Psychiatry goes insane: Every human emotion now classified as a mental disorder in new psychiatric manual DSM-5

(NaturalNews) The industry of modern psychiatry has officially gone insane. Virtually every emotion experienced by a human being -- sadness, grief, anxiety, frustration, impatience, excitement -- is now being classified as a "mental disorder" demanding chemical treatment (with prescription medications, of course).

The new, upcoming DSM-5 "psychiatry bible," expected to be released in a few months, has transformed itself from a medical reference manual to a testament to the insanity of the industry itself.

"Mental disorders" named in the DSM-5 include "General Anxiety Disorder" or GAD for short. GAD can be diagnosed in a person who feels a little anxious doing something like, say, talking to a psychiatrist. Thus, the mere act of a psychiatrist engaging in the possibility of making a diagnoses causes the "symptoms" of that diagnoses to magically appear.

This is called quack science and circular reasoning, yet it's indicative of the entire industry of psychiatry which has become such a laughing stock among scientific circles that even the science skeptics are starting to turn their backs in disgust. Psychiatry is no more "scientific" than astrology or palm reading, yet its practitioners call themselves "doctors" of psychiatry in order to try to make quackery sound credible.

How modern psychiatry really works

Here's how modern psychiatry really operates: A bunch of self-important, overpaid intellectuals who want to make more money invent a fabricated disease that I'll call "Hoogala Boogala Disorder" or HBD.

By a show of hands, they then vote into existence whatever "symptoms" they wish to associated with Hoogala Boogala Disorder. In this case, the symptoms might be spontaneous singing or wanting to pick your nose from time to time.

They then convince teachers, journalists and government regulators that Hoogala Boogala Disorder is real -- and more importantly that millions of children suffer from it! It wouldn't be compassionate not to offer all those children treatment, would it?

Thus begins the call for "treatment" for a completely fabricated disease. From there, it's a cinch to get Big Pharma to fabricate whatever scientific data they need in order to "prove" that speed, amphetamines, pharmaceutical crack or whatever poison they want to sell "reduces the risk of Hoogala Boogala Disorder."

Serious-sounding psychiatrists -- who are all laughing their asses off in the back room -- then "diagnose" children with Hoogala Boogala Disorder and "prescribe" the prescription drugs that claim to treat it. For this action, these psychiatrists -- who are, let's just admit it, dangerous child predators -- earn financial kickbacks from Big Pharma.

In order to maximize their kickbacks and Big Pharma freebies, groups of these psychiatrists get together every few years and invent more fictitious disorders, expanding their fictional tome called the DSM.

The DSM is now larger than ever, and it includes disorders such as "Obedience Defiance Disorder" (ODD), defined as refusing to lick boots and follow false authority. Rapists who feel sexual arousal during their raping activities are given the excuse that they have "Paraphilic coercive disorder" and therefore are not responsible for their actions. (But they will need medication, of course!)

You can also get diagnosed with "Hoarding Disorder" if you happen to stockpile food, water and ammunition, among other things. Yep, being prepared for possible natural disasters now makes you a mental patient in the eyes of modern psychiatry (and the government, too).

Former DSM chairperson apologizes for creating "false epidemics"

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Freud was a fraud and bernays was mad.


They have the audacity to call us MAD! well let's see, Mmm the Governments stockpile food, ammo, Have seed vaults all over the place and underground preparedness bunkers in many states and in many countries around the World, and yet they call us mad?

I myself have a Spinal disorder which was done in a working accident and I recently went to see the Doctors over my problem to see if anything could be done? to my complete horror they start asking me about my Mind! so it seems every disorder or every Illness can now be assumed it's all in our minds eh?  Never mind all the MRI scans I've had proving my lower spine is degenerating!  I didn't see a Doctor I saw a head doctor?

Bazinga! meow Boing I'm as Mad as hell! or they try to make me think I am!

This page is Correct as they want us to think we are crackers, Nuts, Captain Insane! Never!


I was in the scouts as a kid and always remember the Motto Be Prepared! And what do the armies do around the world? Get prepared for every eventuality!

Political correctness and Big Pharma and Big bankers = Lying thieving CHEATS!

I know all about this book from hell. It is the marketing of madness.

Seems like the Nazi's are alive and well and thriving all over the place!

Yea the bastards never seem to go away.

Most certainly. Let's go back to Operation Paperclip whereby CIA granted Nazi war criminals a "safe haven" in the US after the Second World War. Even the Agents from the Justice Department's Nazi-hunting Office of Special Investigations found that war criminals were indeed knowingly granted entry to the US, even though government officials were aware of their pasts. The Central Intelligence Agency was heavily involved with the Nazi émigrés. 

