Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

Obama to Top Brass: Will you fire on American Citizens?

This video should be the headline news on all major new networks. I THINK IT SHOULD BE APPRORIATELY TITLED:


This is truly an OMG video and it confirms the great fear that I have been talking about for some time. It pertains to both a flag officer litmus test and the purging of our military's most senior ranks to make possible the forced disarming of America. This would include the firing on, and if need be, the killing of fellow Americans to achieve this objective.

If true, and I believe to the core of my being that it is true, then I think you would agree that this is certain treason.

I beg you everyone, please listen to the entire video and share with everyone you know, especially military and law enforce personnel and vets of same so that they can remain resolute and alert to what is going on.

If ever a video needed to go viral, this is it. Folks, please pay close attention to this entire video interview. This is vitally important.


Thank you,

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I think us in the know, are desensitized, even for this latest outrage, and treason.

I think it's possible to be desensitized, in terms of not being at all surprised, but still being outraged about this kind of treason. I know I am.

Excellent post, Ed. I embedded the video for you and added tags.

This is the chilling culmination of the Marxist collectivist agenda we are now seeing over America. Some of you were too busy dismissing the right and left paradigm in doing that you failed to see that the Communist agenda is exactly the way the one world government works. Level the playing field by making everyone poor, disarmed, and indoctrinated while the elites rule with their hypocritical rhetoric! People it is time to draw a line in the sand if you own a gun what is to come won't take long now! Jesus, i never thought these bastards could bring down America so fast. or that the people would be stupid enough to let them!

Even if Americans won't shoot on american's .. foreign troops will.. There here and living in one of the 800 FEMA camps being trained as we watch tv and drink beer .. Just as we are being diverted by cakes & circuses there is a movement who has been relentlessly moving FORWARD to a new world order and the AMERICAN CONSTITUTION MUST GO.. It's been in the way for 100yrs ... the powers that be are getting ready to move .. 11yrs after 911 the feeling of the these progressive antichrist Zionist is the time is now!!!!!
HOLD ON A LITTLE LONGER ... at least we who see will be more prepared than the ones who just don't give a crap!!
We are living in a time in history that will decide our fate for the next 100yrs .. The victors will write the history books. In my version Obama all the way back to Wilson will be corrected and we will reignite the original constitution.. Restoring the republic or we will be in a total dictatorship of a new world order and a global citizen chipped and assigned a place in there world jewery a goy animal in a pen .. In there agenda 21 utopian nightmare I guess it's up to the few as it always was .. Do you speak Chinese ? We may all have to learn that and I thought the second language would be Spanish wow.. Did I ever get that one wrong ...

Many Spanish speakers bypass English altogether and learn Chinese. Really, it's a sign of the times.

*spews expletives in absolute frustration*

  Lobotomy. Connecticut. 1977-1979.

It appears 3/4 of the Military WILL NOT fire on their own, the other 1/4 just might, so it will be a HARD SALE. Recently 25 Generals dismissed so either they did not agree or something else was going on such as evauation of the situations in the 22 Wars suggested that the lose of mainpower would not justify the RICHES to continue. Either way real knowledge of what is REAL has to be brought front and CENTER and the US has NO NEWS outlet capable of doing that.

If your in the military answer YES i will and say it without emotion. There is ZERO reason to tell the truth. We have everything to GAIN by you lying


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