Jerry Pearce (shill) on GCNlive / Will read my Email tonight!

 Hi All,

  My beloved friends who love the truth. This Johnny come lately radio host on GCNlive whom in the few times I was up late listening to him, has come off as the all American Patriot, true blue and to the core. A real American hero or so I thought. Than all of the sudden he gets on the 9/11 truth issue and I hear him start throwing out terms like "wacko" and "paranoid" etc etc. You get the drift. So I listen the next night thinking he may have calmed down because I figure he was barraged with Emails all day. Well, sorta to my surprize, he turned the heat up a few notches. I'm like..,"What??!!!". You ________ (fill in the blank). So I took it upon myself to write this clown a letter. Oh! One more thing. He took some pot shots a Jack Blood as well. You will see in the letter I wrote him where he says, "this guy already has his mind made up". I'm posting the letter I wrote below. Anyway he wrote me back today saying he wants to quote me on his show. Only took two days. Guess he needed a little preparation because I am sure he will do some serious critiquing of my letter. Bet he says something like, "I'm a danger to society" or something along those lines. They are coming after us. Believe me. Here's the letter. I titled it like this:

Do you actually think you are psychologically savy?

 Dude, Your a freakin' joke! You make ridiculous statements like, "this guy already has his mind made up". Yeah after 9 years of research. I know Jack Blood and I don't agree with everything he says but I know he
has been on it every since 9/11. Where have you been? You suddenly show
up on GCNlive spouting some of the most ignorant and judgemental
statements I have ever heard. You need to go back to dreamland where
the sleeping fools believe that 19 angry Muslims gotta hold of some box
cutters and over powered the greatest most technologically advance
military the world has ever known.

  So let me see. The Pentagon being a place where you couldn't pick your nose without being recorded, analyzed and documented just happened
to miss a photo-op of a 757 slamming into the side of it. And no local
businesses happen to catch it either. By golly. They must be telling
the truth. I guess Bush is pure as the driven snow being that FBI
special agent Robert Wright was on CNN saying he was under "gag order"
when his lawyer stepped up and said, "all he can tell you is that the
Bush's and the BinLadins take vacations together". Not to mention that
BinLadin is an ex-CIA operative though if you look at the FBI top ten
most wanted list you will find he is not wanted for anything to do with
9/11. So go on believing this charming young computer programmer would
never tell a lie because he has a nice smile.

  Oh, and how about this for detective work plastered all over the news so that no one could not possibly miss it. The FBI finds one of the
hijacker's passport laying unscathed in the middle of the sidewalk
after the dude burned alive up there somewhere toward the top of the
building and this passport tears through the fuselage of the aircraft
and out the side of the building.....beautiful! What a stroke of luck!
At least we got one of them IDed. Now that we know who all them are we
can stop by and say hello to them because most are known to be alive
and well.


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