A series of science fiction movies came out a few years back about our world under the carefully conceived electronic umbrella of a holographic illusion. A secret hierarchy of global elitists sought to perpetuate this global alternate reality with as much iron fisted ruthlessness as they could deploy with their sophisticated surveillance and their redundant strategy! Some think this is merely Hollywood cgi and trickery, but, in truth, it’s real, and we are living in the midst of a society that has been lied to and deceived for at least 50 years or more.

The real source

While some point to an actual holographic reality alteration affecting all minds, all people, and all perceptions due to some incredible land of fantasy masterminded by a creator or an infinitely omnipotent intelligence, others view this alternative reality as a tyrannically government imposed state of being. This government sanctioned “Matrix” has been achieved through disinformation, the rewriting of world history to reflect the agenda of the globalists, the control of news outlets by corporate acquisitions backed by ideological prerogatives! The fact that a few short years ago there were 55 mass media corporations serving the audience of the US alone and now there are only 6 networks in existence demonstrates how information and public perception are in the hands of a select few.

Freedom too bothersome

The hands of the select few are international, not committed to a patriotic agenda, and are willing to impose policies that are not necessarily in the best interests of American citizens or the validity of the US Constitution as it stands in the way of their ultimate designs!  Barack Obama expressed his misgivings over the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights just as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the ailing Justice of the US Supreme Court. Why? Rights in the hands of citizens are a duty imposed upon the federal government to defend! This puts the government in utter servitude and subordinated to the American people! This also mandates that rights are not supplied by or granted by government, but by God! Inalienable rights when enforced make the tyranny of the government a crime punishable by law! This presents a major road block to the statists, the collectivists, the socialists, the Communists, and the progressives!

Deep State at work

So what would they rather do? They would rather chip away at the US Constitution with statutes, codes, and administrative enactments to enable rogue agencies like the IRS, the EPA, the BLM, NEA, and the Department of Energy to use unelected bureaucrats who will impose restrictions under the color of law or legalistic imposition so that the appearance of law hides the infractions being committed by the state! In every Democracy, Communist, or Dictatorial Regime, the point of no return ensures that the economy will be controlled and constrained. That free thought, freedom to move about, freedom to capitalize on invention and greater ambition will be stifled! Under the iron fist of government control a centralized form of malignant stagnation will settle like a dark veil of night over a once productive society and the masses will be oppressed!


We already have truth embargoes on international events, UFO’s, false flag operations, massive economic moves that create recessions and inflationary cycles, and we have an educational conspiracy to dumb down the people and promote group think that targets gifted individuals and achievers and oppresses them through consensus. John Dewey’s doctrine of using the government to infect the mind of the child in the classroom early ensures that we will have politically correct thinking that cannot distinguish between the loss of individual freedom and the how actions of the state are responsible! They cannot comprehend the forfeiture of freedom for historically failed ideologies like Communism and totalitarianism or the processes that are involved in paving the way for such atrocities! So the state implemented tax funded public school produces willing prisoners of the state’s limitation willing to be taxed into burdensome and unconstitutional extremes without blinking an eye! Like conditioned pets!


How have the treasonous actions of recent US Presidents been tolerated and gone unpunished? Through the educationally orchestrated passive citizens along with a Congress who has only undermined the sheep as they graze under the false assurance that their rights are being guarded! A preposterous assumption! An empty headed reaction like the conditioned response of Pavlov’s Dogs, only on a human level. The useful idiots, as former KGB Agent, Yuri Bezmenov identified as the “useful idiot” those who will willingly destroy their own country because they are indoctrinated by their own educators, communications, and government propaganda! Why does it take a former enemy, a specialist in espionage and disinformation, to lecture the people of a culture that his nation not only envied but was committed to destroy?


Although some scientists assert that we are in a virtual reality made up of a global and perceptual holographic stage and they can prove it as the Earth exists in a time continuum different from the rest of the universe and even the Bible describes an event where God informed the disciples that he would literally remove a complete day from history by stopping the Earth’s rotation where there would not be a day and a night, still we have another identifiable “Matrix” the control of the government! The global call to drastically regulate human activity to stop climate change! The call for extreme control of human activity and movement due to terrorism or drug trade! Government confiscation of undeveloped land that prohibits private ownership for the control by the state! The massive electronic surveillance of all citizens and nations, under the aegis of law enforcement and protecting us from ourselves such as gun control!


The diabolical designs in place

The eventual planned agenda of human depopulation, re-wilding of once civilized urban dwellings allowed to deteriorate and become wilderness again. These areas returned to their undeveloped condition where wild animals are resupplied to these regions while human encroachment is prohibited as in Agenda 21, ICLEI Cities, and Sustainable Development are all well underway! The Matrix of alternate reality already exists. News coverage supporting this perversion of truth is almost complete! Mind control through TV, social media, cell phones, and militarily projected means-all well underway! Under the insane and arrogant presumption of master planning, man will likely self-destruct through war, consumer sabotage, consolidation of ownership, and economic failure. While those Godless and  self-righteous druids who can justify the liquidation of the masses, controlling them like farm animals, and deciding their outcome while being conveniently insulated themselves from the chaos and death demonstrates the historic demons fatalism of the old feudal system due to the evilness of human nature and those who are in power! Sadly, a matrix does indeed exist.

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Comment by Doc Vega on November 27, 2019 at 11:25am

Mr. Sizzle thanks man appreciate your comment.

Comment by Doc Vega on November 27, 2019 at 11:25am

cheeki kea Let us pray that the designs of these psychotic bastards never come to fruition!

Comment by cheeki kea on November 27, 2019 at 6:40am

They won't win Doc V and Mr. Siz. because they're not winning yet. The more it's tried on, the more they self destruct -of their own doing. When losing public trust they win public hostility and that negative sentiment is contagious. 

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on November 27, 2019 at 1:36am

Excellent post Doc Vega. Everything (((they))) control is a lie and a deception just like Agenda 2030. 
Hey, these NWO goons couldn’t get anything accomplished with Agenda 21 so now they advance the plan to 2030?
Because they are bound to the ritual to inform us of what they intend to do to us. 

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"Destroying the New World Order"



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