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This is the video that got Richard Dawkins into a spot of bother with the SJW community.

Huge thanks to Sargon for the shout-out and for originally hosting this on his channel here:

I've been blown away by all the support this video has received from all you cute little misogynistic Islamophobes.

Here's a hilariously infuriating article about it all:

Try reading it without punching yourself in the neck.

Yes, the writer is complaining that Dawkins' approval of this cartoon is adding to the wave of abuse directed at a certain feminist.

The video does NOT name her or give any hint that this may be based on a real person.

So who DID name her? Me? Sargon? Richard Dawkins?? Nope, it was everyone's favourite troop of social justice pussies.

They are now claiming to defend her after painting a fucking target all the way around her sweet ass.

The most entertaining part of the article for me is that writer David Futrelle clearly could not care one jot about the Islamist in the cartoon.

He's described in the article as "a familiar racist stereotype, complete with “funny” accent".

Not a based on a real person then?

This is later edited to include a link to an article on Dawank Man's views on homosexuality and remark that he is "a legitimately terrible person". There's no explanation, by the way. He's just "legitimately terrible".

Yet before this editorial correction was made, Futrelle was thrilled to report on Dawkins' ignorance.

He quotes one of Dawkins' tweets: "Who is the real woman?" followed by a tweet from Lindy West who berates Dawkins for not doing his research.

Why would anybody research the Muslim man, right? He's obviously just a familiar racist stereotype.

The WOMAN, however, well she's totes based on a real person and must be protected at all costs by... er... NAMING HER!

Jesus fucking Christ.

"The angry feminist, meanwhile, isn’t a generic figure; she’s an especially crude caricature of Binx, spouting nonsense that neither Binx nor any other feminist actually believes".

So what WOULD a feminist say on the subject of Muslim men raping Western women?

Nobody knows.

They don't talk about it.

The only reference to the subject I've heard from a Warrior of Social Justice is essentially this: "We're not saying that white European women AREN'T being raped by Muslim immigrants. We're just waiting to hear all the evidence before we jump to conclusions".


Thanks to Adam A for this comment: "There is an example of this happening in real life
Late last year Maryam Namazie gave a lecture in Goldsmith University about women's rights, liberalism, Gay rights, atheism (all that shit) in the Middle East and particularly in Iran.
A bunch of Islamist assholes were heckling her throughout the lecture and even turned off the projector at one point. One of them had to be kicked out.
Guess who sided with them and gave a statement of solidarity.
The Feminist society and the fucking LGBT society! I mean how is this even ??"

Archive of the Goldsmiths Feminist Society page:

Twitter is planning to censor criticism of Islam and feminism:

You're welcome to mirror and share this video!

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