Web 3.0 - The AI machine (a how-to) pat donovan Aug 21st 2010

Know yourself, the enemy and the environment.

This will be a collection of AI stuff I've derived over the years. Good luck keeping up, as I want this short.

Software changes (and hopefully feeping creaturism makes it better) and new types come on stream.

MUCH more than event-driven programming (switch case of input in GUIs, ie., better sorts and tree-pruning.)

The programming has been making friendly, smart and intelligent software.

Intuitive design interfaces, filling in forms, (primitive agency), self-optimizing and self-repairing software.

AI tech methods have gone thru neural nets, fuzzy logics,
and predictive algorithms. Here's how it's done.

Friendly = history, character, impact.
From yahoo to ebay. (become a DB master)
(impact =? middleman+ taxes)
character is PART of attitude, (attack, retreat, etc)
personality (creative/ not)
character (rules).

Smart = Cause, effect, co-relations: security, optimizing, self-repair.

Intelligent = Necessary, sufficient conditions... (AND it's reverse.) Conditions, sufficient, necessary. (abstraction, synthesis)
ALL goal-directed behavior, more than prolog programming.

This assumes (goals, methods, results) feedback loops.
In realize, define, and solve.

Along the structure, function and dynamic lines. (a seeing robots is still problematic, facial recog is getting better.)

As much as the system can recognize, manipulate and synthesis data.

Personally, I use BBS WIM FREE for data;
(data reporting systems assessment =basic accounting).

Beg, borrow steal, BBS
win marry inherit, WIM
Find receive earn., FRE

full, complete, accurate, = datums
elegant synthetic paradigm = reporting
efficient, effective, rational = systems
open, truth, justice = assessment.

You COULD have a field day with accounting principals here too.. timely, etc.

AI can be a wild field. Brute force 'make a bell” circuit design got a 15 gate design that ignored current physics (Any engineer would tell you it won't work).. and worked anyway.

At room temperature, I'm assuming.

We have been able to profile/ predict (+replace ) judges at a 96% accurate rate since the 80s.

Rule-based 'tree into boards' at 98% efficiency

medical diagnostics, a little worse.

You don't want to know how far hollywood has gotten.

Shall we math now?

Into culture, economics or politics?

Person, property, behavior,
facts, laws or procedures? (you deal with daily?)

Or admin, manage, develop your ( sport, religion, work, children.)

And one ring to rule them all and in darkness bind them.

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