Using The Roseburg Shooting For Gun Control

Politicizing Tragedy At Small Oregon College

Umpqua College a small 2 year school in the logging town some 180 miles south of Portland was the scene of another mass shooting. As in the Charleston incident a crazed killer targets Christians with murderous intent. Chris Harper Mercer age 26 apparently involved with drugs and the occult took his hatred out on Christians with a vengeance as he walked into a classroom, ordered everyone to be seated on the floor and asked which of the students were Christians. He then announced that they were going to meet their maker in a few seconds. Mercer not only killed students but took out a professor as well commenting that he'd wanted to do that for a long time.

Righteous retaliation

Thankfully a swarm of county sheriffs descended upon the little town of Roseburg within minutes, but did not stop the carnage. Army veteran Chris Mintz suffered 7 bullet wounds trying to block Mercer's shooting as the first few minutes of terror descended upon Snyder Hall at Umpqua. 28 sheriffs arrived on the scene from all corners of the county in response. The shooter was quickly dispatched by law enforcement without any loss of life on the part of the deputies. In all 10 people died while at least nine were hospitalized in nearby facilities. However, many questions remain. Mintz survived and is being treated at an area hospital.

From the mouths of witnesses

The first interviewed witness stated that she heard loud pops like firecrackers and said that the gunman had been shooting from outside into the classroom. After those in her classroom had locked themselves in she said within minutes a man from the FBI appeared at the door. Strange, when only one unarmed security guard was on campus and sheriffs deputies had to respond from all over the county, where did the FBI come from? In the aftermath while being interviewed the Sheriff refused to name the lone gunman saying he would not honor the deeds of this evildoer by announcing his identity. Yet, the shooter was Identified from South Carolina as reporters scrambled to find out who the killer was.

Evil unveiled

The night before the shooting Mercer had been chatting about his plans on Facebook and had gotten tips from others advising him to go for a soft target, one that was unarmed. This is the kind of Godless and psychotic reaction we now have to death and violence in America. People who want to leave the US and fight for ISIS, thugs killing each other in record numbers in cities like Chicago and Baltimore, while illegal aliens commit crimes in our sanctuary cities as law enforcement refuses to hold these prisoners for the ICE to further detain for deportation. Once again the recurring theme of the lone and disturbed gunman emerges to haunt America again. Could this be just another in a series of false flag Psy Ops used to bring the 2nd amendment into question once again and prohibit the sale and possession of firearms?

From a charlatan

Predictably, President Obama, who has not commented on how his failing foreign policy has now handed Syria to Russia, or how the US handed Libya over to terrorist groups, no he spoke about gun regulations and how each and every time these shootings happen he gets so upset and that America has too many gun related deaths so once again the discussion of the federal government banning guns has to come into play. Once again it is the weapon that committed the crime not the perpetrator. Once again banning guns will make America safer because criminals and terrorists won't be able to get guns. Perhaps we should ask the Steinle family how an illegal alien came up with a gun owned by the FBI when he shot their young beautiful daughter in San Francisco where guns are banned.

The state of society

With law enforcement currently castrated thanks to inflammatory remarks by President Obama, killers and looters emboldened by the refusal of the White House to uphold the law, Americans certainly have their personal safety to worry about these days as did the victims at Umpqua. There was only an unarmed security guard on the campus in a gun free zone making a perfect soft target of helpless people with no protection thanks to the liberal gun laws of Oregon and the Umpqua College rules. The mass shooting there is mere proof of what happens when unarmed people are subjected to a threat with no reasonable expectation of defense thanks to prevailing zones where no personal protection is allowed.

Ideology weighs in

Time and again we are seeing what happens when not only armed madmen are allowed to run amuck in gun free zones, but when governments push for banning firearms that terrorists and criminals are the only ones with lethal weapons as the dead are zipped into body bags after police had showed up long after the killing took place. Yet, President Obama will not comment on the grief of the victim's families, the heroics of Army veteran Chris Mintz, or advocate a better solution. he will simply go after the banning of guns as the only solution and violating 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights of American citizens to protect themselves as he shamelessly pander his agenda!


Let it be noted that many Roseburg, Oregon residents resented the fact that President Obama was coming there to allegedly console the families when he had said that he was politicizing the tragedy so he could implement his anti gun agenda. Many had vowed not to attend the President's visit. It was discovered that CNN had intentionally lightened the pigment on Mercer's skin in a photo being that the madman was mixed race so that they too can exercise their agenda. That is that all mass shootings must be carried out by white extremists regardless of the fact that radical Islamists have been very busy lately. So goes the non-existent profession of journalism in America who had taken a page from the Soviets whose two propaganda news services Tass and Pravda provided all the slanted coverage coming out of Russia for decades until the Reagan administration crushed the regime in the late 1980's without firing a shot.

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