What Mindset the Government Wants You to Have

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We saw it happening as far back as the Jimmy Carter presidency when the peanut farmer scolded Americans as being lazy and deserving the suffering of the rest of the world. When he began to impose the centralized economic control and fuel shortages that caused a nation to nearly come to a halt. It was Carter who would be responsible for the future shock of the 2008 Real Estate Bubble when Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac both went bankrupt and had to be bailed out. The federal government’s mortgage guarantee giants that Barack Obama proclaimed were too big to fail did. All of it could be traced back to the CRA (Community Reinvestment Act) which awarded unqualified home buyers to get mortgages who never should have been awarded these loans simply because of the color of their skin. In the years to come the mounting defaults caused a major failure in the banking system. Under the aegis racial equality government intervention proved fatal.

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You are required!

In each ensuing Democrat administration more and more we have seen how government does more damage than good, but for the public to submit to this kind of economic debauchery there is a required mindset by the general public or the illusion won’t work. That requires a certain set of mentally deficient intellectual traits required by our masters. In order for you to accept the madness you must be conditioned. That conditioning comes with an indoctrination process that started when you were in public school. The omission of American history and exceptionalism, the non-requirement for civics, the de-emphasis on critical thinking, all played a role in your lobotomy. You were being prepared to be a good obedient citizen.

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The next phase was either further brainwashing on college campus or if you didn’t get that college loan you expected would be forgiven so that the taxpayers could suffer the burden, then you went into the workforce. Since your federal government needs you to be compliant, to never question their Machiavellian schemes or false narratives, you must be easily distracted, watch the mainstream media news which is in bed with Washington DC and never giving you the real details, and you must have faith in the corrupt government that you would only put in God because big government has now become your God! This will require you to not only be ignorant, but to have a healthy indifference and hatred for anyone who doesn’t think like you do. The federal government will make sure of that by staging riots and social unrest supposedly caused by the very people you know have a point and make sense. So against all your best judgment you will be herded like livestock by the all seeing all knowing oppressive big government.

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So, what is required of you by the federal government in order to be an acceptable citizen?

  • Belief in their word no matter how bad conditions get most likely because their policies created those conditions to begin with.
  • Unquestioning loyalty to the false narratives that you are told are all for your own good no matter how confusing the lies are.
  • You must have the faith in the government you would normally have in your deity as this is required in the light of their incredible mismanagement of the economy, social harmony, and the foreign state of affairs that governs whether or not you might be required to go to war!
  • To support the federal government will require a suspension of critical thinking. The federal government does not want you asking questions like, “Why isn’t the US Constitution being upheld and defended?” This could get you thrown in jail for years if you peacefully demonstrate against the present incarnation of Communist Democrats who have abandoned their loyalty to serve the American people as was in their original charter.
  • Don’t ask questions! If you are told you need to get an untested and potentially dangerous vaccine you must comply! Because you were ordered, I mean, told to do so. Why? Because you don’t rock the boat with reason or logic! Either that or the government will brainwash your fellow countrymen enough into shaming you and hating you so that you will feel compelled.
  • Remember rule number one. The federal government never lies, they’re always right and it’s just those no good naysayers who are wrong and just trying to screw up your new God the government’s plans for you!
  • Finally, you must believe sincerely that big government is genuinely concerned about you and is doing its best for you! Forget the stories of US service men tricked into being exposed to nerve gas, or US troops being forced to march to a glowing ground zero after an atomic bomb detonation, or the Food and Drug Administration approving prescription drugs that have killed and injured Americans, that's just propaganda and those who can’t see how important it is for Big Pharma and its boards of directors to make juicy profits at the expense of dying hospital patients.
  • You must also embrace the words of Joe Biden and Andrew Cuomo a president and governor, both Democrats, who said there was never anything special about America or worthwhile in order to be an American. Can you see the hypocrisy and the suspension of reason here? Well don’t because the federal government would find that unacceptable in your mindset!

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