Breaking: Police Riot - tear gas + flash bang grenades #OccupyOakland protesters #J28 Oakland

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Police in Oakland, California, have used tear-gas and flash-grenades as a 2,000-strong Occupy Oakland march turned violent, with some protesters claiming that rubber bullets had been also fired into the crowd. At least 300 people were arrested, police say.

The demonstrators attempted to take over a vacant building to use as their headquarters. As they began tearing down perimeter fences around the HenryJ. KaiserConvention Center, police declared an unlawful assembly and used force, according to the Oakland Tribune newspaper.


JasperGregory Recorded live on January 28, 2012 2:59 PM ET

police riot #J28 #oo

Breaking: Police use tear gas and flash bang grenades on Occupy protesters --Full-blown confrontation between police and protesters taking place in Oakland 28 Jan 2012 Police in Oakland, California, used 'chemical agents' against Occupy Oakland protesters on Saturday. (Fox News) Police have used tear gas and flash bang grenades on demonstrators in Oakland, Calif., as authorities say a protest involving an estimated 2,000 people 'turned violent.' (Washington Post) [This story will be updated.]

Police use tear gas on Oakland Occupy protesters --Police declared 'unlawful assembly' after marchers tore down perimeter fences at vacant Henry Kaiser Convention Center 28 Jan 2012 Oakland police used tear gas and "flash" grenades Saturday to break up an estimated 2,000 Occupy protesters after some demonstrators started throwing objects at officers and tearing down fencing. There were at least 10 arrests and no reports of serious injuries. Oakland officials say about 250 people were in the group when the protest started on the city's streets around noon, with demonstrators threatening to take over the vacant center. The crowd had grown to about 2,000 hours later, KCBS-AM reported.

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The people behind the Egypt Arab Spring are behind the overthrow of other nations and they are connected with Occupy. has several connections showing Communism, our government and strategy for taking over America.  It also shows how we can avoid being taken over and enslaved for a lifetime instead of having true freedom......

My thought is that Oakland Occupy needs to stop and take a breath-do NOT escalate.

The Oakland Police department will set the precedent for using emergency federal government issued funds  for wide spread forced curfews and crowd control weapons. The police are also baiting people into confrontation so that can ask for more "specially trained officers".

Occupiers should completely disappear for a couple of weeks and make the news sites wonder what has happened :)

Then come back in full force from March on with the intention of dealing with Wall Street via the IRS.

The Occupiers have been occupied. They have members that should not be trusted.

The cops need to do their real jobs handling real crimes-not harassing Occupiers. Take away their reasons for blue wall corrupt crimes and make them go back to work. America will be watching their every move.


A pipe dream, I know...but in my honest opinion (as opposed to my dishonest one) is that the best way to send a message to the so-called ELITE turds is a total stoppage of purchasing, manufacturing, transporting, services, and any other necessary industry that keeps the money flowing out of our wallets and into their coffers. If only the majority of people would see this as the only true way to hurt them...Hey, a guy can dream can't he?

Lets hope that the people will awaken from the brain washing of the Obama lies and deception! He is trying to cause a war now between America and Iran at the orders of Israhell!  How the average zionist has been duped into supporting a fascist Nazi and Uber-superiority regime is beyond comprehension, but they have managed it!  It is amazing what the power of Usury can do to screw up the entire planet!   If the world weren't obsessed with materialism and self-gratification, the world would not be in the mess it is now.  Let's bring down this sickening greed and hatred once and for all!


Non-compliance to Governments that obey the Criminal Rothschilds!  Peace with your neighbour and your fellow man!  Disobedience to the orders of the fascist regimes!  Love one another!  Show Compassion to those less fortunate than yourselves!  Unite in destroying this evil by not tolerating the hatred and greed of the 1%!    Defend one another from Tyranny!!  Never let them divide us!  If we start to attack each other, then we fall straight into their manipulation!   Fight for humanity dam it!  Not for them!!!   Never let tyranny take a hold upon us!!!  FREEDOM! FREEDOM! FREEDOM!!



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