Why President Trump Fired FBI Director Comey

FBI Director James Comey Bites The Dust Here’s Why

Under his tutelage, the FBI has been compromised for not only political reasons but due to his personal sense of importance that has led to him to being out of control and no longer able to carry out his mission. James Comey, Director for a legendary law enforcement agency conveniently forgot his humble role as a public servant who was supposed to uphold the law. Grandstanding and drawing attention to himself may be allowed for prima donnas like former President Obama, but for an FBI Director it could it could prove fatal to a career.

Corrupt past

Let’s examine some of the actions of the FBI under Comey’s directorship. One of the first fiascoes was the failure of the FBI to get a forensics team to Benghazi after the consulate had been attacked by Islamic terrorists and Ambassador Stevens had been murdered. Stating that they simply couldn’t get their people over there one must keep in mind that by the following day UN forces along with US contractors from the nearby CIA annex had driven off the enemy and had secured the battered compound. Foreign journalists were even picking up US classified documents and papers off the grounds along with Libyans who had partially looted the premises. Yet, according to James Comey, he couldn’t get his men there. It would seem that he was ordered to stand down as were the rescuing forces that never showed up to save those 4 Americans who had died.


The FBI made no effort to investigate “Fast and Furious” a gun running program devised by President Obama and AG Eric Holder that resulted in US weapons being put into the hands of the Mexican drug Cartel resulting in the deaths of 2 US border Patrol agents and hundreds of Mexican citizens. Only a whistle blower from the ATF came forth to inform the public about what and who was responsible risking his life in doing do. Strangely, the FBI did nothing to probe an incident that should have ended in an impeachment of a sitting president and his acting Attorney General.

Allowing potential disaster

In Garland, Texas Pamela Geller was holding a private art party that some said offended Muslims, an art contest! Two radicals who had been on the FBI watch list planned on storming the city meeting room where the party would take place and begin slaughtering the participants! Yet, knowing that the two Islamic radicals would arrive within hours to murder children and innocent adults, the FBI made no attempt to warn the people or alert Garland City Police. Thankfully, once the terrorists arrived, shot up a security car, and wounded the guard, two garland officers engaged the Islamic killers! Armed with only handguns against 2 AK-47 assault rifles, one of the officers single handedly killed both attackers with no help or assistance of an FBI that was aware of the impending threat!

Off the hook

Fast forward us to the presidential election of 2016. A former Secretary of State with questionable credentials and an absolute pension for violating classified protocol, Hillary Clinton has been caught red handed. She has been operating an unauthorized internet server from her home, using an amateur firm with no clearance to back up and store her records, and she has even been using a Blackberry Device that has been deemed unsecured for official use. To make matters worse she has not only instructed her staff on how to bypass classified document rules, but has over 30 thousand emails byte bleached to ensure they could never be recovered! Director Comey knows this after his investigation!

Admitting the obvious and doing nothing

Under oath and in front of a Capitol Hill investigation panel, James Comey clearly demonstrates all of Hillary Clinton’s violations of US espionage codes and acknowledges that a 99% chance that her server was hacked exists. Yet, he refuses to indict the former Secretary of State! He claims that a lack of intent does not justify criminal proceedings even though he recognizes her sloppy mishandling of highly sensitive documents that could have resulted in the deaths of US operatives! This faulty conclusion, the Director, panders while prosecutors all over the country say that they could easily have built a case not only on intent but based on the fact that Clinton had knowingly violated procedure regardless of intention! This fact alone constituted a criminal offense. Director Comey also mentioned that Hillary Clinton had operated at least 7 different devices within in nations hostile to US interests contradicting her accusations of innocent and relatively unsophisticated use of these electronic tools.

More inaction

When investigations of Huma Abedin and, her husband, Anthony Weiner, turned up emails that had been sent to her I-Phone from Clinton as well as his laptop no further words were heard about it even when James Comey later said that there were hundreds of thousands of e-mails from Hillary’s State Department correspondence! Once again, serious collusion had been ignored and gone unprosecuted.

Refusal to launch

In the same line of questioning came the involvement of Legal Advisor, Sheryl Mills and Susan Rice. FBI Director Comey allowed the two potential defendants immunity in order to testify. Both women were allowed to destroy their lap top computers where obviously thousands of e-mails and documents would have been recorded and stored! This brazen allowance for criminal conduct to go without probe or prosecution surely indicates that Director Comey was conducting a politically biased investigation that never intended to enforce the law! Hillary would walk and so would her co-conspirators!

Hang him high!

James Comey’s announcement of an investigation not only into Hillary’s e-mails but the Clinton Foundation days before the election had Democrats in an uproar over what the effect could have been over the outcome of the presidential election of 2016. They were not worried at all about her indiscretions or the exposure of US classified material to hackers or our enemies abroad! The Democrats such as Harry Reid, Charles Schumer, and Diane Feinstein publicly called for Director Comey’s resignation!

Finally fired!

However, when President Trump, based upon James Comey’s long record of denial and refusal to pursue the very duty of the FBI to enforce the law, fired the Director, the Democrats converted the issue into a supposed Russian collusion probe! Trying to somehow draw an analogy over President Nixon’s firing of Archibald Cox over Watergate with President Trump’s decision which was advised by Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein along with Jeff Sessions, suddenly it’s the new White House who is the criminal party! The Democrats had a long history of collusion with the Russians if one recalls the open mic comment by President Obama in 2012 telling Russian President Medvedev that after the election he would be more flexible to deal with Premier Putin! Oh yes, the Democrats always want it both ways!

The true reason

In their angry and shell shocked reaction to the loss of the presidency, the Democrats aided by the US media are in a desperate attempt to unseat President Trump and will make all the unfounded accusations it takes to somehow remove The Donald, or relegate his presidency into dishevel over probes, smoke and mirrors, and phantom infractions that only exist in the minds of those who cannot accept that they are no longer in control of the White House! The Russian investigation into the Trump administration will go on regardless of James Comey’s absence, but it is apparent that the Democrats and their potential collusion with Russia may very well be uncovered since their illegal unmasking of Trump staff was conducted while Obama was still in office, and those are well documented acts that provide prosecutorial evidence!


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Comment by Doc Vega on May 11, 2017 at 4:47pm

I forgot to mention that the FBI was warned about the 2 brothers responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing but under Comey refused to act!

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