The Nazi scientist who ran the Mittelwerk munitions factory, Arthur L. Rudolph, was brought to the United States in 1945 for his rocket-making expertise under Operation Paperclip, an American program that recruited scientists who had worked in Nazi Germany.

(NOTE: Hundreds of these NAZI scientists were brought to the United States under Operation Paperclip, an American program that recruited scientists who had worked in Nazi Germany. (Rudolph has been honored by NASA and is credited as the father of the Saturn V rocket.)

And, that's not all the so-called Angel of Death at Auschwitz, Joseph Mengele, too was a prized war booty 'acquired' by the US and broguht to the US.

Then there was Klaus Barbie (famously known as the butcher of Lyons). He helped the US government to set up death squads in Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, and elsewhere.

General Reinhardt Gehlenone of Hitler's chief intelligence officers, too was brought to the US. Gehlen and his SS united were hired, and they soon became agents of the CIA.

Kurt Blome, a high-ranking Nazi scientist, was another mad scientist brought to the US. As early asvin 1943 he had started  experimenting with plague vaccines on concentration camp prisoners in Germany. In 1951, he was hired by the U.S. Army Chemical Corps to work on chemical warfare.

In fact, CIA opened many umbrella projects stemming from Nazi mad research. (MK-ULTRA / ARTICHOKE, OPERATION MIDNIGHT CLIMAX). By 1955, more than 760 German scientists had been granted citizenship in the U.S. and given prominent positions in the American scientific community. 

IMO I think the globalist are behind this.

we can't have these mentally ill people owning guns, now can we.

Dr., Dr.  Please.... a script for some medical marijuana will cure most of our ills.Better yet "Legalize it I"ll advertise it"

Modern witch-doctorism!

With this manual, the PTB have, yet again, established that they make sure they have their cake and eat it too. Under the guise of so called *Good Mental Health*, on the one hand, they are establishing that every emotion experienced by a human being is actually a "mental disorder" demanding chemical treatment.  On the other hand, according to the same medical experts, lack of any human emotion is considered *psychopathy* and is classified as the *most dangerous* of mental disorders. And every individual can either have emotions or not have them but, either ways, according to *experts*, the individual is suffering from a "mental disorder". Classic example of "heads I win and tails you lose"!! 

For the PTB, this is a breakthrough of sorts because with this move, the PTB have successfully accomplished in making every single person "mentally sick" and in need of expensive medications. 

Check out this EXCELLENT video about this very issue, its deliberate over diagnosis and doling out of drugs as "treatment" for it.


Avoid psychiatry.

Don't forget to mention that there are a lot of people who are victims of abuses, who end up before these shrinks that have no clue what these abuses are and have no training to deal with them. A surgeon can be called a glorified butcher, the point being they are flesh cutters and sowers they are not trained to deal with social abuses. The general science that exists around surgery is medicine, this is what shrinks are generally trained for. Everything is relating to the body, everything is 'material.' Therefore shrinks are fundamentally incapable of doing the job they have been given, except for that segment of the people who actually do have 'mental problems' because of a physical disease (that exists too). Hence it is no surprise that these shrinks can only prescribe drugs while showing off their arrogance, just as for Generals in the army most problems are probably requiring the application of weapons, and as for carpenters every problem first solution may be a nail because they are having a hammer in their hand (etc).

This also leads to another level of the scam: people who have been abused and are suffering, get a 'treatment' that is wrong, therefore the symptoms continue and the shrinks react to that by saying it is chronic and therefore requires perpetual medication (perpetual profits and job security for them). They can not see what they do wrong, because they are erroneously trained for what they are being used for by society. Hence society at large is to blame for using the wrong type of person for the wrong problem. Then the plot thickens: when people get abused, there are abusers, and these do not want to be blamed for what they have done. So they are all too happy to help the shrinks make a misdiagnoses to shift the blame unto their victim. Shrinking becomes an extension of the abuse victims have already endured, and shrinks may even attempt to worsen the symptoms enough (being called insane is something so serious that for others there are laws to drag such people to court, i think it is called libel ?), so that they can continue to have power over these victims and play off their arrogance and profit off of them. They then also get huge salaries and honor from society for doing all this damage. By the way, I know this directly since they have done this to me, and first hand, everyone is outraged at the shrinks. They keep people from even naturally healing over. I think the best way forward is to reduce the salary, power and honor of the shrinks so that they become an assistent in a wider team and have no leading role anymore in the care team. Psychologists could get more power, and psychologists also need much better training and they should be selected for having a caring and emphatic character and so on, and there should be more use of people who have experienced various abuses because other people just will never comprehend it.

Companies like Elly Lilly and the like should be liquidated, their management should be investigated for crimes. The whole 'field' of helping abuse victims has to be build up from a new basis that is not rooted in medicine.

Psychiatry itself is a mental disorder !


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