A great American patriot was ironically born in Russia, educated at Moscow State University, and served as a KGB informant. In 1970, Yuri Bezmenov defected to Canada. After becoming a citizen, taking any work available to him, he quickly emerged as an important figure speaking out against the ruthless and uncompromising world Communist movement. Yuri warned America that its government was already deeply infiltrated and was on the road to an eventual socialist rebellion.

Giving instructional public dissertations, Bezmenov tried to wake up Americans to the fact that liberal, welfare state advocates deeply rooted in the Democratic party were leading America down the road to Communism. Bezmenov named such US politicians as Walter Mondale, who promised many social engineering programs disguised as federal handouts were playing right into the hands of the global Communist machinery. In his words such politicians as Mondale were schmucks! Yuri, a former KGB agent whose business was disinformation, made the important analogy that pinpointed the American educational paradigm of progressive teaching to socialist indoctrination. As he stated, his job was propaganda he readily recognized the educational deception going on here.

Allowing a culture to self destruct

Yuri Bezmenov made another salient point in identifying the Soviet’s form of transforming a culture to a state they wanted it to be in, rife for rebellion and normalization (capture). His analogy was in a fist fight saying that as in most martial arts rather than oppose the brute force of your opponent, you use his momentum against him. By deflecting or throwing an attack away from yourself you allow the assailant’s own strength to throw him off balance so that one can counter his blow. So was this philosophy used in political ideology and disinformation. If a society was headed strongly in one political direction, KGB influences merely allowed that culture’s own momentum to be their own downfall. Thus, supporting whatever beliefs spurred that political movement’s own direction to continue through like a punch thrown by an opponent that when allowed to miss only leaves the assailant off balance and vulnerable to a counter punch or fall. The KGB was more than willing to allow a society to overextend a political movement to the point of self destruction. Bezmenov warned that this process was successfully being exploited against America!

In listing which objectives were important and why, I will list the individual fronts that the KGB would address and compromise using their methodology of deception and demoralization.


The primary goal of attacking and discrediting religion was two fold. 1) Was to destroy ethics and a sense of right and wrong to the point that morality is confused while nothing can be judged as inherently right or wrong. Even when this meant promoting homosexual behavior and promiscuity. Moral corruption sets in. 2) As long as the people have faith in God, they have an ideology that can resist government indoctrination. Take away their faith and they will put it into backing the government. Government then becomes God and is obeyed and worshiped like a deity.


The way to neutralize the educational process so as not to promote critical thinking that can see through the illusion of lies presented in the Communist process is to  dumb down the student population. Discourage analytical thinking. Teach useless concepts that have little if any value to the individual. Educators transform the process into a convoluted exercise in futility, indoctrinating pupils with state oriented messages that promote conformity and consensus to a principal that has nothing to do with objective learning. The student becomes part of a group that helps to pull them away from home and family life. The school becomes a more important center of the child’s life.

Social Life

The emphasis is on substituting alliances and positive personal reinforcement that normally comes from families and friends to institutions that teach nothing useful to build character. The establishment of groups that take up the people’s time yet achieve nothing of great importance begin to alter the personal patterns of children and prioritize these useless groups over one’s own family dissolving the fundamental building blocks of a society when basic personal allegiances are undermined.

Power Structure

Create mediocrity in society placing actors and appointees in important places within the media, government, and courts. These operatives serve to subvert important values within society and replace them with pointless and unproductive issues. The objective is to erode government with self important officials who will not achieve goals or reinforce values. They will instead contradict important ideals and undermine the point of law. They will frustrate the public with irrational rulings or laws that are not in sync with the constitution or justice in the legal system. This destabilizes the institutions of government and courts. Internal conflict is created.

Law and Order

The goal here is to discredit authority. Promote public mistrust and disrespect for those they depend upon for protection and legal representation. Generals are made to look like war mongers. Police are seen as abusing their powers and violating people’s rights. By subverting public opinion, those who are tasked with protecting us appear to be corrupt and making citizens their victims. As well, false ideas of finding common ground with one’s enemies are implanted and foreign relations are compromised.

