The Difference Between Men and Women How They Think and Relationships Part II

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There are many factors socially, psychologically, and biologically that define the differences in men and woman, and it all becomes a mass of confusion when the smoke clears, if it ever does. We find ourselves wondering why marriages are so difficult, why tensions between the sexes can become so inexplicably intolerable, even at the workplace. It was once thought that men and women could complement each other because of their varying skills and natural ability. One was the better provider both physically and instinctively (males) while the other was a better empress of the nest so that each contributed their expertise building a better home environment.

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However, the changing complexion of a chaotic society under the siege of the left that apparently doesn’t value a responsibly run household where children are properly parented, where a future can be built upon preparing kids for life’s challenges. Engineering the breakdown of the American family is tantamount to Satan’s plans if not the socialist left who seek to do away with normality. There’s no denying politics plays a huge role in the attitude and behavior of women as well as men. There is no doubt that the narratives of the left have a disrupting influence on the family as well as the sexes.

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The unseen enemy

Another aspect of the manner in which women think and behave differently than men is in an awkward aspect in family life talked about little though it acts influentially in society, and that’s child abuse, emotionally, physically, and sexually. Women who have experienced sexual abuse do not farewell in the long run in relationships or in family. The hidden dirty secret eats away at trust, the emotional scars leave a broken person liable to lash out and do the same to others. This is why they say that child abuse often creates more victims as the victim often grows up to victimize, and men are not oblivious to this perpetuation of injustice themselves. However, with men expected to be problem solvers and have all the answers in order to go into marriage, careers, or society as leaders, putting up with a certain amount of abuse and simply keeping their mouths shut and sweeping it under the rug is common, ask any veteran of war or any high stress type of first responder duty which tends to be a lot more common than with women.

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Negative pattern

For the woman who has experienced sexual, emotional, or physical abuse in the home growing up, she will never adapt to a normal marital situation as the very part of being in a marriage is the domestic aspect, the very place where she was violated, where her boundaries were forever breached. The resulting emotional status for her will be conditions such as bi-polar, sociopathy, psychopathological, even having an inappropriately bad temper, all these post traumatic aspects are deal breakers in a marriage already being tested with normal everyday challenges. Any spouse, male or female, that doles out this punishment upon their mate who might know or might not know out of the shame the afflicted person carries with them will also suffer the wages of abuse and its aftermath.

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Where’s the appreciation?

Once upon a time there was a famous saying that illustrated exactly how the importance of man supported by his wife could soar into success, “behind every successful man is a woman.” Of course, the left had to chisel away at an expression such as that as being sexist and arcane. While of course a woman should never settle for being a man’s support system by raising the family and giving him the emotional validation he needs to believe in himself bolstered by his wife’s love. Gosh, how utterly self-deprecating that would be! Sacrifice as a virtue in society has become more of a rare commodity nowadays in normal existence where people have time to think, to live, and to make choices. Could we actually cast women in the role of being heroes simply for being a mother, a cook, a housekeeper, a lover, and a positive influence that will make her fondly remembered for the entire life of her children as they become adults and raise families? Absolutely. Would society reward her for that kind of toil and sacrifice? Not in today’s culture of drag queens, transvestites, angry lesbians, man hating feminists, all bubbling to the surface in product advertising, school boards pushing inappropriate content, a world hostile to the heroic role of womanhood.

Amelia Earhart - HISTORY

Just one more victim

This is not to say that women can’t be in different roles like the Amelia Earhearts, the Madame Curies, and the Eleanor Roosevelts of the world, who made a difference. But, for the divorced former husband wondering what went wrong, and why he chose to depend upon a woman who had so much inner turmoil going on, the personal tragedy is an overwhelming life hurdle to deal with. Personally, I would attest to this, for I have been married to women plagued by a past they never asked for or deserved. Yet, the gun that never intended to kill has to be fired by someone, and that leaves another victim in the trail of injustice that many women live with, but often are tormented by for life.

Viral Ad Sparks Outpouring for 'Leftover Women' in China

True discrimination

Overcoming the challenge of the world is difficult for both sexes. Some cultures value women little in comparison to men and are even superstitious about it. In Chinese culture men worry about losing their power to women. They would rather have a boy than a baby girl. They see men as absolutely superior to women. As wives, in general, they are expected to be in a subservient role. In Japanese culture it is much the same with women being treated as second class citizens, and those century old stereotypes are very hard to change. For instance, in China if a woman fails to marry by her mid-twenties she becomes a “Leftover Woman” who the men will not want to marry anymore, a spinster, as we in the west have called it, but still in western culture, woman is much more revered and appreciated even if she is a sex object to some.

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Nature designed both sexes for a reason

One thing is for certain. The difference in DNA and physique has placed women and men both in biologically superior roles that nature intended. Women should not be placed in athletic competition with men. It is an unfair advantage for the men. Women as combatants in the battlefield are at a distinct physical disadvantage as their male warrior team mates need fellow infantry who can keep up and endure under the rigors of combat. Politics will not overcome the natural advantages given to both men and women. It is said that for pain tolerance women excel as a man could never endure child birth. When the boat people from Vietnam crossed the Pacific to seek freedom in the US during extreme times of heat, starvation, and dehydration it was the women who survived whereas most of the men perished. Why? Nature intended for the woman to have the stronger survival instincts of her maternal role as she was meant to ensure the longevity of the species. Political distortion will not change that.

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