The Difference Between Men and Women How They Think and Relationships



I used to think that men and women both want the same thing in a relationship and out of life, they just go about seeking it differently, but after years of marriage and scientific research on the psychology of the sexes, I found I was quite wrong. Fact is, women will use a different hemisphere of their brain to solve the exact same problem as men. That has to tell you something right there, not that there’s necessarily anything wrong with that, but it does tell you something. The way women think, their susceptibility to propaganda, their compulsion to constantly verbalize even when the conversation amounts to nothing, even the way they comprehend spatiality, is different than men. Beginning in the 1980’s the feminist movement penetrated TV talk shows and even comic standup routines where white middle class males were portrayed as being good for nothing couch potatoes with only mowing as their self-redeeming virtue.

No longer the homemaker

Looking back at the human species over the last simply 2,500 years and there has been a dramatic change in the roles of men and women. Women, once the child bearer, the nest keeper, the cook, and the major influence on the children since the father was the hunter gatherer and guardian, is no longer the norm. However, in the 20th Century the feminist movement, the government, the globalist megalomaniacs saw to it that women would be manipulated into coming into the work force, not out of necessity or even desire to do so, but shamed by feminists for the perceived submission to the man and the family unit, while billionaires like David Rockefeller admitted that social engineering influenced women to shirk their traditional roles in order to get out in the work place and compete with men over power and a question of sexual superiority. Why? Because the government and those who use government to transform the populace into debt slaves saw that only 50% of the household was being taxed.

In the aftermath of her absence

There is no doubt that the conversion of children once looking forward to coming home to their mother at the end of a school day to being “Latch Key Kids”, having no one there and having to unlock the door to their home. To think that teenage girls and boys had too many opportunities to be alone together, watch shows like MTV that glorify sex, violence, racial hatred, and drug abuse, even having video games that a child can get online to watch pornography with, have all contributed to unwed teenage pregnancy, and simply immoral conduct. With the growing socialist and leftist movement influencing society we also have more of a godless self-worshipping form of mentality that has stricken the culture of the west. The vacuum left by the lack of a woman’s presence in the home has left a deeply damaging mark on society.

Identifying as a victim

When John Lennon as a solo artist in lieu of his fame as a founding member of the Beatles made one of many of his hits, “Woman is the Nigger of the World” society at that time had been bombarded with the popular leftist portrayal of women as slaves and men as the oppressors, in particular, white men. These are the narratives of division that the political agenda of the Communists, the statists, the collectivists, and the socialists use to create division and social conflict as they attempt to dismantle western culture. Women, no doubt, have fallen for it too. Though women have made great accomplishments in society aside from their traditional roles, it is inexcusable that those who wanted to be stay at home parents and keepers of the house were shamed by the radicals who specialize in spreading hatred.

Feelings rather than fact

But, I have gotten a bit off track here, forgive me. We were talking about the basic differences in men and woman aside from social evolution. Ask yourself why a greater percentage of women voted for destructive Democrat candidates like Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and even, if one considers these polls to be credible, Joe Biden? This is an indicator of the way women think or have been influenced by leftist propaganda. Rather than looking objectively at the policies and voting record of the opposing GOP candidate, they instead relied upon their feelings and whether or not, a silver tongued devil of a womanizer or a Communist advocate was more acceptable than the words of a successful businessman who advocated conservative principles like Donald Trump, whom they found to be less acceptable as the character assassination of the Democrats worked more effectively on the minds of women who do work off feelings more than logic. Of course, there were exceptions, and women that did embrace Trump for his acumen and policy rather than lies of the left.

The state of mind

In relationships, the common lyric of the pop culture, “What have you done for me lately?” generally does apply to the state of mind of women who tend to be childish, emotional, and short sighted when it comes to evaluating a relationship subject to everyday marital stresses and the constant pressure a society that less and less values the code of morality and ethics emphasizes. Magazines like “Cosmopolitan” featuring one of their memorable articles such as, “How to Manage Having a Man at Home and a Man at The Office”, or maybe even, “Having an Affair to Spice up the Marriage”. With this kind of rampant influence, it’s easy to see why women can be seduced into destroying the institution of marriage, but, in saying this, I do not condone the idea that many men have abused and mistreated their women, and it’s inexcusable!

An era of glamorized selfhood

The 1980’s were a strange time of decadence, 1950’s style artistic oppression, and simply brainless rebellion against anything and nothing at all. In the midst of the confusion came a rash of women leaving the sanctuary of marriage because they had become obsessed with the quest for the lust and excitement of romance novels! Women were leaving their marriages by the hordes in search of the momentary exhilaration of fictional passion they thought had left their marriages. As a matter of fact, many women became quite calloused about men even being worthy of a relationship if they didn’t meet a number of stringent criteria such as wealth, dress, physique, and even celebrity-like appeal. If one read through the single dating ads there were constant calls by the women for men to be like Mark Harmon or Bobby Ewing of the famous TV show “Dallas”. A Catch phrase developed that many women caught onto when they would say, “those men who are walking wounded need not apply.”

When ending a marriage, the state of mind of both man and woman may be about as similar as existing on two different planets. This is what leant so much to the success of the book, “Women are from Venus and Men Are from Mars,” as there was a very distinct difference in the two sexes that created many misunderstandings.

In a word brainlessness

Men with usually vivid memories about what they did together with their spouse over the years and how those memories tended to add to the sanctity of the union differed greatly from the woman whom the past mattered little too when she needed gratification right now, and allowed the little girl inside of her to dictate her impulsive actions. Yet, sadly the same can be said of some men, who as we even know in Hollywood, remain a womanizer for life. Yes, Hollywood figures prominently in its influence over the culture, families, and even marriage, always capitalizing on the unrealistic expectations of fictional characters enacted by celebrities who often lead very hedonistic and pretentious lives. Not quite the role model that their paparazzi should be aspiring to, yet a lack of critical thinking and the need to worship anything that glorifies escape continues to fascinate a public that values little the essential things in life.

This ends Part I of this article. Part II will shortly follow.




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