Wake up pay attention you are witnessing America’s last days!

With all the continued chaos and crises washing over America you might ask yourself, what next? What will happen tomorrow? What is the truth? Who can I believe? And you can bet your bottom dollar that’s exactly what the Obama administration and the mainstream media want; confusion. For it’s this type of uncertainty that serves the liberal cause well.

Through out the past few decades America has been demoralized, destabilized, indoctrinated in disinformation, and finally at the point of being disarmed. We are in the process of a gradual overthrow, and if you don’t believe me, than just take a look outside people at the turbulent climate, and I’m not talking about the weather! Almost everyday there is a new issue designed to anger, distract, or create conflict so that the government can maintain its debilitating course and continue taking this nation down another notch and another notch after that. I swear to you, in all the years I have been a politically aware adult, I have never seen America so deep in confusion and in social division. For one thing, there’s the rudder of morality that used to steer the ship. It’s gone. Once the government removed prayer, and Christian decency from legislation and social issues this nation went into free fall.

In most major urban environs there are gangs that literally control the inner cities, constant turf wars marked by shootings and illegal guns drown out normality. Graphite and vulgarity plague public buildings, subways, and streets. Public workers trying to clean up the mess literally risk their lives, but has the government done anything about it? Oh yes, the answer is to take your guns away. To disarm honest law abiding citizens seems to be one of many insane federal government responses to crime and violence. However, this response is calculated for an affect. That affect is to continue the process of demoralizing society, taking away any rock solid definition of black and white right or wrong. Remember, they want confusion on all levels, confusion over morality, confusion over social issues, anything that enables an ideological undermining of this nation’s heritage and traditions.

As former KGB agent,Yuri Bezmenov pointed out after defecting to the West from Russia as one of their disinformation specialists, the Communist doctrine is constantly at work here in the US and the clock is ticking. When he first arrived and was granted asylum in Canada by the United States embassy in Greece, Bezmenov said he was astonished at the level of successful subversion that already been achieved in the US. He stated that his own comrades would not have believed how effectively America had already been subverted from within. In his speeches in such cities as Los Angeles, Yuri Bezmenov taught the 4 stages of Communist subversion that he revealed were already being deployed against American society.

As I have already explained that the US federal government under the Obama administration has been allowed by the courts and Congress to continue their strategy of weakening our society, destroying our foreign relations in the world, refusing to use the proper steps in restoring the economy, all while over extending the US military in a series of overseas engagements that have nothing to do with our national security. The mainstream media in America has done a superb job of convincing Americans to support a President who is at the helm allowing the infiltration of jihadists and Muslim extremists, violating our Constitution, and spear heading economic decline with intentionally bad fiscal policies. Since the Department of Justice headed by Eric Holder refuses to uphold the law while attacking state’s rights over immigration law, we can easily see the very fruition of Yuri Bezmenov’s detailing of Communist strategy in subverting the power structure within our society.

Now for the final question. How long does America have? Already we are seeing the signs of collapse within fiscal infrastructure. The government publishes lies about the economic indicators, showing unrealistic unemployment numbers, refusing to show true cost of living statistics as the price of food increases in double digits per year, and economic analysts, do not listen to people like Paul Krugman, tell us that hyper inflation is on the horizon thanks to the federal deficit and more quantitative easing as the Federal Reserve continued to prolong the inevitable, a collapse of US currency if proper measures are not taken, believe me, President Obama refuses to take those measures, instead, insisting on tax increases and making the government the center of all economic stimulus.

The end is near, and I will tell you how it will happen. Monetarily, once the illusion of the US dollar is finally disintegrated by self evident decline, the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) all emerging industrial giants thanks to President Obama’s destructive economic policies and the US foreign trade deficit, which has gone on for decades, a new world reserve currency will arise. When that happens, all benefits and conveniences currently afforded to the US in exchange for having the world’s backing money will vaporize. Almost immediately foreign oil will cost more, the federal government in borrowing to pay its deficit from foreign banks will be charged more interest, the US dollar itself, now in freefall, will become essentially worthless and the cost of food, goods, anything purchased with currency will become catastrophically high. To the point that a loaf of bread will cost a wheel barrel full of fiat Federal Reserve notes printed by the central bank. Millions will likely starve and food riots will begin, much as in what we saw in Egypt just before that country fell in heated rebellion.

The outlook, my friends, is not good. Everything I’m talking about would have been unthinkable in 2005, but due to federal government policies that have created one financial crisis after another coupled with the federal deficit that every successive administration refuses to do anything about, has made this nightmare a reality. The federal government refuses to cut spending, continues to vote raises for itself in Congress, Senate, and employee unions, while expenses rise without the accompanying revenue to help. That accompanying revenue is called taxes. You can’t increases taxes when economic activity is in crisis, you can but it only penalizes an already besieged population and creates social unrest, but President Obama doesn’t care about that as he spends 20 million on another of his Hawaiian vacations.

