Bitcoin developer confirms he's working with Gov. to give control/power to US Gov.

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Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Transparency: Bitcoin

I can't embed the video here but please go to the link below- starting at the 15 minute mark and paying special attention to  what is said from 21: till the end of that segment of the show!!

Thanks to my buddy who gave me the heads up on this!!

Just an addendum to your post on Bitcoin. Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik explicit confirms on TV he is working with government and keeps updating the bitcoin protocol often to give control and power to US goverment.
Please watch the video starting at 15:30

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Here it is. For future reference you need to use the "Copy Embed" feature from the video, where it's located & paste into your post using the "Media" button.

I guess the guy  never heard of a VPN.

Also, I sent a 64GB microSD card full of sensitive documents to a friend in the USA. I put it under the POSTAGE STAMP!!!

It went thru easy,  low tech beats hi tech,   So now NSA can ban postage stamps.  LOL

Hehehe, hercule poirot, you are my hero of the day! That is just amusing as hell. I sure do hope the goonsquads monitoring this site, read your comment, and are pulling their hair out. Under a stamp. Lmao.what a great idea. Filing your idea away for future use. I'm still chuckling, and will be all night. Thanks.

The different crypto currencies will also need a legal framework for handling debt and debt collection just like paper money. I think that was the meaning of "regulations". Source code is open source, no need for NSA to get a budget for obtaining the bitcoin "protocol". They get that for free.

Interesting how negative hoster Shira Lazar is to Bitcoin. Typical blondine questions:

1) If Bitcoin isn't reliable - isn't the a big problem?

2) If Bitcoin works - isn't that a big problem for law inforcement?

A five minutes intro to crypto money

@Not Mainstream - Thanks for posting the very imformative video on Bitcoin.  As we approach the Dec. 23, 2013 deadline of the Federal Reserve contract to end - and see the seizure of Bitcoin by our Government - it appears the US Gov. has an alternative "New World Order currency" already set up - probably the RFID chip.  Since they seized Bitcoin - someone needs to create a new one and call it Gitcoin and get rolling with it.

Sure thing, government will do everything they can to have control over this new digital currency. And I think it’s good that the developer is working with them cooperatively about this matter. BTW, if you want to know more news about bitcoin, you can visit the Bitcoin Daily website.


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