What Is Money?

Money, cash, bank notes and coins.
It's really not worth that much at all. Coins are metal, so they are the most valuable form of currency, because coins can be smelted down to be used in manufacturing. Bank notes are just paper, and there is a lot of paper which could be recycled and made into more bank notes.

So why doesn't the World Government just recycle paper, print more money and increase cash flow to banks?

The answer is binary. Ones and zeros, which are the numbers that computers use to calculate, create programs and display information. We all use bank notes and coins mainly, and they can be shipped out of one country illegally, and end up in a private bank vault who then converts them into ones and zeros on a computer, increasing the cash availability in that private bank. That private bank can then increase credit to customers, who apply for loans and credit cards. Assuming that the private bank can pay off politicians or financial regulatory bodies, then the foreign illegal cash (now existing as ones and zeros in the private bank) can then be reprinted under a different currency name.

For example:- A crime syndicate in U.S.A channels physical cash to a private bank in a European country like Italy can then travel to Italy and see their Dollars converted into Euros, and the account is kept secret by the bank manager. The Government of Italy should then audit all their banks to ensure no money laundering is occurring- but if the private bank hide their accounts on a separate computer it is easy to hide the amount. Businesses can launder money by creating a network of sub-businesses and conglomerates (such as charities who do not pay tax). Money from other countries can end up in a private bank in Italy and be converted to computer money- only existing primarily as digits (binary).
The business conglomerates can then just 'fiddle their books' to make it look like big profits have been made, and submit them to Italy's tax system. A tax is taken, and the remainder of the private bank's customer (in this case a crime syndicate) will be able to literally take the money out of the bank in legal Euro bank notes.

Clever eh?
Governments across the World are losing cash in their banks to crime, laundering and general corporate theft.
So why don't countries just print more cash, make everyone rich and so loads of cash gets spent, banks increase the cash flow, more loans and credit could be given out and people would be able to buy all that they need ?

Control- you must learn about control. The control that the elite at the top of the money scheme don't want you to have lots of cash. They want all the ones and zeros in their bank accounts. They love their digits, the binary that binds us together...and which separates and destroys us as humans. If the big finance companies have hundreds of trillions of digits in their private bank accounts then they can transfer the money around the World and buy up whole countries...
In the middle of the year 2010, the Federal Reserve Bank of the United States of America transferred one trillion dollars to the European Union, to create nearly 1.4 Trillion Euros. How can America afford to do that when a great recession (depression) was at it's peak? Surely America needs that money ?

The money was transferred from private bank accounts of the richest corporations and billionaires to the E.U via the Federal Reserve...for a fee of course. The money went to the countries who the corporations deemed the most likely to be able to turn that money into rich investments, so that the U.S corporations get the highest returns.
Now America is printing another $500 Billion Dollars, to send to Asian countries, not to U.S banks or the people of America.
More money is being sent again to the most likely areas of Asia who will be able to convert the money into rich investments.
And the returns from pumping money into the Asian markets is speculated to bring the U.S Dollar down, so that U.S exports costs more for other countries to buy, meaning America will make more money.

With interest rates kept to a low 0.5 to 1 percent, people will not make money, and the banks will cash in from the rest of the World. America is the giant money vacuum, a hurricane spinning so fast that it sucks in the World with it, taking all that the World has in one foul swoop...It's a con - a straight-forward con I tell ye'.
The bottom line is that America doesn't care what it does to other nations, just as long as it can cash in from the few nations who work furiously to create loads of money, and then have to give it all back to America by buying U.S export produce and materials etc etc, at a high price as the U.S Dollar continues to devalue and profit from it's devaluation.

It's all back to front. When a country's currency devalues, the country usually gets poorer, yet the United States will make big profit from expensive exports and win the game.

Money laundering and money manipulation is one and the same, and it is a game that American finance and elite think that nobody outside of America has figured out. They are wrong. It would be America's doom if the World stopped buying American.
American finance and the elite would then be forced to invest in American manufacturing and every facet that made America the biggest industrial nation before any other country did. But that would not please the greed within the profiteer circles within America. Jobs in the U.S pay higher wages, so the investment would not pay back so much.
So the U.S is now committed to capitalist rape- tearing the wealth from other countries slowly by the devaluation of it's Dollar and increasing costs of U.S products to other countries...

When the U.S has clawed back the ones and zeros from other countries bank accounts, the U.S will have so many binary digits in its bank and financial elite computers, that they will leave even more countries in bankruptcy. And so the money laundering will start again. The U.S sends binary ones and zeros (worthless electrons) to foreign bank computers, and charge huge amounts of money for the loans...which will push countries deeper into bankruptcy than ever before. The game is afoot.

And so the currency wars, the money manipulation and the money laundering continues. And the winner takes all. (The biggest thief that is).

by Russell S.Wyllie - 09th November 2010
Read more on the New World Order plans at 'Imperialists and The Elite' at:-

Also check out http://www.Youtube.com/GlobalPrison for loads of videos...

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