"About Guy Fawkes and the V for Vengeance of the Roman Catholic Jesuit Order & Babylon2"

Check this vast PDF on how the Catholic Church is Babylon2, Ancient Babylons connections to the Roman Jesuit Church. And there's some links and videos too on this, in the list below. and here's a interesting piece form the pdf on the Pope and his mitre Atef or Crown. and you will find pictures to illustrate this at the bottom.                                                                                                         The 2 Babylons     




       After(Guys face formed into a mask)           

The King Tutankamun Fawke look. The Ancient Egyptian Satanic Fawke look. As fare as the mask goes, some of the Fawke Masks have black around the eyes like King Tut to the bottom. I'm not saying the Egyptian King here is a Jesuit, not more then his Ancient god Horus was. But all works for Satan and his Pentagram don't it! This is Spiritual and political parrells here. Let's face it, the Ancient Egyptian have everything to do with this, as they were 3rd  down the line form Sumeria and Babylon, to do believe as one of Satan's 7 Ancient Empires. because by Babylonian and Egyptian ways, there Pharaohs were about Vengeance and great wicked Ambitions of War and Conquer, the hunter! Like King Nimrod was in Babylon. And go look at Anton LaVey, he has this look, the founder of the Satan Church, here's a link with his picture. Now ant it interesting to discover here, LaVey has a capital V in his last name, ahhh??? I would say these are the many faces of Satan, down the Ages. other faces of this, is LeVays, John Wilks Booth and Francis Bacon, now some were hard pressed with hard eye liner and some with a natural flare of this, like the original Fawke, Francis Bacon and John Wilkes Booth. Not saying all these people new what they were doing, but the Hierarchies did and Satan did! This is a major Spiritual Battle going on here. here for all you that don't know what Jesuit means, it means, "The Society of Jesus" The Jesuits hide behind this, to fool the World!


I'm well  aware of how the Catholic Church is. I know about the Illuminati and other Orders you people don't know about. I aware how Babylon is being build into the Modern world and how the Spiritual Egypt is! I have done much research on these Ancients. And Im also well aware of a Middle Age Cult, that has just risen sense the 1980's through Alan Moore, a Magician and Occultist, driven by Aliester Crawleys wicked Doctrines. This has given rise to a cult, called the

               V-Vendetta for Vengea
nce. That came form a man named Gay Fawke, He was a Jesuit and this is a Jesuit conspricy of Babylon and the Papacy head of Rome! Here Jesus Disiple here's my stuff on the V Cult that's become more and more sense the 2006 movie of this, made by Alan Moore. And I know how this all used the Face of Satan, its a very Ancient thing of deception. Form my research Aliester Crawely set out too destroy Christianty and the free world! And 2012 is the year of Horus, the start of the New Age, I do believe this is very Egyptian and here's my research and the parrells between the V-Vendetta Cult too Horus, the Ancient Egyptian god, the Egyptian god of God of the king, the sky and vengeance. And in Aliester Crawelys plot was to bring the Age of Horus of 2012, I do believe is the new age. Interesting why so many of these V-Masks pop up now, ant it. Just a interesting note to all this. And here's some others sense Fawke, Francis Bacon and the American version of Guy Fawke, John Wilks Booth, the Assassin of our beloved president Abe Lincoln. they all have same Parrells too Guy Fawke and I think there natural image looks allot like Guy Fawke.




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C67WK6rFmfw Video one on Babylon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrDPNnJuQLg&feature=related Video two on Babylon

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbR6oB17UDw&feature=related the modern rebuild of Babylon, now I will show a Roman Catholic Church that looks Babylonian in Architecture. Next Video down.

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Avignon,_Palais_des_Papes_by_JM_R... the Picture of the Babylonian built Catholic Palace, I think, for yourselfs.




http://michaelseblux.wordpress.com/2011/11/15/a-season-for-krampus/, now I don't total agree with this man, but he makes some good points, the demon of Guy Fawke, Satan uncovered, behind the Mask of Fawke. But by no means do I agree with this man that we should use Krampus too punish people, this ant Gods way! This is Evil as the Pharisees did!

Ok here's the Mathimatical Geometry, I will do my best to show you all what God has me see here with my brain. Ok I will give the best explanation of this in text. Yes as you all see, I have Hieroglyph way to me with pictures like the Ancient Egyptians did lol. My walk in God is allot like Josephs for he understand symbols and hieroglyphs, but I think many of us today understand like this, I'm not saying I'm any better then any of you, I do this, out of love and to kick Satan in the A** lol. But you see the Satanic star and the V for Vendetta symbols below. you take away the center stretched Pyramid form Satan's star, then take away the stretched v to the top, and take away the outer circle of Satan's Symbol there, you have the V with Circle for V for Vendetta. And look at this Anarchy Symbol, its Geometric alignment with Satan's Pentagram.






Ok look at the 2 pictures, how the Popes Hat looks like the Ancient Babylonian dragon priests and look at the opening of the fish mouth of the Mitre Hat or Crown, it forms a V, don't it! Another hidden symbol to the puzzle of the V-Vendetta and of the Satanic Pentagram, this is in well Geo alignment. All wrapped up in the Ancient Mysteries of Babylon and Egypt. Makes you think don't it.



