Russell Brand, The False Voice of Alternative Media! Rothschild Agent.


Russell Brand, who suffers from bipolar disorder[72], meets the Queen

Is Russell Brand controlled by the spooks?

On MTV, a day after 9/11, Russell Brand dressed up like Osama Bin Laden .
Brand and Jemima

Jemima has two brothers; Zac Goldsmith Tory MP who is married to Alice ROTHSCHILD, and another brother called Ben Goldsmith, who up until last year was married to Kate ROTHSCHILD

"Russell Brand is put on the TV screens to placate the ones already 'awake', and to put you back to sleep in the belief that this is some kind of victory. 
"It's isn't - it is showbiz being used as a social engineering tool yet again."

Russell Brand isn't Waking People Up according to Thomas Sheridan

Russell Brand is promoted by David Icke.
"Recently, British actor and comedian, Russell Brand, has had David Icke and Laura Eisenhower on his talk show...

"In October 2010 Brand married pop star Katy Perry on top of an elephant in Northern India, the same place he had proposed to her just a short time before. 
"The marriage lasted only fourteen months...
"In February 2011, Katy embarked on the largest tour of her career. The tour was described as 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Wizard of Oz'... 
"Roseanne Barr and Mary Sean Young are publicly speaking out about trauma based mind control..."

"It seems the devil has left his mark on Russell Brand’s career as well. The symbol for his show, Brand X, is the actual Mark of the Beast."

Continued here:

Newspaceman comments:

Note the symbolism of the "revolution" poster he is holding. The light bulb (light/lucifer), the laurel leaves, the two exclamation marks (pillars?), the solar rays.

Note the skulls on his jumper.

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 Russell Brand the heroin addict... that Russell Brand... who the hell in their right mind would listen to a lying heroin addict... what a dork...

Russell Brand and (Agenda 21 TZM) Peter Joseph - same family? .. or something like that. Celebrities

Brand's job is to co-opt those who are now open to learning the reality of the world, give them his (and/or his handler's) distorted truth and lead them back into yet another control cup-de-sac with his magic catch-all 'redistribution of wealth' collectivist solution.

Just so long as it's not YOUR personal wealth or those of friends and associates, right Russell?

How anyone gives this narcissistic, psychopathic, opportunistic arsehole the time of day, is beyond me.

Joe Rogan is another one. Probably Jessee Ventura too.

Tina, I think you're spot-on about Ventura.

Yep! I have taken some flak for saying that about him and the others that are paid to make peace while they make war.

I'm usually not one to judge a person based on looks alone, but I don't even need to hear this guy speak to know he is a fraud and that he is not to be taken seriously about whatever he's selling

Controlled or not he is just one of many who gets a lot of attention on telling people with a certain mindset what they what to hear. Theres only a few people who is really to be trusted. I consider many forums and persons as more damaging to the movement than good destroying any credibility as soon as its built by others.

True, but Brand is a real opportunist (or is handled accordingly). He invited David Icke on to his BBC radio show, and then had him back on another occasion. Brand played the 'oh you must be openminded card' and so created an association between himself and Icke, which large numbers of people bought into. By the time Brand had his TV show, the consensus among many in the truth movement was, 'what a great guy'. Then he starts peddling his redistribuition of wealth (so long as it isn't mine) 'put you back in the box' solution.

These unwanted guru/figurehead types constantly pop up and should be ignored.

Never liked or believed in Icke and his alien and infinite love fairy tales personally i believe he destroyed the most and made everyone look like fools. 

People who criticize David Icke, or say he is "disinfo" or "is ruining the movement" etc.  have not read one page of his books and they have not sat down and watched his presentations.  I have read his books.  I have watched his presentations.  He has done the homework, and he's been right all along.  His interviews with Credo Mutwa are astounding.  His presentation, "The Lion Sleeps No More" is about the most accurate summary of the New World Order I have ever seen anyone put together.   

But yeah, Russell Brand is shady, and not to be trusted, at least not at this point.



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