Democratic Party were respected. The question must once again be asked-what values?

Repeated ethics violations

In the last 8 years the Democratic Party has engaged in scandal after scandal attempting to cover each one up or refusing to prosecute those responsible. From the “Fast and Furious” debacle to the Benghazi massacre in Libya each incident costing lives, there was never atonement in each case. AG Eric Holder was charged with contempt by Congress for withholding evidence for 2 years after being subpoenaed leading to his resignation over the Fast and Furious evidence. Though Hillary along with President Obama was proven to be a liar over the cause of the attack on the US Consulate at Benghazi, she was never prosecuted although it did play a role in her inability to win the presidential election against Donald Trump. Values you say?

The value of baby parts?

Refusing to prosecute Planned Parenthood for the open discussion of selling fetal body parts based upon filmed evidence, rather the Federal government went after the whistle blowers in court attempting to prosecute them rather then answering charges for law the breaking of the officials responsible. This was a common practice of denial and repudiation under the Obama White House. So, we ask ourselves again-what values? The gruesome harvest of organs, limbs, and even heads off of aborted fetuses will probably continue unabated with the President himself pushing for “Partial Birth Abortion” a nice term for taking a baby’s life up to the time of conception with refusal to save the infant’s life once born!

Exercising more of their values

With the IRS pursuing an aggressive program of not only denying conservative groups such as the Tea Party non-profit status during the 2012 Presidential Election while demanding personal contact information that was about as inappropriate as any Soviet style tactics of a Russian police state, escaped prosecution of the responsible individuals. Thwarted by the refusal of a Democrat controlled justice department the party once again exhibited its special affinity for “Values”. Even with Congressional inquiries into the actions of several IRS directors passing it off as the isolated instance of one office destruction of evidence was determined with John Koskinen facing impeachment for promising to produce requested files that were intentionally destroyed on IRS computer hard drives. Lois Lerner, complicit in her involvement was suspended but with pay and bonuses. What values?

Where it will lead

When leading party officials such as Charles Schumer and President Obama allege these supposed Democratic Party values one must wonder if they are joking, whether their grasp of the English language is inept, or if they actually think pandering the “Big Lie” long enough will achieve the kind of results that one Joseph Goebbels in Nazi Germany had determined as a political strategy so that a tyrannical government could blatantly deceive the general public and walk all over their rights in the process. Perhaps it is just these kind of values that will lead to the future destruction of their political party.







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