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With the new developments in technology, biological research, and artificial intelligence you might be hopeful thinking Nano robots can perform less invasive micro surgery to unblock arteries, that gene splicing and combining could actually detect hereditary disorders and vanquish them, or that we would even have more effective counter measures against unwanted surveillance, but no! With the tip of the sword advancements we are seeing sinister uses for combat, for more invasion of privacy, and even the development of horrid genetically malformed organisms. Why? Go back to World War II Germany and the horrific medical experiments by Josef Mengele who performed unthinkably warped experimental surgical procedures too gruesome to discuss.

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Ominous possibilities

Just what is the rationale behind much of this research? One reason could be that the enemy is constantly involved in such experimentation so they might find some type of indefensible method of aggressive capability that we could be caught off guard from so as a matter of default reasoning we have no other choice. One reason we have military bases all over the world right? So that the US can interdict any major potential conflict or existential threat to our nation? These forms of justification don’t really answer such things as combining spider DNA and human genes to create a warrior with bullet proof skin, yet the Chinese are currently trying to produce genetically superior combatants right now while US armed service factions are celebrating men marrying men in the ranks of the Army!

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Which will it be?

It would seem that while advanced research strives to develop better defenses we (The US) are undermining ourselves from within at the same time. Anyway, the ultimate betrayal of our Constitutional right to privacy has now suffered the ultimate breach of the invasion of your inner most secrecy, your last refuge, your mind. The old school rationale used to be that they could take away your privacy but at least you would still have your inner thoughts, your dreams, locked inside your head, they couldn’t overcome that, could they? Guess what, now they can. Recent research shows that a test subject had his dreams visualized from within and recorded just like you would film an event. His sleeping brain activity was captured. Most of us know that dreams are more than just frivolous fantasies that the mind gets recreation from as we sleep. It’s more than that. In some cases of severe insomnia drug companies found that if you sedate a patient thoroughly enough to even oppress the dream state that subject will eventually go insane.

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Importance of dreaming

The dream state as measured by REM (Rapid Eye Movement) when unconscious is actually a very important part of the human mind working out problems during that occur during the waking state. Without this kind of mental exercise the human brain loses the ability to cope in the waking state as time goes on. The North Koreans and Russians used sleep deprivation on US POW’s to interrogate the troops and then to break them down and even brainwash them. Moles, as they are called, those espionage trained operatives who can be subliminally programmed to go about a normal life until triggered to perform some kind of task has been under development for decades. The early 1960’s explored this type of conditioning in the movie “The Manchurian Candidate” code name for a project that would undertake this kind of undercover research.

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Open borders even more lethal

There has been considerable speculation that many Russian immigrants that have come to America could actually be moles awaiting the triggering signal to perform whatever act that their masters had brainwashed them to do. Yet, with absolutely no vetting going on anymore and a mass invasion of illegal immigrants it appears that the worst case scenario could unfold. We are under insane governmental leadership currently with President Biden now being proven to be a foreign agent at the helm in the Oval Office!  It would seem not only has the ultimate invasion of privacy been attained by the Deep State, but now even the office of the presidency has been invaded by a traitor working for our foreign enemies!

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Invisible bombardment

If you thought this was all bad, allow me to add another layer of information for your edification. Decades ago the Soviets discovered that you can project micro waves at people who are unknowing and create all manner of mental and physical disorders even disrupting office activity. They found it by projecting micro waves at a US embassy there in Moscow. American state department personnel were reporting everything from sickness, voices in their heads, hallucinations, depression, and simply being unable to report for work. The same worries also accompanied the introduction of cell phones to the masses with the powerful EMF fields generated by cell phone radio waves.

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Well, they are now capable of being able to project thoughts into your head, even commands from remotely located devices. Your mind might possibly not be in your own mind anymore. They are planning to give this capability to AI robots as well. Imagine, your supposed servant used as a way of being able to remotely control your mind, your thoughts, your behavior. This is what we now achieve from the threshold of greater knowledge and instrumentality? It’s more than shocking. It’s appalling, as no laws or restrictions have been considered to keep this kind of capability from being unleashed upon the general public.

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