Turku Remembers the Victims of Finland's First Terrorist Act

Speech by Terhi Kiemung at Kukkavirta

The partisan publishes Kiemung's speech in its entirety.

Reader's opinion

8/19/2020 at 11:47 PM

Photo: Seppo Lehto.

We all remember the day on August 18, 2017. At that time, Finland took a step towards a multicultural dream and joined the new European norm.

A Moroccan terrorist murdered two women in the name of his God at the Turku Market Square and wounded several other people. He had come from a safe Germany to Finland as an asylum seeker. His radical behavior was reported to the police, but the clue was not responded to.

Three years have passed and the jihadist has spent two years in our prison. There are about 13 years left of his sentence. The Finnish government has done nothing to prevent similar acts from taking place. Instead, the feelings written or uttered by ordinary Finnish people are condemned as hate speech and racism.

In addition to committing Finland to the open border policy with the GCM agreement, the new government will assist the families of Isis fighters in arriving in Finland.

This spring, an anarchist riot was marred around the world to mourn the death of a black criminal convicted of beatings, robberies, drugs and illegal weapons around the world, which thousands of Finns have supported by joining the BLM protests.

This year, the dream of traitors of their own people and strangers living in Finland has approached its peak. Finns are on their knees in front of a group of people raised to their feet on the basis of ethnicity and demand the disarmament of the authorities. With the encouragement of the state, even in Finland, human lives have now been divided into important and less important ones, and riots and violence are justified in the name of multiculturalism.

In recent years, innocent bystanders have died in dozens of jihadist terrorist attacks across Europe. According to Nordic statistics, crimes committed by people with a foreign background have grown exponentially. In Finland, over the past five years, Finns have been subjected to hundreds of sexual offenses and assaults, as well as several homicides committed by people with a foreign background. Inspired by the BLM movement, a young man was recently beaten to death by a group in Kaivopuisto, Helsinki. The media whispers and the state falls silent. The life of a Finn is not important to them.

Are you ashamed to be white? Do you despise your own Finnishness? Did you allow your endangered nationality and culture to tread on the ground?


We have been criticized that our theme is not about respecting the victims of a terrorist attack, or that it expels ‘ordinary’ people from participating. The event has been compared to the 612 torchlight procession, which brings together thousands of people to honor Finland's independence and the memory of those who fought for it. The victims of the terrorist attack, both in Turku and elsewhere in Europe, have been white during this time, the perpetrators have not.

The purpose of the flow of flowers is to live in time unlike 612 whose motif is fortunately history and unchanging. We will not forget Finland's first Islamic terrorist act, but the persecution of white Finns in their own country is not coming to an end, and the attackers have become more brazen. They have to be answered.

In a moment, we will lay the flowers in the Aura River, respecting not only the victims of Turku but also the victims of the terrorist attack throughout Europe. Today, I will add to this sad list the victims of the BLM movement, as well as all the other whites who have been selected as victims because of their ethnicity.

We will now spend a quiet moment in their memory."

Abderrahman Bouanane thinks murdering two and wounding eight is funny when sentenced to life in prison. A terrorist with a head filled with illusions of superiority.

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Comment by Less Prone on August 19, 2020 at 11:46pm

Tuukka Kuru's speech in Kukkavirta on August 16, 2020

The speech has been presented at the Kukkavirta event organized by the nationalist alliance on 16.08.2020.

Reader's opinion

8/18/2020 at 10:09 PM

Greetings to all of you present and thank you in advance for attending this commemorative event, called Flower Stream, which the Alliance of Nationalists has successfully organized twice before. I would also like to thank every activist who, with his own work and activity, has made this event possible, and in particular I would like to thank the representatives of the hard line who made White Lives Matter the theme of this commemorative event . This choice of name, which emphasizes the importance of white life both in Finland and in all white countries, was also my own wish.

The bloodshed in Turku was in many ways a stopping experience. It was at that time that I was spending the summer days of Sisu Finland in Rovaniemi, when we received information about the tragedy in Turku. A young female member from Southwest Finland, who was one of us, was visibly shocked. How many victims? Were there any acquaintances among them? Is everything okay with those close to me? Is the murderer still free? Initial uncertainty would also deeply grip those members who knew their own families were safe. I was one of those lucky.

Hundreds, if not thousands, of other people all over Finland certainly had similar communications. Some found themselves dodging a potential breather in just a few minutes, while some were inside cafes or shops just as a Moroccan asylum seeker was attacking each oncoming with a knife. There were two deaths and eight were injured. I know that among the participants in our event are those who knew at least some of these victims personally. Their departure was certainly an indescribably difficult experience.

