Flashback -Alex Jones goes bat sh-t crazy on BBC Sunday Politics show

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on himself on TV.

There seems to be a conspiracy to get Alex Jones to make a fool on
himself on TV. On Sunday morning he appeared on the BBC’s Sunday
Politics to talk about the Bilderberg Group – as you can see in the
video above. It starts fairly quietly enough but, over the length of the
interview, Jones gets wound up and up and finally explodes. It comes at
4.40, after Andrew Neil politely requests that his guest “shut it” for
the umpteenth time. That’s Jones’ cue to throw a bananas rant about how
the Euro is a Nazi plot, the government is killing us with water and
“You will not stop freedom!”

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

Alex Jones Full Interview - BBC One Sunday Politics

The frustrating thing about Jones is that his clowning around makes
it harder to take the questions he raises seriously. And some of those
questions are important. We’re currently going through the biggest big
government scandal since Watergate, with revelation after revelation of
mass surveillance and political harassment. It’s actually not
unreasonable to ask if government is out of control and whose interests
it really serves. The problem is that Jones takes reasonable questions
and provides bat sh*t crazy answers that then discredit the questions.

more @ http://blogs.telegraph.co.uk

David Icke Addresses Thousands at Bilderberg protest

'This year’s Bilderberg 2013 meeting has witnessed and extraordinary culture of secrecy surrounding the security operation, at a time when the public are told that austerity is the order of the day. But that’s not all…
Police officials are maintaining that the reason for such secrecy in advance of the event, and the extraordinary security measures has all been done in order ‘to combat the threat of terrorism’.


Bilderberg 2013 -Live Streams - News

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He tells us what they are doing and he tells us what the government is doing. But so did Limbaugh when he attacked the Clintons, but it's all for show. You think the government is really being watched, but Bill Clinton had raped women, used drugs and had sex with black prostitutes all the time and even had a child with one and he was elected president and should never have stepped foot in the White House. But the Jew media didn't tell us about this. If you remember Gary Hart running for president and they exposed his affair and he quit the race. But Bill Clinton had numerous affairs the whole time. So you know a piece of garbage comes along like Clinton and the Jews want him in office to further their agenda and so a criminal piece of crap becomes president, because the Jews keep his crimes hidden. You might think Clinton was great, but if your mother was Juanita Broadderick and he had raped her or your daughter was Paul Jones, then you wouldn't think this piece of garbage was so great. When he goes to give a speech there should be so many hecklers there he shouldn't be able to get  a word out, because he goes around now like he is our ambassador and a good ole boy and has all the answers.

He should stop hoping that these interviews will get more people to listen.   They are just suicide for his cause.  The interviewers have a pre-planned agenda to ridicule him.  They complain about him being impolite and interupting but the meeting was already planned to go one way and he wasn't going to let it.  You can here the interviewrs, condescending 'ahhh' right from the start at 0:08 and it just gets worse from there.

Most people are conditioned to see it done "the proper way" and I think you are right . We have to be willing to say, To hell with the proper way of modern man and the technocratic system. Like Jesus, he never did things the way the system of his day did things, he always went against the grain.

Okay, I have this to say. I like the fact that Alex goes Bat Sh-t Crazy. I agree with Alex that it causes people to think. The other way of being professional gets dismissed people will gravitate to the professional anchor. People will get curious and go to his website. Now, I have heard that Alex is paid for by FBI Division 5. That may be true, but he does get the job done. Also, there are others who are getting the job done with their own personalities: all are needed.

Sometime I have caught Alex in a lie. The trick is in not believing in the personality. If you think something isn't quite right, then look further.

I listen to a lot of folks. 

I agree. But Alex has the capacity to MOVE PEOPLE TO THINK AND TO AWAKE. If payed from anyone, he is still moving. The public must understand that at last the knowledge of How To Be is up to them, us, to start using the democracy right we have. Nothing bad if a conspirative group,of those who have much more tha sufficient, is/are  brought to TRUTH. They for sure did not earn that what they have by gardening or bricklaying.

Alex Jones has this style: loud, sounding a bit too  much american to my ears, but I understand his frustrations following and reporting about such rally, summit or conference like Bildeberg, being the group (secret, conspirative or else) which seems to really create rules to dominate on whole World's people and so govern the destiny of Being.

As I advocate the Process to Have only Creating and Enabling this to others, I refuse any conspirative group to usurp any right to be dominative than democratic. What do all those who have more than sufficient to be and live as a normal average human? No one can use and enjoy at a time all he has more than that he is enjoying it at the very moment. To have in material to be the Bigg...and to be hated...does not participate building the Aureole of Mother Earth. Sad if not being capable to understand that. 

Oh there's a conspiracy all right,but the conspiracy backfires on them every time.just like it did when Alex went on the idiot Piers Morgan's show right after Sandy Hook.They thought they'd made him look like a mad man but it backfired on them and gave our movement the kick in the butt it needed to get up and fight the gun grabbers.

you can think what you want about Alex,but you probably ain't got the guts to do what he does.either get of your ass and fight tyranny or shut up.

Alex at least does speak, act and react. If we do not move, nothing will be moved as Them "Bildberger" is going to good for a to long period of time. There will be a lot of subversive comments on Alex's actions reporting about, and our comments supporting the Movement Against Bildeberger and other Parasites. It is soon going to happen the similar reaction of people in Positive Quantum as it happen with March against Monsanto. 

He is batshit crazy, however that doesn't mean he's wrong!  Unfortunately, the way he goes off puts alot of people off.  It's even crossed my mind that maybe he is a disinformationist that intentionally sounds crazy to discredit people who have those opinions.

Very good thought.  Its something to contemplate.  However, his readership and viewing audience is growing, not diminishing, so if that is the plan, its backfiring.  LOL  I love it.

It is Alex's style, but to me, doing good: HE IS MOVING THE PUBLIC. 


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