Labor Relations

The establishment of unions that do not necessarily benefit the workers, but instead instill false beliefs such as socialism and entitlement. The result is a policy of counter beliefs that further undermine society’s concept of personal responsibility and work ethics. Allegiance goes to the organization not to the employer or the job itself. Personal ambition is destroyed because everyone is on the same level with no opportunity of advancement other than keeping a job and getting paid for it. Leaders, managers, and corporate heads do not emerge from this type of environment. The system suppresses individuals and leaders while not necessarily encouraging a dedicated work ethic.

Demoralization achieved in US

When a society is attacked on a multilevel front that dissolves sacred held beliefs, there is no  moral sense of right and wrong, subverting government, tearing the family unit apart, and even compromising the value of an honest day’s work for honest wage, this process will prove destructive. Bezmenov participated in the installment of such principles while being a KGB agent stationed in India. There he implanted literary socialist content in the media and publishing business.

 Eventually, he tired of seeing intellectuals being persecuted by the Soviets. He realized as he watched the upper Communist leadership liquidate their appointees in favor of more radical Communist leadership that the system was so corrupt he could never trust it himself. These observations bolstered Yuri Bezmenov’s decision to defect.

The Communist tactical doctrine called for a 15 to 20 year period of demoralization where various goals of subversion are achieved within the targeted society. Most importantly, the public is indoctrinated through the media and the educational system.

The next phase to be achieved is the crisis stage where economic decline, monetary devaluation, and fiscal collapse is achieved. Do you not see this going on in America as I speak? Have we not undergone a massive economic recession, government bail outs of questionable value, US dollar value weakening, and high unemployment? This is classic destabilization.

The rise of the "false Messiah"

The next stage is the emergence of a messiah or great leader that the media focuses on and leads all in that society to believe against all logic that this politician has the answers. Regardless of how minimal his efforts, how ineffective his policies, the media touts his false qualifications until enough useful fools in that society believe the “Big Lie”. That nation state has not improved, recovered, or emerged from its catastrophic decline, yet the populace has accepted the lies of the media that their great leader has arrived even though he has done nothing! Does this sound like America and President Obama?

US in crisis mode now

The crisis stage is already upon America, and it is nearly the final chapter for a society before its collapse and acceptance of an alien ideology that contradicts everything that society was built on, anything in order to remedy the chaotic breakdown. All because there were not enough conservative rebuttals to the false attacks of the left, society began to accept myth instead of fact. A healthy economy that provided jobs, a productive industrial base, and an accountable banking system have now been eliminated here in America in alignment with the classic Communist doctrine. America has now effectively passed into the crisis mode with a false messiah (President Obama) as the great problem solver.

We are now about to enter into the final phase. Like stage 4 cancer the patient is just about dead. America is on the ropes. Its government that has always been the trademark of justice for all and government of the people, for the people, and by the people, has degenerated into the most corrupt form of third world regime that it ever could be. The will of the people, the silent majority, who contribute to American society are being ignored, punished, over taxed, and discriminated against. The crisis is at hand as we head full speed for the financial cliff, a melt down of extreme proportions. America is just about done at this point.

"Normalization" another deceptive Communist doctrine term

As Yuri Bezmenov put it, “ after the crisis stage comes normalization, a cynical expression used by Soviet propagandists that was synonymous with the arrival of Soviet Red Army tanks in the streets of the nation targeted by the persistent Communist doctrine." In 1968, after weeks of struggle with the Soviet Union over secession due to the ridiculous weight of demands by Russian leadership despite an offer of a peaceful independence, the Soviet Army rolled into Czech streets and the Russian Premier proclaimed that “Normalization” had been achieved.  

If you can’t see that this is happening at this very moment right here in America, I suggest you get a serious reality check and dig those potatoes out of your ears. We are here in the final stage. America is not far from normalization achieved by the betrayal of our federal government. It is time to wake up people! We are in the final hours of the republic we thought we knew and loved.

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Please don't remind me of the One World Government and try to dismiss Communist tactical doctrine as a red scare this is the typical liberal denial of the ideological assault that has taken America down to its last gulps for breath. These are the facts presented in incredibly prophetic form. This where the Obama White House has taken us, and I suspect, some of you hear even voted for that bastard, but never mind. Read, learn, lament, and take action!


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