AI methods and tech pat donovan Aug 30 2010

Oh, by the way... here's 6 stats principals (data lifted from the paper last week, (from stats.can)

relevance, accuracy, timeliness, accessibility, interpretability and coherence

SO... MATH types: quantitative qualitative descriptive inferential (IS is? See essay method below.)

Curves are topographical events. Stats map there, so does motor load + political evolution. (ignore log curves, please)
Any other topographic doo-hickeys used? ie: Chaos and fractals map as systems on/as what?

Q: there are 6 methods (calculus/ AI prob solving techs) available to solve a problem. Which is best?
A: all of them. (trust me, that's what happens)

AI tech = problem-solving, to and from goal. Still mostly deciphering the environment, not bio/techno feedback learning.

OK, a thermostat is a robot. Big deal. Most AI is brute force / rules based crunching.

METHODS of AI tech
top down solving (prolog)
bottom up brute force (with rules pruning.)

Neural net remapping, pattern recognition,

They are all variants of 'cause, effect. Co-relations'. Mostly co-relations, in fact.

Then there's the 'solution looking for problem' approach. Ie: lasers. Using plasma light bulbs as radiation detectors? Tower water columns as hydrolic presses? Hydro tower power lines as a rail-gun?

Nope. Pragmatic environment realization (admin, manage develop. Part of development) isn't exactly encouraged.

So... (hidden / masked) data, Data mining. ie: Bio-chem. )
( the gof (goof) data test. Goodness of fit.) is where the money is.

AI apps. - functioning.

realize define solve
goals methods results
Turning raw data into : recognition, manipulation, synthesis.

Hopefully, a robot that can interact with mundane reality.

So.... some human methods.


EXAMPLE: English Essay method.

Formally, all essays have a
2:anti-thesis (negation, proof),
3:synthesis (conclusion)
- Sorta a Hegelian attempt at reasoning here.

1: Thesis : Observation, Classification, Implication -Aristotle
part of the deduction/abstraction paradigm; Aristotle and Plato)

2: Anti-thesis: - Evidence, reasoning, proof -(Legal reasoning)
Just for fun, legal reasoning is 'demonstration, authority and analogy')

3: Synthesis. Conclusion.

English Essay example method. (does is ought... My approach.)
Get a -Does- (from the text),
tell us what it -Is- (see top)
discuss the -Ought-.

There are three stages in essays..
1:fact = data dump = does
2:analysis = definition = is
3:speculation = guesswork. = ought

The is/ought dilemma in practice.


(socialization): tame, house-broken, domesticated, smart
adventurous, disciplined, successful

Violence, bigotry, performance.

// Domesticated means put to work;
// smart = (social adept.) political, creative and academic (skills) IQ.
// are what are tracked these days.. along with spatial, non-spatial skills, etc)
// tacky social climbers =
// a-ttacky
// sticky parasites
// thumb tackers (button-hole!)

The AI (MASLOV, incorp.)

BASICS: Physical psychological social intellectual
cultural economics politics

drives securities rationalist spiritualist
needs greeds vanities.

feel, do, think,
thought, deed, reaction,
exist, interact, meddle.

SOCIAL mind, body, spirit
self, social, cosmic
free will, karma, destiny

(free will, karma and destiny are all the same thing.
Object, relations, mediation. (Peirce) = person, social, evolution forces. Like man is muscle, hustle and brains, OK?)

If that last point didn't set you screaming...

Here's a pragmatic rationalist's intellectual mediation.

Structure History Cause
Function Character Effect
Evolution Impact Correlation

and from 'cause, effect, co relations'.
'necessary,sufficient, conditions',

NECESSARY: sufficient practical best
expedient necessary easy
correct fun conditions

fun can be seen as the novelty algorithm (used at (oh, necessary is kinda important. Political decisions are expedient, right?)

Here go the relations:

Mystic, Pragmatic, Rationalist, Authoritarian :
(feelings, what works, excuses, authority)

Guilt. Pain, Shame, Dread.
(all social controls adapted from Jesus Christ, Buddha, Confucius, Kurenguard.)

If you think I'm putting political systems in here, you're ill.
The current pol occupants are rabidly insane these days.

Good luck turning ANY of this into AI S-R.

Bio-feedback joysticks (the neural ones) , Elisa, nano-bots,
bio-metric security, chess AI.

We have the CPU firepower, we DON'T have the software.
Or the problem solving methods.

This is an attempt (non-math) at one of the murker problems...

What is a human?
(Other than abstracting, teleological and a gamer. Think language, pleasure-seeking and a loon.)

Now let the patent bubble-wars begin, eh?

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