What does today’s US Federal Government Have in Common With Nazis?

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When we look back in history we see that it continually repeats itself no matter how many times the lesson has been taught and paid for in the blood of the innocent. How is it that rational people in a civilized society could be so oblivious to the obvious truth? There are several factor that today are in a complete parallel with pre-World War II Nazi Germany. You claim it’s impossible while the current administration is busy calling out White Supremacists, Neo Nazis, Right Wingers, and religious fanatics? They certainly have their enemies targeted don’t they?

Analogies can we draw today between the Nazis and the Present Biden regime

  • The Reichstag being burned down by supposedly the Communists-the straw man enemy, when it was the Nazis themselves who burned down the government building in order to blame a fabricated enemy in order to focus public anger in the direction the fascists wanted.
  • Summer of 2020 Cities across the nation where rioting, police being attacked, burned down inner cities as protests against White Supremacists, Donald Trump, racism against blacks, and whatever else the paid agitators from different states or countries were recruited for, by who, the Democrats of course!
  • Propaganda Prime Minister Joseph Goebbels who proclaimed, “Repeat the “Big Lie” until it becomes the truth!”
  • Not only has the Biden Administration and Press Secretary, Jean Pierre, and Jen Psaki before her lied to the press and to the people, but recently came the announcement of a new agency dedicated to prohibit misinformation has been unleashed to stamp out, not lies, but the truth!
  • The Nazis weaponized their judicial system against dissidents and innocent people to make an example of them and terrorize the public into submission. The political prisoners they jailed ended up executed or imprisoned until the end of the war.
  • With the Biden White House weaponizing the FBI as their attack dog against all those who don’t agree with their social justice agenda investigating parents who express their anger at school board meeting, the J6 protestors who committed no acts of violence or damage to the Capitol Building but were sentenced to years in prison for just being there, are these not unjust political prisoners being held to set an example for those who oppose the tyranny of the federal government?
  • The ongoing persecution of former President Donald Trump over false accusations spending millions in taxpayer money and going on a relentless campaign of attempted trials to somehow indict him for anything that will prohibit his ability to run for office. Is this just another example of the way the Nazis ran every political opponent of Adolf Hitler either out of office or even by murdering them to prevent competition?
  • The massive centralization of government controlled public housing so that the general public lived in identical apartment buildings with the same amenities all for the good of the people under the watchful eye of the all seeing all knowing thousand year Reich?
  • It began with the Obama administration with the ACA then with the planned fair community planning legislation that will force builders to meet certain quotas for racial home ownership, with the kind of zoning that will be decided by federal government guidelines and that the enclaves of the affluent who have paid more for their safety and privacy will be discouraged as this somehow infringes on the rights of minorities?
  • The FBI and CIA both used to collect endless intelligence on the American public rather than focusing on foreign threats and terrorists?
  • Is this not purely reminiscent of the Nazi Gestapo being used to probe into the backgrounds of the German people to determine their heritage and affiliations just as the IRS under Lois Lerner during the Obama White House was used to discourage non-profit conservative voter information groups from applying for non-taxable status?

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The parallels are frightening when one looks at just how far the American government has morphed into a monstrous institution that violates almost every tenant of the US Constitution in order that one party (Democrats) remain in control! The past has once again risen for the blood and rubble of the atrocities we should have learned from long ago in order to keep this abomination from happening again!

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