Trust in police Destroyed ! politically motivated gun raid against young family.

The day that the public’s trust in Police died can be measured. It was 9 January 2020, the day approximately 12 armed and uniformed goons from the Police metaphorically kicked in the doors of a young Christian family to search for a .22lr lever action rabbit rifle. It is also the day democracy died as the evidence the Police used for their thinly veiled assault on a young family was the evidence provided in good faith to the parliamentary select committee looking at gun reforms. Ironically that evidence was that the Police’s draconian and ill-advised gun grab would make illegal the very firearm the Police were looking for

Stuart Nash sold the gun grab as removing guns “designed purely for killing people” from the streets. Yet the very first gun sought in the jack-booted armed Police raid was a .22lr lever action bunny rifle.

Quite what possessed the Police to use a public submission to a select committee and then go after a lever-action rifle rather than a semi-auto rifle is beyond comprehension.

Perhaps they sought to make an example of a young man with a young family, the youngest being only four weeks old, as a way of putting fear into the gun community. That they chose to do it against a young man dreadfully slandered by media previously just makes this a political hit-job. That makes this situation a tragedy for law enforcement and democracy.

One can only imagine the briefings given to the 12 young Police assigned to assault this young family in their home at dinner-time. Imagine then the potential for disaster with Police officers tooled up for an armed confrontation. Imagine, if you will, what might happen if an assault like this on a household occurred with a person who may have been legitimately having a few ales at home. With 12 gung-ho, amped-up Police carrying firearms in a tense situation, there will always be the potential for a standoff or worse. 

One can also imagine the confusion in the minds of that same Police who discovered that contrary to their no doubt embellished briefing they found themselves confronting a gently-spoken family man with three young children

The Police appear to have deliberately picked on a high profile target in their over-the-top raid but they have severely miscalculated the target’s willingness to bow down to a Police projection of power.

How ironic then is it that the Police used far more lethal weaponry on the streets in seeking to remove a .22lr bunny rifle. They have just proven the gun lobby was right, and in the process have made the Police Minister look worse than an abject liar.

One also wonders what Stuart Nash makes of this situation when after encouraging gun owners to submit to the select committee to ensure their voices are heard, he now finds that the Police have used gun owners submissions to prepare a hit list of “dissidents” to get rid of on the thinnest of pretences. His Police force has breached the trust of submitters. Citizens can now be undeniably assured that giving evidence to a select committee places you at risk of an armed Police response. Citizens should rightly feel alarmed that participation in democratic processes now leads to an armed Police response.

The implications are alarming. What is more alarming is that these various over the top reactions from Police were predicted by the left-wing as coming from an emboldened John Key government with increased Police and surveillance powers.

How shameful then, that these actions have occurred under the Jacinda Ardern-led, kindness government. I wonder if voters really thought that a kindness government meant jack-booted, uniformed Police roaming the neighbourhood with semi-automatic weapons and bullet-proof vehicles raiding the homes of young Christian families?

There is more than enough crime from gangs and drug dealers for Police to concern themselves with instead of harassing people that they’ve already vetted as fit and proper persons.

Stuart Nash and Jacinda Ardern have presided over the largest criminalisation of people who have already been vetted strenuously by Police, and all to cover their own failings in passing laws that allowed Brenton Tarrant the ability to purchase his firearms easily and arm himself with large amounts of ammunition. Transactions that the Police actually approved. Innocent people are being made to pay for the failures of the Police

Stuart Nash failed to listen to experts, instead preferring the excesses of his Police. He must now reap the whirl-wind for his actions. There are easily more than 5000 firearms licence holders and their extended families in his electorate. Those FAL holders will see this for what it is, a naked grab for power and a massive extension of Police powers for no public benefit. They will see that, now, participation in democratic processes places one at risk from that unfettered Police power as they seek to criminalise law-abiding citizens while letting actual criminals roam free. They should now exercise their democratic right to vote Stuart Nash from the parliament.

Jacinda Ardern should explain how raiding the house of a young family, including a four-week-old baby, at dinnertime is in any way “kindness”. Will she apologise for the trauma caused to this family? Somehow I suspect not. Her government’s actions and those of her jack-booted Police are creating more victims, this time assaulting the very democracy which saw her positioned as Prime Minister. What does she think of the wilful breach of faith in targeting people for heavy-handed armed Police action based on their participation in democratic processes? I suspect we will never know, a complicit media and a willingness to use the forces of the state to terrorise innocent people will ensue an uncomfortable silence from her.

