The Outright Lies of the Innocent Honduran Caravan

Notice the Molotov Cocktail in the hands of the poor innocent Caravan occupier 

They came bashing through the Guatemala Border forcing their way past police and citizens who got in their way. 100 amongst them were arrested as known ISIS operatives. Onward they went into Mexico where once again they burst through barriers guarded by local police and threw stones at news helicopters and anyone who stood in their way. Along with a supposedly innocent group of Hondurans who claimed they were seeking a better life and jobs with only 3% being women and children and the rest of the mob consisting of drafting age males they surged forward.

Invasion convoy

Accompanying the mob were trucks filled with food, hygiene supplies, and water. A multi-million dollar operation set into motion to accommodate the supposedly poor, frightened, driven by seeking opportunity masses who were joined by more who arrived by bus to participate. Now the policia in squad cars were escorting them on their walk through southern Mexico and north toward the US border. Embedded among them were intelligence officers trying to find out more about who they were, which were criminals, and which could be terrorists. It was quickly discovered that some 30% of the “Caravan” as they called it were from the Middle East. Others were from parts of Asia. Still others were criminals who were escaping Honduran authorities.


From town to town they bullied their way through when confronted by local Mexican citizens who told them to “Go!” these innocent victims were trashing the streets, causing trouble in some instances, and it seemed the local authorities were doing nothing to stop it! Still the supply trucks full of water, provisions, and even medical wagons full of supplies were along to see that the mob was well taken care of. Their journey by foot would take them weeks according to news sources and they would not arrive for some time at the southern US border with Mexico, yet on November 25, they had magically arrived with trailing hordes of thousands more yet to show up.

The Big Lie

Imagine, the so-called peaceful “Caravan” approaches the border of a foreign country they know is illegal to trespass upon, that there will be federal agents there to protect the territory of that country, that have their own poverty to deal with, and still they approach intent upon overwhelming the guards on station. Still they think, or have been convinced by someone, who, by the way, is providing for them and spending millions to do so, that they will be accommodated! That they can seek asylum in the US when they do not even have the correct reason for legally presenting their case which should be persecution by their own government. These, not very peaceful, not running from Honduras to save their lives, and not asking for asylum due to bodily threat or political oppression are seeking jobs and a better life in the US.

Silent invasion

Someone has convinced them that by sheer numbers they can storm the border and then they will be admitted, fed, housed, and provided with US taxpayer funded assistance. Much like the hundreds of thousands of Syrian Muslims relocated under President Obama into the US and given billions in federal subsidy creating their own “No Go” zones along with Somalians so violent they did not get along with anyone in UN refugee camps so President Obama said the US would take them much to the chagrin of local Americans who were forced to deal with them. The intentional deception simply goes on aided by the left and by the Democrats. Is it any wonder that the US national debt will never become a balanced budget? Is it any wonder why the media has completely ignored the violence of the Caravan as it swept through Mexico even refusing asylum when offered there?

Inhumane tactics

The drama begins as the massed crowd on the other side of the border begins trying to storm barriers built by the US Army and guarded by the border patrol agents. They are repelled until some of them come up with the perfect way to demonize those doing their job and protecting America. Taking a page from the terrorist operating manuals of HAMAS and Hezbollah they use women and children as human shields just like they did against Israel so that when tear gas is used to repel the hostile mob the stone throwers can begin pelting the US Border Patrol once the women and children have taken the frontal brunt of the defensive response.

Just like cowards

The question is not, “who would throw a tear gas canister against women and children?” The correct question is, “who would purposely allow women and children to be subjected to tear gas by pushing them ahead of the men? Who put the idea in their heads? From whose playbook did the tactic originate?” Perhaps by the same entities who are financing the long march to the US border perpetrating this unofficial invasion by an army of Hondurans, criminals, terrorists, and unknown people from Asia and unknown terrorist operations embedded within?


This invasion, this mob, this well financed subversive occupational force has a dedicated mission. That mission is to populate America with Democrat voters who will take orders, submit to lower wages, and accept any laws thrown at them by a tyrannical government arising from a Democrat takeover as real as any Communist rebellion ever thought up and deployed by the Soviet Union! Here is a new mob that will vote Democrat, oppose conservatives and all who question their legitimacy and gladly submit to laws that most constitutionally minded American citizens would never accept! There, you have your answer. Reality, without the spin of the Pravda US media who had now become a traitorous operation to America. The true goons who would lie for the out of control government that President Trump and his administration are fighting against. What responsibility does the US have to accommodate mobs of unvetted illegal immigrants without any legitimate reason to declare asylum? Every nation on the face of the earth defends its borders and punishes violators! Why should America be any different? Ask the globalist elites who plan a worldwide government where the sovereignty of all nations is dissolved!


Another New York Times photo depicting one of the Caravan as a victim! 

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