I pray the blood of Yahushuah Christ Jesus over this comment and this video to protect it and I pray this in Jesus's name, amen.
Get thee behind me satan, Father Yahweh in Heaven rebuke you.
This is what they removed. Copy and paste and share like the virus.

Call this...'washing my hands'. A Witness To The Nations!

Montreal (The Royal Mount) has the storm of the century (1971, March 4), then I'm born, May 21 1971. Montreal has the Ice storm (January 1998) then my daughter Melissa is born, February 2 1998.  Melissa has my granddaughter Akira born Sept.5 2021 at 11:04p.m. (Jewish calendar, Sept. 6, start of the feast of trumpets). Within hours Montreal experiences a freak hail storm. I'm SO BLOWN AWAY.

A storm before I came, a storm before I leave. Grand Risings. I'm numb from weeping, both sadness and joy. Not here much longer Have much to impart. Read Ezekiel 18, understand my commission. Then, watch this....


Then, read Isaiah 26 AFTER watching. If you need clarification, humbly submit and ask your Father in Heaven and Yahushuah Christ Jesus, then 'listen'! All said it should take you two hours. Is your eternal soul worth 2 hours of your life! I do. I sure think it's worth more than a doughnut, a $0.69 hot dog, a happy meal, a comic book, a free movie pass, an airplane ticket or a lottery ticket. I truly believe so. How many hrs have you given to movies, to tv, to music, to your 'prefered distraction(s)?

Give one hr for all who came before Messiah, one hr for all who came after Messiah. It will be the best and most important 2 hrs you've ever spent in this life, trust!

As Father in Heaven instructs me to search word's 'roots' /meanings/origins. He told me 'they have blinded by playing with letters and words.
They have us 'spell' it one way, a 'blinding' or 'covering' way (Lucifer, the 'covering' cherubim).
So 'science' he had me start writing as 'psy-ence'.
Now 'psy' being short for 'psyche' which is Greek for 'soul' (latin-anima, hebrew-nephesh). 'Ence' can also be spelled 'ance'. Ance ( Latin form of antia), ence (Latin form of entia). Meaning 'an act of' or sometimes 'a thing that (does)'. Entia brings the mind to 'intia' as in 'initiate' or 'initiation'. In antia, in an act of. In entia, in a thing that (does).
So in science/psyence, we have a word beginning Greek and ending in Latin. Sci/psy (soul) ence (enitia/initiation)
Psy-ence, soul initiation.
A definate case study of 'covering' a words true meaning/origins one could ever witness and see.
"They shall worship 'a God' their fathers and forefathers never knew!"
We all decend from Noah and his 3 sons. They were chosen for having pure blood, meaning BEFORE the flood they did not partake of the fallen angel science that was preflood, what the majority of the world is partaking of and putting their full faith in as we speak. The return of preflood fallen angel tech/psyence, now a full blown re-'legion' (for we are many!) that requires the same blind FAITH as ANY former false re-legion.
Hebrew for soul, nephesh. Ilim, Aramaic, 'science/knowledge'.
Neph(soul)ilim(psyence/knowledge). The nephilim (soul psyence, soul knowledge) was in the earth in those days, and also after (i.e. modern, current, NOW, a repeat, nothing 'new' under the sun, what HAS happened WILL happen, what was done WILL BE DONE AGAIN!)
Pursuit of knowledge....wanting to 'know'...can lead to 'the ledge'....of the abyss!
Truly amazing. Thank you Father Yahwah in Heaven and Yahushuah Christ Jesus, for absolutely NO THING (nothing) compares to 'accurate' know-ledge...knowing 'where' the ledge is to be able (Abel) to STOP...BEFORE plunging headlong over that 'ledge'!

Accu, short for accuses, accusation. Rate, as in berates, berating.
We know who accuses Father in Heaven as well as the rest of us. We know who berates Father in Heaven as well as the rest of us. Lucifer, Luci (shining) fer (fire, iron, phares {french for 'head lights}, the 'ill- umined' one, the bringer of the fire of knowledge, who will let you 'know' anything you want...so long as it leads you to the 'ledge' of the abyss! In our modern time using another metal, aluminum (allumé, light up, brighten...my he's a 'bright' one isn't he?) in all the Vacca (cow) vac sin nations to infiltrate and destroy from within!

yours TRULY...

luggnutz/roach/the worm/Goy Brian Pearce (Facebook)/Who-am-I-Yah (Yahwah/Yahushuah)

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Comment by cheeki kea on September 9, 2021 at 7:48am

A captivating video that's awesome. Thank you.

"Destroying the New World Order"



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