"Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of International Evidence"

"Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder and Suicide? A Review of International Evidence"

 QUOTE:     “If firearms availability does matter, the data consistently show that the way it matters is that more guns = less violent crime.”

     bepress Legal Series.   (August 17, 2006).   

     Working Paper 1564. http://law.bepress.com/expresso/eps/1564

     [115 page paper can be downloaded at link]


 The world abounds in instruments with which people can kill each other. Is the widespread availability of one of these instruments, firearms, a crucial determinant of the incidence of murder? Or do patterns of murder and/or violent crime reflect basic socio-economic and/or cultural factors to which the mere availability of one particular form of weaponry is irrelevant?

 This article examines a broad range of international data that bear on two distinct but interrelated questions: first, whether widespread firearm access is an important contributing factor in murder and/or suicide, and second, whether the introduction of laws that restrict general access to firearms has been successful in reducing violent crime, homicide or suicide.

 Our conclusion from the available data is that suicide, murder and violent crime rates are determined by basic social, economic and/or cultural factors with the availability of any particular one of the world’s myriad deadly instrument being irrelevant.



Don B. Kates (Ll.B., Yale, 1966) is an American criminologist and constitutional lawyer

associated with the Pacific Research Institute, San Francisco.

Gary Mauser (Ph.D., U. California, Irvine, 1970) is a Canadian criminologist and

university professor at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC Canada.


 PAPER SECTION:   More Guns, Less Crime  (pgs. 30 – 34 excerpted)

High gun ownership may well be a factor in the recent drastic decline in American homicide. But even so American homicide is driven by socio-economic and cultural factors which keep it far higher than in most European nations.

 Moreover there is not insubstantial evidence that in the United States widespread gun availability has helped reduce murder and other violent crime rates. But on closer analysis this evidence is uniquely applicable to the U.S., and inapplicable to other nations.

 The latest analysis reveals "a great deal of self-defensive gun use" in the U.S., "in fact, more defensive gun uses [by victims] than crimes committed with firearms. 72”    

 Robbery is highest in states that most restrict gun ownership."73   It is little wonder that National Institute of Justice surveys among prison inmates find large percentages saying fear that a victim might be armed deterred them from confrontation crimes.

 A series of studies by John Lott and his co-author David Mustard conclude that the issuance of millions of permits to carry concealed handguns are associated with drastic declines American homicide rates. 74

 In nations that have experienced high and rising violent crime rates, the legislative reaction has generally been to enact increasingly severe anti-gun laws. This is futile for reducing gun ownership by the law-abiding citizenry – the only ones who obey gun laws – does not reduce violence or murder. The result is that high crime nations that ban guns to reduce crime end up having both high crime and stringent gun laws, while low crime nations which do not much restrict guns continue to have low violence rates.

 Whether gun availability be viewed as a cause or as a mere coincidence, the long term macrocosmic evidence is that gun ownership spread widely throughout societies consistently correlates with stable or declining murder rates.   This pattern simply cannot be squared with the mantra that more guns = more death and fewer guns = less. Whether causative or not, the consistent international pattern is that more guns = less murder and other violent crime.



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Comment by Doc Vega on December 1, 2018 at 2:23pm

There are plenty of people in Chicago that will tell you that with all the black on black shootings that they depend on a firearm to defend themselves! 

Comment by Dave churbuck on November 27, 2018 at 10:35am

Before religions and ever since Nature provided all living things with ever evolving self defence and protection for both predator and prey.

The Governments which invented religions to control their prey along with their military's are the chief predators with their system of things to actually farm their prey.

The predator governments have and will always try and render their prey defenseless while affording themselves every protection and defense the mind can conjure up.

The #1 tool they use is religions which fouls the mind with conflict and blinds those afflicted to Natures reality and the ability to sense and see your predator to the point that you actually unknowingly assist your predator.

In the matter of gun control,{ which the government exempts itself from,} is simply prey control,  The act of rendering the prey { population ] defenseless by the predator government to protect itself. 

The 2nd, all politcs and religion are trojan horses to overwhelm you with BS so the spider can continue to wrap you up for dinner. Divide their prey in all things to assist the predator. Anything that by whatever means seeks to render you defenseless is your predator enemy, No matter what form it cloaks it self as. By clever design the predators including All of tv globally have divided up the populations leaving those who want to preserve what nature gave them and their life a very uncomfortable choice.   Choose wisely, no matter how much it hurts. If you do not respect your life who will ? Comments Welcome. Be Safe and Well.

Comment by skip barker on November 23, 2018 at 2:11pm

Regardless of the outcome of any law being made on guns and or gun control they are not law and should be ignored, even if they do drop crime rates and or murders. These laws are against the Constitution especially the 2nd amendment and are to be ignored. Anyone with even half a brain knows why the 2nd amendment is at the top of the list and how important it is to not allow this right to be abused. Anyone with an IQ higher then their waistline understands the clear wording of this amendment and knows it is not to be tampered with by any law, again regardless of what the outcome of the illegal law will produce. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. While all words are important here, the key word is infringed, if you do not understand the meaning of such, you should not hold public office, you should not swear an oath to uphold such and be in law enforcement or any other postion that an oath was given to hold such.  Infringed meaning  act so as to limit or undermine (something); encroach on: his legal rights were being infringed | [ no obj. ] : I wouldn't infringe on his privacy. This case is closed as far as the USA is concerned. This is also a right like all rights given to man by God almighty, and no law can be written by any man, govt. or nation to infringe on his rights to man. All rights come from God!!!!!!

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