There is Only one Common Denominator for the Loss of Freedom in America

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In the beginning of the drafting of the US Constitution the first Continental Congress saw fit to right all the wrongs they had been experiencing under the King George government. All rights and personal freedoms that had been oppressed by the British were thoughtfully included as the inalienable rights granted by God that future Americans have so wrongfully taken for granted. Human rights, it was clearly stated, in the US Constitution came from God and could not be granted by governments. In his letter to the Danbury Baptists that separation of church and state meant that government was to stay out of the business of the church while the church remained involved in the business of the state so that our leaders would pass moral legislation.

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Exposing those evil ones

America struggles in the grip of corporate profiteering, foreign control of our office holders through bribery and extortion, those in office of the Democrat majority have adopted every tenant of the Communist doctrine in their destructive policies, and the idiotic over spending of the federal government only guarantees a currency collapse, it’s only a matter of time not if that happens. The free press guaranteed by our forefathers in the US Constitution are virtually owned by the Democrats and do not report on events, they merely take their orders over what to say, when to say it, and what to ignore that could expose the corruption or would reveal some other truth that government would prefer you knew nothing about. Even the internet, once thought of as being a free source of unadulterated information is now compromised. The CEO of Google vowed after Donald J. Trump was elected, never to allow the internet to enlighten all who would opposed Communism, statism, collectivism, Marxism, or socialism. So, we are seeing more and more of history and the documented evil wrong doing of the left being expunged from the World Wide Web. Working with the Chinese Communists on the Google campus and even Iran the internet is being altered.

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Profits over life

People are being administered prescription drugs known to have adverse side effects, vaccines are being advocated that are proven injurious and life threatening, babies born under the new laws of women’s reproductive rights can be aborted even at birth and with a 28 day long period being allowed for the consideration of terminating that child’s life. More and more we are seeing the almighty dollar taking precedence over human life as gig government submits to the lobbying influence of big pharma with blood on its hands! Where does it all end? Who is at the core of this insanity? Where is the common denominator in all this inhuman wreckage?

Naming the culprit

You needn’t look any further than your federal government. A government that under the Democrat majority will vilify a President (Trump) who unleashed the US economy with his policies, created record jobs, secured the southern border, and gave Americans the deepest tax cut in US history. No, instead they will spend millions of dollars attempting to entrap him and his family in legal allegations of crime, attempt to boycott their legitimate businesses, and even pay agitators to burn down blue cities in our country and blame the rioting on him, Donald J. Trump in an effort to delegitimize his accomplishments for the good of the people! Character assassination, trumped up court charges, disinformation, and all for what? Just to keep former President Trump from running for office again? Sounds more like the Soviet Union during the Cold War than American home of the free doesn’t it?

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The almost insurmountable battle

The federal government is the very source of all problems that threaten the existence of the very country they are supposed to govern by acknowledging the will of the people! Is this not only ironic but insane? How did this all happen? Where and when did the wicked transformation start? Does it really matter anymore? Yes, it does matter! It matters that Americans have become so complacent, so lazy, and so apathetic that they would stand by and watch the entire ship go down and do nothing about it. Why? To get involved in government is both complicated and tedious, and it was intended to be that way to keep those troublesome reformers out of the system.

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The cure?

What it’s going to take, will have to be a reformist like Donald Trump or Rick De Santis to upset the status quo and wake up the silent majority, those who know what’s right and wrong and mobilize them to vote, but that’s not going to be easy. The resistance will be from the very heavily corporate backed Democrats and even Republicans, the “Never Trumpers” paid off to hate the former president and spread around hatred over him. There is heavily invested Communist Chinese money behind the traitors who sit hack in their plush offices and cut deals for themselves as America teeters under such thoughtless control. But, in all this these is one damning element that the federal government relies heavily upon for the support it needs to wreck this country and that’s the low information voter. You know, the idiots who come out to watch Joe Biden ride his 10 speed bike. The fools who go to Obama rallies to hear more Democrat rhetoric and lies. The part of the lobotomized electorate that vote based upon tribalism and pure stupidity!

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Biggest weapon in their arsenal

The federal government has in its possession perhaps the most deadly weapon of all. It’s not the F-22 raptor. It’s not the NDAA that was changed by Obama in 2012 so that those deemed domestic terrorists by the federal government could be held indefinitely in detainment, even though that is a deadly development. It’s voter fraud! We’ve already seen how an incumbent president with a landslide of voters can be defeated with smoke and mirrors, a lying media, and the complacent sheep willing to submit to anything as long as their favorite pass time is not interrupted! These facts we hold as truth as damning as that truth is. Voter fraud is not only much more sophisticated now and easier to hide, but it’s the state attorney generals who turn a blind eye and refuse to run forensic audits that would expose the fact that voter fraud decided the outcome. If this is not changed and eliminated it won’t make a difference how enlightened our voters are and how much we outnumber the enemy. Make no mistake a federal government that should be the servant to the people has become their worst nightmare!

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Comment by ralfy on December 31, 2022 at 7:27pm

Much of media is controlled not by Democrats but by a few corporations. The same goes for the defense industry, food processing, pharma, etc. Around 70 pct of the economy is also controlled by the very rich.

They lobby and finance both parties to promote policies which favor them, and that started with Reagan during the early 1980s and continued by subsequent Presidents from both parties.

Results of that include heavy spending and debt, and more debt needed to cover even part of previous debt. The ability to do so is dependent on international demand for the dollar, which in turn can only be kept up through onerous foreign policies and military expansion. Many of those countries have become stronger economically and are now challenging that.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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