The Turku attack was very similar in genre to other bloodshed by strangers in many Western countries. Firstly, their perpetrators are, in principle, always either newly arrived asylum seekers, or longer-lived Muslims with roots outside Europe. The attacks rely on the shock effect and the defenseless victims of the attacks are mainly European. Their purpose is to shock, paralyze and demoralize the majority population, which eventually finds itself held hostage by minority groups in its own country.

There was a desire to avoid conclusions about bloodshed in Western decision-making bodies until the very last, as such conclusions would inevitably have divided the indigenous peoples of the white countries and their ethnic minorities into different groups. Unfortunately, the coexistence of these groups is statistically very asymmetric. The white indigenous population seems to be tasked with maintaining the living standards, reproductive conditions and happiness of a growing foreign population, thanks to which they are accused, plundered, raped, murdered and put into endless competition for more and more rights to their national homes.Even more and more, these national homes are being portrayed as a kind of racist relics of the past, with nothing more to appreciate, nothing to seek, and nothing to defend.

Indeed, whites are reserved in their own countries only for the role of an exterminating race, which is granted virtually no right to exist, and whose only task remains to bear white shame and guilt until the last white generation. This is well reflected in the way we have approached this theme of ours this time as well. The White Lives Matter is described, to quote one of our fan groups, as a slogan to prop up white supremacy and American neo-Nazism. Judging from the description, the theme in question should therefore have no moral justification on its side.

But is this really the case?

Think about this argument for a moment in your mind. When the Black Crime in the Midwest of the United States dies possibly as a result of the use of force by the authorities, Western decision-makers believe that large conclusions must be drawn about the case, and even in Finland, which should not have the slightest fate in George Floyd's case.

But it happened differently.

So far, thousands of Finns, mostly young girls, have been contaminated in the country because of this black crime. Our broadcaster has sought to ensure maximum visibility for the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, which have also been attended by the political elite of our country. Finnish police stated that they were changing the practice of controlling aliens because of this black crime that had died in the United States, in addition to Chief Commissioner Jari Taponenhas held the sign of the movement in his hands as part of a demonstration in Helsinki. The Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland publicly showed its support for this revolutionary Marxist movement, as well as a significant number of the most prominent influences of the business world and the cultural elite. This time, man's death clearly mattered, and the case in question could not, in the slightest degree, be set off as an individual case with no social dimension whatsoever. According to researchers interviewed by Helsingin Sanomat, Finns should now talk especially much about their own whiteness and criminal past. Based on the initiative of university radicals, the case of a black man who died in the Midwest proved the need for compulsory university courses related to decolonization and anti-racism in Finland as well.

That situation is completely absurd in the eyes of the average person. Did thousands of Finnish girls containerize when a young idealist like them, Sanni Ovaska, was murdered by an Iraqi who had been granted a negative asylum decision? Did the Evangelical Lutheran Church mention the importance of white life when an Iraqi who seemingly converted to Christianity cut off the head of an older Finnish fiancé in Pori? Did Arto Mikkonen, murdered by asylum seekers in Otanmäki, gather a group of Finnish artists behind him? Did Jari Taponen carry a sign emphasizing the importance of white life when a group of colored young men killed a young Finnish boy for no reason in Helsinki's Kaivopuisto? The answer to every question is bleakly obvious.

Similar cases can increasingly be found outside Finland as well. Last Sunday, a 25-year-old black who had accumulated a long criminal record in North Carolina shot a five-year-old white child in execution style in his own backyard in front of his sisters ’eyes. For some reason, this brutal murder of a boy named Cannon did not spark a debate about inter-racial violence, in which blacks are clearly overrepresented, and American policymakers did not state that they would make a series of societal changes to prevent similar crimes from happening again. Based on comments written on Cannon’s memorial page, some blacks felt the act was revenge on whites, and how that act only erupted the child’s privileged white brain into the yard.

Similar atrocities have been justified in the past by the whiteness of the victims, which in some conscious circles has been seen as a mitigating factor.

When 19-year-old Tommie Lindh of Sweden was killed by a Sudanese convicted of rape, a silence plagued the media field. After a week of silence, the Swedish media unexpectedly tried with all its resources to downplay the alleged heroic activities of the killed Tom and knock out those allegations that would have rightly made him a martyr of the nationalist movement. When a group of Swedes were organizing a memorial service in memory of Tommi, the Swedish authorities and the media did their best to prevent that event. Tommi's life was clearly not so valuable that broader conclusions could have been drawn from its end.

