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Monolithic Intelligence Agency Collecting Info On Every American To Predict Crimes

Back in March Infowars noted that new guidelines put forth by the Obama  administration will allow US spy agencies, under the umbrella of the National  Counterterrorism Center (NCTC), to keep records on innocent Americans without  oversight for up to five years.

The rules on data retention were relaxed Following  the 2009 Christmas day underpants bomber debacle. US representatives immediately  called for the NCTC’s authority to be expanded, saying that there was not enough  communication between intelligence agencies.

We warned that changes in such rules would aid the  already vast spying architecture that the federal government has aimed directly  at the American people.

This week, a report in the Wall Street Journal issues the very same  warning, noting that the NCTC can use the data it collates from every US  intelligence agency’s database, and analyze it to to predict possible criminal  behavior of any U.S. citizen.

The WSJ report notes how a head “privacy officer”  at the Department of Homeland Security explained to the Obama administration  that the new privacy busting powers provided to the NCTC would bring about a  “sea change”.

From now on, citizens interacting with the federal  government are subjected to a procedure where the first question asked is”Are  they a terrorist?”, according to the DHS official.

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I say right now they are collecting info on everyone they will consider dangerous!!! If you've had your e-mail or other channels locked or blocked fro your access you are properly a candidate!!! This is part of an E-MAIL from a FB friend....On Monday the powers that be in Washington notified some agencies within "DHS" that within 6 weeks there would be legislation passed that would require "ALL AR and AK" owners to turn in their weapons to be fitted with magazines like those in California but that would hold only 5 rounds. Once this is done other magazines would not work. THE USE of any larger magazines would be prohibited by law. This law will then be used by a Federal Judge to expand "THE LAW" to "ALL MAGAZINE FED FIREARMS". This gives the Feds a list of all owners and they would have your (ASSAULT- LOL)weapons in their possession. This is a clever way to take a large percentage of "WE the PEOPLE's" guns away.



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