Tired, Frustrated and Mostly Disappointed

I originally joined this web site to be effective at fighting the NWO.

I am surrounded here by people who believe the elite use secret symbols and signs in television commercials and logos, magazine ads and record album covers and elsewhere. That they get some kick out of leaving their mark on things. ARE YOU PEOPLE playing with a full deck?

I'm surrounded by people that believe the elite worship Lucifer. Are YOU GUYS short a quart?

Well folks, while the elite are out there moving their NATO chess pieces around the chess board, carving up countries and murdering innocent civilians, while they've managed to add poisonous chemicals to almost everything we call edible food and while they've managed to cause an obesity epidemic here in this country that secures health care expenditures for decades and with a serious "shortage"
of practical knowledge of global events and the biggest of them all, the events of 9/11 absolutely obfuscated beyond reality to the point where most people believe 19 Arab Muslims attacked us even when we can SEE controlled demolition, YOU PEOPLE are chasing absolute absurdity and I'm done.

I'm leaving you all to your secret symbol, secret logo, food shortage, Lucifer worship, Martial Law, dollar crash, fantasy world. I DO NOT appreciate entertaining pure fantasy.

These people are killing innocent civilians in Gaza, Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Congo, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and many other countries. They're waging war against humanity across the globe with weapons, chemicals, finance and biologicals and let me tell you, THEY HAVE NO TIME TO DEAL WITH SECRET LOGOS, WORSHIPING LUCIFER or anything else like that. ONLY YOU DO. They are busy managing global events, THEY CREATE HISTORY, while YOU PEOPLE have plenty of time to waste on bullshit. They don't waste time. YOU DO. I'm tired of wasting my time.


I wish you all well. Peace

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Comment by Nikki on April 25, 2010 at 3:46pm
Jeff, there are many paths up the mountain of truth. I believe everyone here shares the same goal of defeating the NWO and I'm grateful for everyone's contributions even though I may not always agree. You are correct that we should be more focused on taking action than dwelling on the occult practices of the elite yet we shouldn't censor the exchange of information here either.
Comment by Tara on April 25, 2010 at 2:14am
I think that I've been all three of those things at different points of time when it comes to the reality of the '1984' we live in today. Just remember Jeff, that no matter what some or the many believe here, it is still simply a belief. It's like a belief in a religion, a political party or the like. It doesn't make the whole sum of the person, it is but only a fragment of that person.

It's hard to change a man/woman who believes in something! It is what it is. It's called the human condition. We are all different and I'm forever grateful for it! I wouldn't learn a damn thing if we all parroted one another.

It's all good Jeff, many blessings to you and yours!
Comment by truth on April 24, 2010 at 2:10pm
Maybe its just time for a break.

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