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“I mean you can do 5 tons at a time on an airplane shipment. A few hundred shipments and you can have that (1,536 tons of) gold back (in Germany) in a matter of weeks. The only possible conclusion you can make is the gold isn’t there.

You can do what France did back in the 1960s....

“You send over a couple of ships and bring the gold back to your country that way.

When Charles de Gaulle asked for his gold out of the Federal Reserve, it didn’t take 7 years. He got it right away. But back then the gold was in the Federal Reserve because it wasn’t going out in the leasing and lending program that governments have been using in recent years in order to keep the gold price suppressed.

Recently, the Audit Committee of the Bundestag (their parliament), has been requesting that the Bundesbank actually audit the gold because it has never been audited, and presumably is never going to be audited. So the Bundesbank is in a tough spot. The gold is not there, but they have the pressure to audit it and bring it back home.



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Hence the new war in Mali, coincidentally enough the 3rd richest gold supply in the world. Hmm, think theres any connection here folks?

  Of course England has most of the gold. Now England and Germany are going to try to financially break America like the wishbone of a turkey, with the skulduggery of Bush41 and the Skull and Bones Society and freemasons being the weak spot.



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...

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