As a global society mankind stumbles along most times on the brink of disaster orchestrated by the powers that be. For instance, let’s take a look at the present world crisis being implemented under the aegis of incompetent entrenched ideologues when, in fact, it is being sanctioned under a planned human depopulation and livestock control agenda. The stupidity is only a cover for a very real intended destruction of life on earth as we know it. Just think about it. The US has spent more than 40 billion dollars in a proxy war with Russia supplying Ukraine. Why? To cover the asses of the Biden family who were laundering international money through Ukraine. President Biden publicly admits that he withheld 1 billion tax dollars from Ukraine unless they fired a prosecutor who was investigating his son, Hunter, also under probes over evidence of his crack drug abuse and pedophile criminality.

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Secret war funding

So, we are at the brink of World War III thanks to bio-weapons labs that Barack Obama was helping to develop back in 2005 that Putin wanted eliminated. Billions of taxpayer dollars are being sent to the Ukraine and other nations where the Biden’s have left their signature of criminal activity in order to hide their operations. How can this be? Prior to the 2020 Presidential elections Hunter’s laptop, full of evidence, is declared Russian disinformation while Biden’s public admission that he bribed a foreign country with 1 billion tax dollars is somehow overlooked! The 5 major social platforms censor incumbent, President Trump, and a coup de ta is effectively carried out by the Democrats as massive voter fraud blankets a sure win for Trump!

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Media lobotomizing

Each and every day your intelligence is being insulted, not only with stupid advertisements over stupid ways to waste your money, but programming fit for a 9 year old simply anesthetizes the minds of the grazing sheep, who can’t comprehend the siege they are being subjected to! Where is truth? Where is absolute proof? Where is honesty among educators, the federal government, and the news networks? It doesn’t exist anymore! Either you are being distracted, lied to, or the real news isn’t being reported at all. The mystery remains in failures, catastrophes, and destructive government policies that have no logical reason for implementation! Yet, there lies the problem as the people simply endure and suffer.

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Giving away their power

Much too long ago, the people gave away their power to the corrupt opportunists who would take advantage of their blind faith and apathy. The people, who were distracted by wars, famines, disasters, assassinations, and poor education were rendered into harmless, easily manipulated sheep who would fall for just about anything! Today, America with faltering education, but with the best possible economy to afford it, has been compromised intellectually with students who can’t distinguish between socialism and free enterprise, Communism, and the US Constitution, who don’t even know the basic structure of the US government, and they are considered high school and college graduates!

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Mushroom cloud diplomacy?

Where does it all end? When Putin decides that an existential threat exists against Russia from NATO, the US, and their allies, and the nukes begin launching? People in Hawaii discovered just how illusionary the term “Take Cover” is when a mistaken nuclear missile strike alarm was sent out in a civil defense warning. They quickly found out that there was no emergency shelter or cover they could take in the event of a first strike by a foreign power. Yet, our government has bunkers they can survive in. The global leadership has Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) funded with US tax dollars where they can cowardly wait out the massive death toll as mushroom clouds permeate the atmosphere! This is why I believe there is a hell. There must be to punish the evil being done on this planet to the masses who are too lazy to see the fraud being conducted against them!

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A day in the life

This is the way you’re living your life right now. You endure the loss of buying power of your dollar. You carry on as the news of disasters darken your TV screen, wars and rumors of war add to your anxiety. Murdering subversive organizations paid for by the Democrats are allowed on American soil shooting police and innocents, and rioting in the streets. The federal government would rather entrap Trump supporters than do its job protecting our borders and arresting drug dealers. Your president, senators, governors, and Congressman are cutting deals with foreign powers committing treason, but operating with impunity, none the less, what can you do about it? Vote the bastards out of office, we are told when the 2020 Presidential election was stolen through massive voter fraud. Your options are rapidly diminishing!

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Final Question

We have a population of sheep who are willing to take dangerous and unproven vaccines when urged by health officials with no medical credentials to do so. We have hypocrites in office who destroyed 60% of small business in America due to the Covid 19 lockdowns as mask wearing cowards still today walk around in fresh air convinced they will die if they don’t! A population too afraid to stand up for itself just as their masters hoped they would! The traitorous “Woke” corporations who would betray their own countrymen are alive and well unprosecuted and unfettered by the law not being enforced by the appointed Democrat operatives in the Department of Justice where the ATF and FBI can strike out at whomever they choose if deemed a threat to the federal government disinformation programs. The question is, when are you going to wake up?

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