300 Million Young People Out of Work? Economist Mag Suggests 'Solution'

300 Million Young People Out of Work? Economist Mag Suggests 'Solution'

By Staff Report

Generation jobless ... "YOUNG people ought not to be idle. It is very bad for them," said Margaret Thatcher in 1984. She was right: there are few worse things that society can do to its young than to leave them in limbo ...The International Labour Organisation reports that 75m young people globally are looking for a job. World Bank surveys suggest that 262m young people in emerging markets are economically inactive. Depending on how you measure them, the number of young people without a job is nearly as large as the population of America (311m). – Economist

Dominant Social Theme: This is a global tragedy and we need more education and training.

Free-Market Analysis: The bad news goes on and on. From The Economist magazine we learn that some 300 million young people are out of work in emerging markets. We suppose this does not count the tens of millions out of work in Southern Europe and a similar number in the US.

What really isn't working is the rigid, inflationary system of monetary debasement that is gradually (purposefully?) crushing Western civilization.

Ironically, it is our suspicion that all is NOT so bad as it seems, that the West's plight is at least in part a deliberate effort to "even out" East and West preparatory to installing yet more globalist economic solutions. The BRICs are "up" coincidentally just as the West is "down." We are either not supposed to notice this or to believe – despite the enormous clout of central banking – that this is merely some sort of vast coincidence.

In any event, we are not supposed to blame it on the "system." The system, mind you, is just what it is. It has "evolved." In other words, it was never controlled and is not controlled now. Monopoly central banking and the leadership provided by the BIS (where central bankers meet bi-monthly) is yet another serendipitous evolution.

We know this because the mainstream mouthpiece of elitist control – The Economist magazine – tells us it is so. Here's more from this discouraging article.

Two factors play a big part. First, the long slowdown in the West has reduced demand for labour, and it is easier to put off hiring young people than it is to fire older workers. Second, in emerging economies population growth is fastest in countries with dysfunctional labour markets, such as India and Egypt.

The result is an "arc of unemployment", from southern Europe through north Africa and the Middle East to South Asia, where the rich world's recession meets the poor world's youthquake. The anger of the young jobless has already burst onto the streets in the Middle East. Violent crime, generally in decline in the rich world, is rising in Spain, Italy and Portugal—countries with startlingly high youth unemployment.


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Well, the problem here is that anybody even reads that fishwrapper called the Economist to begin with. The Economist lost all validity and relevance as soon as the "trickle down" economy collapsed in 2008. The choice is clear: Socialism or Barbarism and the Thatcherite twats clearly chose barbarism and a wrecked, jobless, impoverished Britain is the result. It didn't work out too well in the States, either. Three decades of "deregulation" and going easy on the wealthiest crooks has wrecked America, too. Well, we tried it their way and we are FUBAR.



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