What Constitutes Intimidation a Favorite Tactic of the Left?

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When you you’re afraid to put a MAGA sticker on your bumper because they are so many losers out there likely to blow a gasket because our leftist media did such a great job of vilifying President Donald Trump, that’s intimidation. When people are becoming afraid to go to school board meeting to express their outrage over the sexual filth and Communist doctrine being allowed as readable content for the young and impressionable minds of our sons and daughter because the FBI could show up at your door because some cowardly educator said that you were hostile? That’s the very definition of intimidation. When you can’t get aboard a passenger jet flight you paid for because the flight attendant threw you off the plane for wearing a Trump MAGA surgical mask? That’s the very favorite tool of the fascists left wingers who won’t leave you alone!

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Insanity here!

It’s happening across the country. Fueled by the lies of the US mainstream globalist controlled media, we are seeing more and more restaurant owners being harassed for having a President Trump poster at their place of business. Even Christian public gatherings with women and children in attendance have been attacked by ANTIFA cowards while Seattle police stood by and did nothing! A couple went into a local bakery to order a cake and were chased out of the place of business by the owner with a baseball bat when they refused to wear a mask. You see the mask mandates were lifted a long time ago, but you’ll still see the trained sheep and hypochondriacs out in the fresh air of a park or even in their cars alone still wearing that ineffective mythical protection against the “Boogeyman” virus!

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The battle against lies

America is under an ideological assault that has been fueled with outright lies, pseudoscience, and Marxist doctrine tactics. From non-binary women to Transgender athletes practically killing the real women in the sports they are competing in, a surrealistic attack on normality has taken place. The insanity is just one more way of a Bolshevik style siege against a civil society that they want to transform into chaotic disorder and acceptance of stupidity as the new standard of our world. They achieve this through an indoctrination that begins in elementary school these days teaching children about the use of sex toys, denouncing our Forefathers as bigots, shaming kinder gardeners for being white and thus having privilege! The worst part is that educators actually support this mental midget tomfoolery! During the Obama administration when the NEA actually celebrated the birthday of Chairman Mao Zedong, you knew something was systemically wrong with your federal government!

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Afraid to peacefully assemble?

When you have concerned Americans who want to demonstrate peacefully on Capitol Hill who will no longer go because they’re afraid of the ATF or FBI showing up at their doorstep, you’ve got a problem with the direction that your federal government has taken. Federal employees have conveniently forgotten who they were supposed to serve under the guidance of the US Constitution. Instead, they have now formed their fraternity of overpaid, over benefited, ranks who couldn’t care less about the plight of the average over taxed unrepresented citizen! That citizen, by the way, is under siege by 43 year high in inflation caused by the federal government. That American is under the stress of more than 2 million illegal aliens allowed to cross the US border and seek taxpayer funded food, shelter, transportation, and housing while American war veterans languish untreated and unable to survive!

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What happened to your government?

Joe Biden defined with his own words during one of his Hitlerian type of speeches while in Philadelphia calling the 75 million or more, who voted for President Trump “MAGA fascists” who will need F-15’s if they want a civil war with the US feral government! When your own president talks down to you like you’re nothing but a subversive threat, a White Supremacist, a racist, a homophobe, or White privileged bigot? This is the very most deeply etched indicator of government sanctioned intimidation you can imagine. This kind of intimidation against “We The People” as the Chinese launch surveillance balloons over US air space, as the Chinese look to invade Taiwan, our strategic ally, as Iran operates centrifuges making weaponized uranium!

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Who’s in charge?

While the Democrats attempt to launch a spending bill allotting 410 million taxpayer dollars for protecting the borders of the Middle Eastern countries, many not friendly to the US, Americans enraged over our borders being overrun with Mexico are told they are racist and insensitive to the needs of foreigners breaking our laws and coming here to overload our infrastructure! This is intimidation when our own government is more concerned with baby formula going to illegal aliens than to US citizens! Who is in charge here?

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Government sanctioned violence against “We the People”

Saul Alinsky, a radical of the 50’s and 60’s who wrote the book “Rules for Radicals” marveled at the intimidation used by the Mafia to subdue their opposition being law abiding citizens. He celebrated what he called the first rebel in history-Satan. Alinsky, supported the tactics of the workers unions who wrapped iron rebar in newspapers when going to demonstrations to crack the skulls of “Scabs” workers who would replace them during strikes who were not unionized. That your government would spend taxpayer money to print and have this book distributed on the streets of Washington DC is not only a form of intimidation, but a traitorous betrayal that should be answered by the rule of law. Then I ask, what law, do we have anymore?

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Ask yourself why

Why did neither Joe Biden nor the Democrats refuse to speak out against the rioting, all across our nation of downtown destruction by fire ignited by violent demonstrators, attacks against our police, and even occupation of police substations by radical demonstrators funded by Democrat donors and dark money coming from the DNC? Just to keep President Trump from running for a 2nd term? The very definition of intimidation! Even more so, TREASON!

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