The US Media True Enemy of America Part III

Recently an MRC survey of just how much air time the US media gives to certain subjects showed that when it comes to President Trump 87% of their news coverage was negative. Like spoiled children who have still not gotten over the shock of the inauguration of Donald J. Trump they still angrily call for his impeachment! Instead of objective news reporting the American family gets a jaded and hostile blast of hot air from the major news networks over President Trump with only the exception of Fox News Network and the conservative radio talk shows and blogs. One might recall that with the vast majority of news coverage on his side, protecting him from harsh debates and unflattering moments still Obama had to take shots at Fox and also ordered NSA surveillance on AP over their critical articles as well as an investigation on James Rosen, a Fox reporter.

True Collusion

The leftist bias of the US media has become even more prevalent than ever even after 8 years of their darling President Obama, who, in actuality, accomplished nothing during his administration but to orchestrate the apparently intentional decline of America, and that was perfectly fine with the mainstream media. The US media has gone from protecting and upholding the Obama legacy to now dedicating itself to the destruction of President Trump’s administration, but that’s a little hard to do when 1) The President has achieved so many miraculous accomplishments in less than 2 years in office and 2) The exposure of Democrat law breaking over the Steel Dossier, illegal FISA Court sign offs along with the corruption of the Obama appointee intelligence agency violations. The US media has worked hand in hand with the Democrats in doing everything in their power to distract public attention from the coming sledgehammer of the Trump DOJ once the Deep State has been exposed, and that’s coming fast!

The odds against

Since 1962 polls taken of journalists and political editors show a leftist bias as high as 58% among those who would admit their leanings while only 21% identified themselves as conservative or middle of the road with Democrat journalists outnumbering Republican news people by a 3 to 1 margin! It’s little wonder that news coverage could easily have been the deciding factor in a number of presidential races. This would also allow for the scathing commentaries in editorials but worse, the refusal of the US media to keep commentary out of the reporting of political and major issue events so as to give the public the impression that opinion is the same thing as fact.

History of bias

Going as far back as the US media’s refusal to expose Nazi Germany’s genocide against the Jews as World War II began to emerge, there has been no shortage of bias among the US press corps throughout the decades. It was Hollywood accompanied by the US media that played into the hands of Stalin and the Soviets in the early 1950’s as the dreaded McCarthyism was attacked and minimized when the fact was there was great evidence available that Russia had penetrated the US government, had stolen secrets for the H-Bomb, and was influencing US society on a civilian level. Because of America having a free society the Soviets took advantage of this and used the US press corps against our government over the tensions of the “Cold War”. When Robert Welch, creator of the John Birch Society, correctly prophesized the global role of the United States being used as a worldwide policing entity and using crushing taxation upon its citizens to achieve that goal in public speaking engagements in 1957 and 1974. The US media rose to the occasion by labeling the Birch Society as a rightwing fanatical organization just as the Southern Poverty Law Center is now used as nothing more than a leftist propaganda tool accusing Christians of being a hate group!

Mental patients ruling the hospital

Time and again the US media has considered its duty to be labeling the conservative cause as right wing nut jobs, anyone supporting President Trump as being nonintellectual hayseeds, and always being the advocates for Democrat policy even when it’s failing horribly. The US media along with the Democrats would rather see America enter into a war that they think would delegitimize President Trump or an economic recession that would cause enough suffering among the people as we had under President Obama to hurt President Trump’s popularity enough to stop him from winning in 2020.

NYT hack job

Recently, among many of the leaks that have been committed by the Obama appointees who have betrayed the Trump White House the New York Times came out with an article supposedly sourced from a confidential figure from inside the Trump administration who was supposedly doing his patriotic duty in obstructing and sabotaging the Republican Oval Office when in truth he is committing criminal acts. Tampering with the inner workings of the White House then making anonymous claims to outside entities could land someone in jail! Yet, without being pressed for their source, without being court ordered to reveal who leaked the story, the New York Times could easily have manufactured the article all along.

Defining factor

Doing the work of the global government elites the leftist US media supports massive relocation of refugees to America from the Middle East as Europe and the UK struggle with violence, rape against their women, and demands for Sharia Law in their so-called Democracies along with open borders! These idiotic proposals do nothing more than provide Democrats with the voting base they are trying to build so they can get elected despite the harm that would result to US citizens while the bias of the US media completely supports this idiocy with positive commentary labeling those opposed as racists and bigots! The “Big Lie” of multiculturalism has been used to tear down empires since the beginning of time going all the way back to the Roman civilization with the blessing of today’s sold out media.  When our own press corps actually advocate danger to US citizens and national security it is easy to understand just why the US news media is indeed an enemy of America!


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