Obama To Raise "Ebola" Bioweapon At NATO Summit As Illuminati/Globalists Push For World War 3 Agenda

Obama To Raise "Ebola" Bioweapon At NATO Summit As Illuminati/Globa...


September 4, 2014

Craig John Murray, former ambassador to Uzbekistan and former Rector of the University of Dundee, has called the UK a rogue state and a danger to the world. But that title can also be applied to the USA an,  increasingly, Germany as they join forces to try to start World War Three over Ukraine and also implement global medical tyranny over Ebola.


The spectre of military deployment to Ebola-hit regions, already announced by the UK and US governments, grew with the announcement that US President Barack Obama intends to raise Ebola at the NATO Summit this weekend in Wales.


As the world races to financial collapse because the central banks, The City of London, Wall Street and Frankfurt retain the right to print money out of thin air, the Globalists gather for another NATO summit to start more wars and more epidemics  to get rid of impoverished populations.

The solution to the financial crisis is to return to government issued money as even The Telegraph admits. It is not to kill off billions of people and grab all the resources.


“The British Government is deeply, deeply immoral. They don’t care how many people they kill abroad if it advances them,” Murray said.

Issuing money as debt inevitably leads to financial collapse.  Such a collapse happened before the First World War, the Second World War and now it is about to happen again.

This time, the elite are planning not just nuclear wars but also biowars and so it is no surprise that both Ebola and the Ukraine are on the agenda of the NATO summit.

Certainly, UK pharmaceutical company GSK is rapidly emerging as one of the most lethal corporation in the entire world, preparing to give an Ebola bioweapon — that is why it can never be tested in clinical trials — to the world’s population, and potentially using military force.

To underline just how immoral GSK is, CEO Andrew Witty was given a knighthood in 2012 by the Queen Elizabeth Saxe Coburg Gotha (her real name: an Illuminati family)  and Prince Philip Battenberg presumably for his services in reducing the population through vaccines such as the swine flu vaccine of 2009.


Philip talks openly about  how he sees the world’s growing population as the biggest problem there is.


He said in 1988 ” In the event that I am reincarnated, I would like to return as a deadly virus, to contribute something to solving overpopulation (1988)”


At the same time, he claims to be a Christian. How does he square the two?


Meanwhile, Prince William has joined the gang in Buckingham Palance and given a war mongering speech at the anniversary of the First World War in Belgium. Hopefully, he will serve in the Ukraine as any honourable army officer would do. William flies helicopters to visit his inlaws against the regulations. He can go and serve in the Ukraine, ignoring any regulations which he claims will prevent him.  William can even apply to serve in the German army, which he claims is such a good ally, because he is a German. His father is a German and part of the deeply immoral establishment which rules  for the bankers, and which murdered his mother Diane Spencer, all the evidence suggests. Not that William or Harry have a problem with murder.

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