The Black Lives Matter, also glowed by the Church of Finland, is also a very questionable movement in terms of merit. It is a revolutionary movement, which originated from a single arrest the situation, has resulted to date in more than 30 deaths and more than half a billion dollars in economic losses. Several movements have been looted and hundreds of people beaten. One of these victims was the mother of a small child, Jessica Whitaker , who was allegedly killed by supporters of the BLM movement at the end of a heated debate. The debate had been heated by Whitaker's statement that all lives matter, All lives matter. In addition to the deaths, the material damage has been extensive, and police stations, churches, nursing homes for sick children, historical monuments and other fundamental pillars of society have so far been the subject of furious vandalism. All of this represents the kind of activity that our police, decision-makers, church, and business people support based on their outcomes.

Based on these examples, it can be said that the slogan of our event, White Lives Matter, is not just one slogan among others. It is, in this time and place, the only slogan around which any possibility of change can be built. Rather, it is an absolute minimum from which no social debate can even begin on our part.

At the moment, we have to admit the sad fact that, in the eyes of our decision-makers, the lives of whites have no meaning. The Finland of the future will not be built according to your wishes and wishes, and the safety of you or your children will not be considered a Threshold Issue when our country begins to be roughly shaped into a multi-racial and multi-ethnic mold. Your existence will be treated with sap indifference, and the adversities you experience will not make great stories that move the political continents. Not every person is worth a song anymore, following the old classic.

George Floyd and the BLM movement supported by the system will not in any way remain a unique fashion phenomenon in Finland either. Over the next few decades, we will most likely see dozens of new “George Floyds” whose movements around supposedly messianic deaths seek to advance the same old goals that have gnawed at our Western societies since the end of World War II: increasing the ethnic status of white indigenous peoples; the disintegration of the white resistance to change and, as a by-product of it, the growing number of white victims whose suffering will in future be recouped in retaliation for some imagined historical injustice or, worst of all, with brutal nihilistic humor.

As a nation, we are currently at a crossroads where it has to make a difficult choice between life and death. This choice is complicated by the fact that the path of life I have mentioned will require great personal sacrifices from every member of our nation. We will not only have to fight the anarchists of our white compatriots, who praise the national massacre in the spirit of Jim Jones and try to obscure the existence of all other alternatives under the guise of it. We are also faced with a number of individual opportunists who contribute to the death of our nation for their own personal gain.

We will face police chiefs who would rather see hundreds of Finns killed than the end of our country’s multicultural experiment. Church leaders who would rather see our country as a caliphate than the cradle of Lutheran unified culture. Teachers who would rather teach English to their multicolored students than the official language of our country to Finnish children. Cultural personalities who would rather replace our country's cultural production with African dance than with Finnish national themes. Business leaders who would rather see our working life as a cheap labor reserve for non-union atoms than as a center of Finnish skills. Decision-makers who would rather see Finns under foreign rule than as an independent nation-state. And most tiringly,we will also face many of our comrades-in-arms who will elevate any of these secondary issues above our own national existence.

By coming together today behind the White Lives Matter slogan, we are giving a clear signal to all those who are hostile to Finns. The time for ideological compromises and a willingness to negotiate out of uncertainty is finally over. We are step by step reaching the necessary level of national understanding and courage that encourages us to remain strong and abandon that spiritual straitjacket sewn by the cult of death that leaves our people no choice but to obscure the history of painful and bitter disappearance.

We will not be able to bring to life the people who died in the terrorist attack in Turku, nor will we be able to remove the mental and physical wounds that that attack caused to many members of our people. We can only influence how we will act from now on. As fragmented and fragile individuals, we are incapable of preventing injustice to our people. As a united nation, where an attack on one member of our nation is an attack on all of us, the situation is quite different.

So let us not allow the dividing lines from outside to break our perception of our own people. Let us not give way to the idea that a Finn killed by a stranger has somehow earned his destiny because the victim had a different worldview from us. Every Finn who dies is a tragedy, and every Finn killed by a multi-ethnic social experiment is a victim of a consciously pursued policy. You have certainly noticed how indifferent our brothers and sisters, who have fallen into the cult of death, treat their own comrades who have been victims of ethnic violence. So let us not make this same mistake ourselves.

The lives of Finns are immeasurably valuable to us, and it is our job to ensure that our northern people can live, grow and prosper in their homeland, as part of an independent national home committed to defending our national essence down to the last drop of blood. We, as a nation, will not be content with anything less, for we know that it is our right now, it will be tomorrow, and it will be it forever.

Thank you!

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