 The Dragon Priest and the Modern Pope and there Mitre Crowns.  


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Interesting Theory I assume you regard anything Catholic is inherently Evil and thus pro- NWO, right?

Since you claim to have done much research on these Ancients Spiritual from Egypt, would you be so kind to share your wisdom with US?  Please elaborate further on those other Orders we people don't know about.

Was God Horus a Jesuit too? What  makes Jesuits bad? 

You probably won't get a textual explanation, because of the time constraints and the complexity of the material, viz the thousands of hours needed to explain it all, to you - and you still probably won't really comprehend the true essence of the imparted wisdom - not unless you speak foreign languages - its just best to view the documentary - that's why there's documentaries.

Sorry Maria - I just felt compelled to do it. 

I didn't ask for a lengthy textual explanation, but someone who claims "to have done much research", surely could explain the essence of so much work in a rather brief summary, rather than requesting us to take his claims at face value; Nor do I understand why explaining it (as you kindly seem to singularize) to ME would require thousands of hours and still remain incomprehensible unless the one doing the explaining is a real idiot who hasn't comprehended the material himself in the first place.

People in cultured countries do write books to explain complex ideas and theories, they are often quite capable to summarize them into brief short presentations, that is no big deal. 

Documentaries and Videos may be "just Best" for those on a Fluoride diet living in a Convenience Society; do not assume everyone here is so deprived as to need predigested culture in atextual format.

  And how on earth do you dare to presume I won't really comprehend the essence of the imparted wisdom, nor that I don't speak several languages either "foreign' as you parochially call what you don't speak or local, modern or ancient if you don't even know me? 

That really baffles me as does people pretending not only to know more than others but also to know what we do or do not know! After so much work one would expect at least a little Jesuitic logic would have rubbed on!

Sorry  Christopher-Peter - I just felt compelled to do reply.

Excuse me, you need to tone down Maria, I come as a Christian in love and Peace, and I'm very busy in what God has me do, this Guy Fawke ant the only thing I deal with! You don't need to have the tone with me, like JD did with some on here! If you don't calm down I will refuse to go into further detail! This is all true Maria, do you think its right for people to seek Revenge! And this Guy Fawke and all this stuff is wicked! we are suppose to love one another, not seek hunt and war on one another! And I don't like the hate and Vengeance of this cult and ideas, its not good for mankind and God is against it! I'm tired and don't have the time to go into to much depth on this. And I can say this the Ancient Egyptians were very set on Revenge and hate, like so many Ancient Empires and how it is today! And for your info, Horus wasn't a Jesuit lol. He was a Nephilim being as a form of a false god, human with a falcon head. If you calm down I will further explain ok, did it ever accure to you we also have jobs too, to make money and pay bills!! And take care of our familys! I'm not on this site to cause trouble, I love God and everyone here and have a duty to defend my fellow man form Satan and his hitous lies!!! But like I said Horus was a god of Vengeance and war, things happen in the Spirit too, not just the Physical. and if you must know, knowing how Satan is, I often weep for all you and others in this lost world! I care about you all!!! For Satan is hell bent on destroying each and one of us!!

Thank You Issachar, 

It is good to know Horus was not a Jesuit, nor one of their machinations.

I truly appreciate your efforts and the time you took to share them with us, I seek no revenge but Peace & Love


My humble apologies Maria - I was being facetious and childish - having fun at the expense of another, "JD" - and that was wrong too - sorry JD.

So I was deserving of your reply, and there is no need for you to feel sorry about it.

I'm thinking its all good, and still quite funny too.

i started to watch that video but it is 4hours long ..  it is a good one and i have seen much of that same info in shorter videos but that one is put together nicely... there is so much corruption it is so hard to keep up with it all..  i watched about 2 hours of it so far here and there when i can .. thanks

i do not know anything about the jesuits ......  my family are all catholics i was born into it.. i just did what i was told to do as a child. .. like received holy communion.  my mom divorced when i was young and when we went to church she used to ask us to offer our communion for her because she was excommunicated.  I didn't think much about it when i was real young, my mom said all kinds of things she was a walking clique, she is the one who told me about the illuminatti she said they were a small group of people who had no alligence to God or country and they ran the world. she also said that that the jesuits said something like give us your sons for his first 7 years and we'll give you a man.... all i remember is she made them sound powerful.  I know many catholics who are good people as with everything i find it is the organizations at the top who are corrupt and controlling

Hey Suzie, I agree with you Sister! I didn't mean you and your family where mean Jesuits now lol :P. I promise, I know there are Catholics out there know God or need to lead to the real Jesus. I assure you Suzie this didn't mean nothing against you, I think your cool and I likes you my friend :). I'm one that feels the Jerks high up, like the Pope and all the Hierarchy and the Jesuit Order of this are part of the rebuilding of Babylon! And Spiritual is Babylon2. But Suzie, I like and care about you and I'm not against flesh but Satan and his Evil forces!!!



Swiss Guards is the name given to the Swiss soldiers who have served as bodyguards, ceremonial guards, and palace guards at foreign European courts since the late 15th century. In contemporary usage, it refers to the Pontifical Swiss Guard of Vatican City

Why Swiss? Probably because they wanted a guard that was loyal and selected from Khazarians (Switzerland).

The close relationship between Papacy and Knights of Malta


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