What kind of men believe everything they are told without question because the information comes from someone with “credentials”?

What type of men allow their women to be persecuted?

What kind of men are told which direction to walk in a supermarket?

What kind of men allow themselves to be told what businesses are essential or non-essential?

What kind of men put on a face diaper because of peer pressure of a false narrative being propagated by the lying media?

What kind of men allow their government to tell them not to assemble in groups of more than 10 for a family Thanksgiving dinner or for more than two hours?

What kind of man let’s government tell him not to open his church or sing church hymns?

What kind of men refuse to expose evil from their pulpits for fear of upsetting someone?

What kind of man can’t visit his elderly mother in a nursing home because the governor said it is not safe?

What kind of men line up to have parts of murdered babies injected into their bodies?

What kind of men beg for government handouts and expect entitlements?

What kind of men self-censor their speech because they are afraid of losing their social media account or their job?

What kind of men willingly drive their women to government sponsored baby murdering factories?

What kind of men produce paperwork in order to justify travel through government checkpoints in a country their founders fought and died for?

What kind of men ask for permission and a license to fish or hunt or to even build a pond on his own property or sell a medicinal salve to his neighbour?

What kind of men allow red flag laws to be used to take away his firearms because a neighbour has complained?

What kind of men turn a blind eye at innocents in prison, judicial corruption and medical tyranny?

At what point does living in this cesspool of corruption, lies, deceit and wickedness indicate that we are complicit in the lying?

There are things worse than death.

Choose ye this day…

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Comment by Daily Con on November 23, 2020 at 12:38pm

"Evolving up from little snails"...lol

Comment by Central Scrutinizer on November 23, 2020 at 6:16am


Comment by Less Prone on November 23, 2020 at 12:36am

What they might say:

The Cuckold by William Hutton

The Muse, as property is gone,
She should, by right, put mourning on.
The simple smile shall fly the place;
My tale comes with a serious face.

Why is a man disgrac'd, I pray,
Because his wife shall go astray?
Why sneering language at him sent
For evils which he would prevent?
Good boys will never make their sport
Of people who are bent or short.
If he consents not to her shame,
He merits pity, never blame.
But if he aids her acting ill,
Then call him Cuckold if you will;
But he'll regard no more your cries
Than blust'ring winds a lover's sighs.

We'll now the curtain raise, and there
Three sober people shall appear;
Mr. John Carpenter and bride,
With Mr. Aldworth by their side;
They liv'd in peace, shunn'd all demur,
She lov'd them both--they both lov'd her.
Yet every act, though they agree,
Must not be known to all the three.
She'd charms, though not expos'd to view,
Which Carpenter and Aldworth knew.

How, when, and where, we'll not relate,
Only a real fact we state.
Aldworth held thirty pounds a year
During the life of Carpenter:
He'd every motive to shun strife--
Aldworth should try to save his life.

What though the sky be calm and bright
For many a day and many a night,
Yet not expect a change is vain;
'Twill end in thunder, wind, and rain.
This our two heroes did betide,
Who shar'd the favours of the bride.
A quarrel rose while she was by;
The lightning flash'd from either eye;
From Aldworth chief it flew apace,
Who call'd him Cuckold to his face.

O, cruel word! it sorely gall'd;
'Twas gone, and could not be recall'd.
The rage of Carpenter we sing,
As rising to the treble string;
His best revenge is, we suppose,
To kick the bottom; ring the nose.
And was this styptic in his power,
He might apply it half an hour.

But Carpenter, who, lost in thought,
Other retaliation sought
Determin'd he would soon cashier
Aldworth of thirty pounds a-year--
Jump'd in a pond, where he was drown'd;
There full revenge on Aldworth found.

Should this be every Cuckold's case,
How much, alas, 'twould thin our race!
The world would suffer to its cost,
For half the husbands would be lost.
She mourn'd because she, to her woe,
Lost one of two strings to her bow.
He curs'd the name, and griev'd for life;
He'd nothing left--except the wife.

Preserve a Cuckold, if you can;
You'll find him a most useful man;
A screen as needful as attire
To guard against a scorching fire:
But if the screen you over-turn,
Your reputation soon will burn.

Comment by Daily Con on November 22, 2020 at 10:21pm

We are not men we are "devo" as in devolution or perhaps devilution :).

Comment by cheeki kea on November 21, 2020 at 5:35am

The kind of man who's being bred and and educated for the slave trade. Any man that fails to meet the criteria will be bred and re-educated to meet the needs of the war trade. There is no God in clown world. It's Now every man for himself, if he even has a Self left.  

"Destroying the New World Order"


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