New Zealand has become a sad shadow of its former glory where Jack was always as good as his master. Now Jack must buckle to the jack-booted forces of the state.

BFD nz 11/01/2020

( the first Gun Raid target - young white christian family with rabbit rifle, if this was not serious it would be laughable, who's next then... how about toys r us and a water pistol round up ) They are a bad Joke waiting to happen.

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Comment by cheeki kea on January 20, 2020 at 4:35am
Comment by Doc Vega on January 17, 2020 at 2:52pm

My experience with police has been 2 fold. Sometimes certain individuals can be Gung ho self righteous and aggressive, but then I've met other officers who gave me  break because I showed them respect and they were compassionate. The left in America under Obama's refusal to speak out against rioting, liars, and police assassinations has created a situation where the police are being targeted, city councils are discouraging prompt and swift police action because of the myth of minority persecution and the day will come when no one wants to be a policeman, the criminals will run rampant, and when you call 911 it will be like pressing a button at a crosswalk USELESS! Thank you Democrats, thank you Obama, thank you De Blasio, when people can get away with murdering Cops we are close to anarchy and that will only ignite a massive government martial law reaction! 

Comment by cheeki kea on January 17, 2020 at 8:25am

Your right mb, they're excessively incompetent people and heavy handed without reason. It's nice to see there's genuine concern out there for this young victimised family, both at home and across the world to such a point that the tiny local site that published it got flooded with traffic and went off line, due to ram implications. They didn't expect to get hit 90.000 times. I believe they have put up a welcome page now and brought more ram for follow up stories.

Comment by the mighty bull on January 16, 2020 at 9:24pm

The cops are dumb cunts who put themself on a big display of fucken stupidness. loose all there mana and respect that they don't have. They even give there own a hard time now. I don't see them around much, cos they don't wanna show there stupid and dumb faces to everyone yet.  

Comment by Mr. Sizzle on January 15, 2020 at 3:02am

Although I’m not a fan of the police I understand the pickle they’ve gotten themselves into.  No knock 4am raids, corruption within police departments, and illegals go free to commit more crimes. They have no integrity anymore with anyone.

Comment by Chris of the family Masters on January 13, 2020 at 10:27pm
The police used to be peace officers. Now they are freemasons ( at least in Australia and New Zealand ) and registered in Washington DC as a company. That makes them mercenaries foreign to the land they operate in.
Who in right mind would trust them....
Comment by James Roberts on January 13, 2020 at 6:46pm

The police here either jump on people with both feet (often inappropriately) or completely abjure their duty. A few months ago, they had to release all the misdemeanors from the local jail in order to house all the felons. Govt wants to grow, always, and does.

Never forget, the way to talk to the police is to only say "I have nothing to say to you." Tom Metzger told me that, long ago. There is absolutely nothing to be gained by talking to them. You will find yourself the subject of a witch trial, in which your words are twisted 180° and flipped backwards to mean whatever they want.

Comment by cheeki kea on January 13, 2020 at 6:08am

Yes this is so true LP, people have changed they are not so carefree like they use to be. I really noticed this when I was at my retreat location recently. 10 years ago there were neighbourhood watch signs in the housing areas, low crime rates and a respect for the police. Now the signs are gone, crime has increased and there is a great distrust towards the police. Hunters use to carry fresh kill on the back of Utes with out a second thought, but now they all cover their kills (deer usually) with tarpaulins, and in solidarity with them so does everyone else transporting firewood, produce or furniture and sometimes nothing at all. This community move lessens the chance that innocent gun owners become easy targets for the police. A lot of people there drive Utes and flat decks in remote areas. 

Comment by Less Prone on January 13, 2020 at 5:33am

The police has a tendency to pick on law abiding citizens on small things. Europe is suffering from a crimes due to a hostile wave of immigrants from middle east war zones and Africa. The treatment of criminals from those areas is with silk gloves while the original population is harassed for minor offences and often for nothing illegal. The same double standard is obvious in sentences too. A middle eastern unemploed rapist may go on parole while an an original tax paying citizen goes to jail for years.

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