So, if the federal government will not cut expenses, reduce its unnecessary size and influence, while continuing to destroy the US dollar by ordering the Federal Reserve to continue quantitative easing, then mathematically speaking, it’s only a matter of time. The Paul Krugman’sof the world, the supposed gurus of the economy, are merely the propaganda mouthpieces of the bought off US mass media speaking for the White House. Only the trumpeting of false disinformation to help hold together the illusion that everything as according to the federal government will continue just the way it is until several years down the road its pathetic policies somehow kick in and make things work! Shut up! These are lies! Anyone with integrity such as Peter Schiff, who has authored one book after another on the coming financial disaster will tell you that the current Keynesian economic model being haphazardly used by the federal government will collapse.

What could be done to avert this coming fiscal malaise, as if we’re not already in one? First, the federal government must severely cut it’s size, it’s overhead, and its influence. The US currently maintains a huge DEA, global reconnaissance agencies in absolute duplicity, Department of Energy in absolute duplicity of other federal agencies, the entitlement strangle hold must be lifted and managed properly, the influx of immigration into the US with all its costs and social services must be stopped, the trade imbalance must be reversed, taxes can be reduced to all income levels of society to promote consumer spending which would kick start the economy and generate government revenue through sales taxes which would help states, cities, and counties balance their budgets. Once the dollar improves through better fiscal management especially when employers are encouraged to hire by lowering corporate taxes, then you will see the threat of international currency go away as the US government shores up its financial resources.

Will these policies be implemented by the Obama White House? No, probably not. President Obama is taking his orders from those who want the United States to falter supposedly leaving room for other nations to rise who normally would not under the dominance of the US in world markets. At least that’s the big lie being used, but it’s not the truth. The world market is dictated by supply and demand regardless of who is in the pecking order in the global markets. Whoever has the resources, whoever has the high tech capability will prevail and profit especially since third world economies will deliver with less labor cost. The truth is the globalist agenda is to squeeze the US out of markets that we originally created with our demand. The entire “Golden Coast” of Asian production was created by US consumption and product orders.

What can be done? Congress will have to find a spine and resist the Presidents insane demands. Through the 2012 elections seats in the Senate were lost to conservatives that could have been successfully elected to overcome the Democratic stronghold under Harry Reid to get Congressional budgets and other legislation passed despite the President’s obstruction. Even vetoes by a lame duck president would have been no problem, yet an election plagued by voter fraud and the refusal of the Department of Justice to uphold the law gave the US more problems in the future to deal with, not less. The only thing left is the people. They must raise their voices in anger to their elected officials and demand that government policy changes. The people must threaten to throw the elected office holders out! If the American people are unwilling to leave their comfort zones, their pointless TV entertainment and ballgames, and participate in the political arena, then America, as we know it, is doomed.

America will take its place on the shelf in the museum of relics of what could have been, but was ignored by the people who benefited from the beauty of its system of rights and free enterprise. It will not be a comfortable downfall either people as you watch your investments, equity, and currency drastically devalue and your buying power vaporize. You will know what it was like to be in post World War II Germany and Europe where food production was destroyed and currency value was non-existent with one difference. There will be no benevolent world power like America who was there to rebuild Europe, Germany, and Japan, only hostile nations who hate everything America stands for will be waiting in the wings to carpet bag what’s left just as the North did to the South during the post Civil War era of reconstruction, which was a long and intentionally mishandled process. This will be your fate in the new America of hope and change offered up by the propaganda of President Obama and his administration.  


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Comment by Doc Vega on January 25, 2013 at 5:38pm

Thanks for your support folks! We are all in this together.

Comment by Roy Patterson on January 20, 2013 at 6:01pm

If Obama and his new world order people can finish brankrupting this country there is a good chance he can become another Hilter. They need Run-A-Inflation to complete their complete take over of this country.

The more government handouts they give out and the more borrowed money they can spend the sooner they will be able to take over.

Comment by Less Prone on January 19, 2013 at 8:13pm

Has hypocracy as a system of governance come to an end? Can the world begin to wake up of its nightmare? God bless the free American Republic! Let the illusion of democracy die and rot away quickly!

The global abuse system is based on money scam created by international bankers enslaving us with perpetual debt. Abolish the FED before its hundredth birthday.

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on January 19, 2013 at 7:54pm

should be "Graffiti" and not "Graphite" (2nd paragraph, 2nd sentence)

Excellent read!!!..spreading it like budda ;)

"Destroying the New World Order"



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