The Pentagon Fears That Deadly Microwave Weapons Are Undetectable

The Sherlocks in Pentagon are worried about microwave weapons but not about the rising radiation pumped on us every day from mobile phones, wifi, telecommunication satellites and 5G. The problem is that the radiation is invisible and you need a sensor to measure it. We are familiar with the effects of a high power MW radiation by microwave ovens. They literally cook the food but the effects of low level radiation are less obvious albeit damaging. However, these have been known and their weaponization considered already over half a century ago.

Barrie Trower Interview - Whistle blower exposes 5G and MW technology

The Pentagon Fears That Deadly Microwave Weapons Are Undetectable

"When U.S. diplomats began mysteriously falling ill in Havana in 2016, scientists were perplexed by the cause. Until they realized that the cause was probably a microwave weapon that bathed the target in deadly radiation.

Now the U.S. military wants a sensor that will alert soldiers when they are being attacked by microwave weapons. Because soldiers may not even realize they are under attack by a beam that is invisible to the eye, but painfully apparent to the brain."

Later Studies on Effects of the Microwave Radiation

electromagnetic radiations have effects on the human body, because these radiations have energy amount [32]. There is a lot of searches and studies on human and animals focused the high light on the effects of microwaves on the health and life.

In 2013, Bhargavi K, et. al. [33], proposed a mobile phone radiation effects on human health. In this project, electroencephalogram machine is used to determine the brain operation in three conditions including, without any radiations, with using mobile phone, which use a GSM standard, and with using mobile phone, which use a CDMA standard. After analyzing results, they conclude the mobile radiations have certain hazards on the human brain.

In 2011, Adam Santorelli, et. al. [34], simulated SAR levels in microwave breast imaging: 3-D safety assessment with plane-wave illumination. In this work, they obtain the data from the FDTD simulations run by SEMCAD-X. They noted the quantity of energy absorbed by the breast in microwave imaging techniques have a negative health effects unless under the SAR limited values.

In 2006, Emília Sánchez [35], introduced a report that titled what effects do mobile phones have on people‟s health. That is a health evidence network (HEN) which give the health effects of regular exposure to mobile phones. The conclusions of this report was the use of a mobile phone has a significantly negative health effects.

In 2016, Iris Atzmon, et. al. [36], introduced a microwave/radiofrequency (MW/RF) radiation exposure and cancer risk: Meta-Analysis of accumulated empirical evidence. In this article the authors analyze 57 studies, published through 30 years,(1982 – 2012) and determined the association of the cancer hazards with the exposure to the MW/RF radiation by using meta-analysis tools of the WinPepi© software. They concluded the exposure to MW/RF radiation increased the risk of morbidity including melanoma, lymphoma, leukemia, and brain/CNS cancers.

In 2009 Neha Kumar, “ [37], published a paper that titled biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. In this project, the authors documented the risk of brain cancer increased significantly on the side as one held the phone as compared with other side."

More links:

Biological Effects of Microwave Radiation | SpringerLink

Biological Effects of Microwaves and Mobile Telephony

ANNALS OF SCIENCE, 37 (1980), 323--351

Effects of microwave radiation on brain energy metabolism and related mechanisms

Biological and Health Effects of Electromagnetic (Nonionizing Radia...

Zain-IJES.pdf 2223.pdf ED286762.pdf

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Comment by Less Prone on April 3, 2021 at 3:02am


Trower report about electromagnetic radiation and its effects.

Comment by Ragnarok on April 2, 2021 at 3:08pm

They know damn well what they're doing. Another reason why they pardoned so many 'unmentionable ones' from Germany via operation paperclip (also much more than 1600 hundred people btw) Remember people laughed of the thought of sound wave weaponry and laser tech ect. now its all in full effect and recognized science.

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