German Nazis murdered on, and the police looked away

Nine murders of immigrants in Germany had a political motive.
The name says it all. 'Döner murders'.
How German media called the nine serial murders which unknown perpetrators committed in the years 2000 to 2006. The bullets from the same Czech silenced pistol hit every time a man with an immigrant background.

In only two cases were these killings are actually in a snack bar with it prejudiced people so seductive name Döner. The oriental word is Turkish and denotes the spit, which one grilling meat. In seven other cases, victims had completely different and more mundane pursuits: tailor, greengrocer, key blacksmith shop owner.

But the word 'Döner murders' gave as an explanation. In each case the explanation, the German police and especially the German intelligence agency could ask itself and a grateful public satisfaction with: the nine murders probably masked mafia 'records' in immigrant communities.
Debts that were not paid on time. Pitches that others would give more. So criminal folklore as one might expect in the highly publicized 'parallel society'.

But the nine murders had no oriental background. They had a sad familiar German background. They were firmly grounded in the brown swamp of lower and idiocy, of which Nazism drew, and in which it still thrives. The murderers were national socialists and racists.

The elucidation of the crimes occurred by chance. The police ran into two bank robbers in a town in eastern Thuringia. The two men shot him, and then toppled skeletons out of the closet. Germany stared directly into the abyss.

Police discovered that the stereotypes had blocked the obvious, namely that the murder was hatred of immigrants. They had not a criminal but a political motive. The security service that protects the German constitution, should have been alerted much earlier.

Public opinion in many EU countries, not least in our own country, to the detriment of its healthy discernment wasted the first decade of this century to get upset about immigration.
Instigator came so far out that weaknesses in the spirit let deeds follow words. We have blinded ourselves to the unlimited potential of violence that is rightwing radicalism hallmark.

'Döner murders'? No, it was not it. It was the German murder. The wood is hard to see for the trees.




Nazi murder can trigger gigantic intelligence scandal
The people behind the murders of nine immigrants and a policeman was perhaps informants for the German intelligence service.

The unveiling of three right-extremist murder of nine immigrants and a policeman gets criticism to hail down on the German secret service, Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND).
Media and politicians give intelligence lambasted for not seeing the connection between the serial killings that are spread out over a period of six years.
And while there will be speculated on whether the intelligence service of reality itself has been working with perpetrators. More tracks makes the accusations as likely that the head of the BND, Ernst Uhrlau, today must be schools with Federal Government Control.
The intelligence service has so far denied any connection to the trio and the environment around them.
New revelations, however, it does a robust explanation problem.
Agent was on the scene
Among other newspaper Bild as today on the last of the trio's murder that took place at an internet cafe in the city of Kassel in northern Hesse 6th April 2006.
Here was the 21-year-old manager Halit Y. shot with the same Czech pistol with silencer, which has been used by the other murders, while there were six customers at the café. One of the guests were employed in the national intelligence service local branch in Hesse.
The five other guests arose subsequent to the police as witnesses, while the man from the intelligence service failed.
Suspended from BND
First it was said that he had left the internet cafe before the murder took place, but when they used computers were subsequently investigated, it turned out that he had been present when being committed.
The agent explained his reluctance to help the police that he had not heard any shots, and in the ten days that passed before police found out that he had been on the internet cafe, had heard nothing about the investigation.
Allegedly, he was on the internet cafe to look at porn sites. Since the data came back in 2006, was the agent, according to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung suspended from the intelligence service.
The prosecutor in Kassel subsequently examined the man's connection to the murder, but had to abandon the January 2007 case because of lack of evidence.





Newspapers thunders against politicians after the detection of neo-Nazi serial killers

Neo-Nazis killing 10 people clears all newspaper front pages and leaders in the German media

The German politicians have been asleep for ten years.

At least when it comes to surveillance of right-wing extremists and their activities, says editorialists from several German newspapers.

Both today and yesterday hoses the extraordinarily hard on the country's politicians, after it emerged that three right-wing extremists during a period of seven years has struck at least nine immigrants killed.

"It is the absolute top item in Germany these days and the absolute lead story in all the Sunday newspapers - serious as well as improper," said Ken Polti correspondent in Germany, Peter Wivel.

"Editorialists express themselves in unusually harsh terms, and agree: If politicians had priority area, it was possible that one could have prevented the murders," he says.

Politicians must answer
Among other things, writes the newspaper Die Welt, the German state "has failed on some scary":

"Long, too long, police regarded these serial murder as an obscure battle in a Turkish environment (...) Now, questions are asked in the first row in German politics. Victims' survivors are waiting for assistance and explanation. In both cases we answer them guilty. Whoever threatens civil society with death deserves our contempt and extreme hardness of the Act, "writes an editorial writer Claus Christian Malzahn.

Süddeutsche Zeitung believes in its editorial today that the Government has not taken the right-wing environments seriously enough.

Newspaper: The state underestimates right-wing extremists
Leader writer Heribert Prantl finds a "sluggish indifference ', which probably hides a secret scandal:

"It's a helpless lack of professionalism associated with a 'reach-ja-attitude', based on the notion that the extreme right of course not real terrorists," it says.

"As long as the state does, is it irresponsible stupid," writes Heribert Prantl.

Politicians surprised
The big manslaughter is so also on the political agenda.

From Chancellor Angela Merkel and her party says that we are dealing with a sort of right extremist terrorism, was until a few days Sigen never thought possible.

Germany's interior minister, Hans-Peter Friedrich, believes that it is disturbing that you have not "seen a connection between a murder series in Germany and the right extreme scene in Thuringia (county, where the three neo-Nazis coming from, Ed.) '.

Bank Robbery led to serial criminals
This serial murder was solved after a bank robbery in Thuringia previous Friday.

Here fled two masked men on a bicycle which they switched out with a motorhome. Before police could penetrate into the flames stood out from the wagon, and there was two shots.

Bank robbers Uwe Uwe B. and M. had shot himself.

In Zwickau they lived with a woman named Beate Z, which police immediately issued an arrest warrant. After four days underground volunteered herself.

Murder Weapon Found in burned apartment
Before she had transferred her cat to a neighbor and blasted the three right extremists shared apartment in the air.

In the burned out ruins police found 11 weapons, including the Czech pistol with silencer, which was used for the murder of eight migrants with a Turkish background and one with a Greek background in 2000-2006 and a female police officer in 2007.

Moreover, the trio possibly killed a female cop in 2007.

The apartment also found four DVDs that were sent to immigrant organizations to terrorize them. On the DVD confess the neo-Nazi trio everything.

German media mentions killings as Döner murders because they primarily consisted of small retailers, including sellers of doner kebab.

Another arrested

Serial crime, the police could not solve, compared with the murders and bank robberies, as the so-called Baader-Meinhof gang was behind in the 1970s and 1980s.

 Yesterday police arrested a 37-year-old man, Holger G.

He is suspected of having been part of the same neo-Nazi group B Uwe, Uwe M and Beate Z, 'National Socialist Underground'. He has been under police suspicion procured passports and licenses of the three terrorists who have lived under false names since 1998.






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