News stories on several fronts, in the past 48 hours are positively frightening:

Russian Warships Enter Syrian Waters To Prevent NATO Attack


Russia warns NATO on its readiness for nuclear WW3:


China's Wen warns "outside forces" off sea dispute:





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Tensions are high once again, it seems a war would be a good cover to hide the economic plunder happening globally.

Hello James:

Thank you for your reply. (Also, this is a great website.)

I firmly believe, this is the PNAC plan coming to full fruition.

I also believe, in order for the new global order to proceed, they are deliberately taking down the old system, piece by piece, to replace it with the new.

The rest of us will be largely expendable.




I  think something else  is  happening--the new  global order  that people  talk about  is  misleading--in North  africa and  congo  we are seeing  a  return to the old  global  order--the  west (I would add  China) is  reasserting itself  as it has  sought to do historically  since  at least  1688--Britain  did this  in the  18th  century  exact same thing--the only thing  that has changed  an I could (and often am  wrong)  is  there does not seem to be inter imperial  conflict--the supression of which  underlies the creation of the  EU

I  also  mention in my  posts  technology original noted by the  right  but  to some  degree  by the left--this iis  computer is their  creation ie. it is spy ware



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