The Eastern Ultimatum to the Western Illuminati - 2008 (5771 BC, 1776, 1812 to 2008)


Full Video of Interview: The Ultimatum : Benjamin Fulford Tokyo, Japan, February 2008


1st part of interview - Article: An Eastern Ultimatum to the Western Illuminati - Part 1 of 2


Excerpts of the interview below: (BF = Benjamin Fulford and KC = Kerry Cassidy)


B F : Having experienced what I did at F o r b e s with censorship
and what I knew about the Japanese corruption, I started to do
the research to find out what's been going on here. The answer
is, essentially, that European society is not really "democratic"
any more. It's a plutocracy combined with an aristocracy, and
the "democracy" is kind of a way of keeping tabs on the "sheep"
sentiment. I can show you, within the normal matrix of financial
reports, Wall Street Journal stuff, how to trace it. What I did,
finally, to figure this out is go back to the 1918 edition of F o r b e s
and their first "Rich List". You find that the top 10 richest
Americans controlled 70 per cent of the money in the country.

John Rockefeller I was worth about US$30 billion in today'smoney. I think he controlled 25 per cent of all the wealth in the US at the time. The reason why the Rockefellers do not appear as so "Rich" in the F o r b e s list (and remember, one of my jobs
was to identify billionaires and count their money) was because
it's put in as a "charitable foundation", and in fact they have
hundreds of them [foundations]: Rockefeller, Carnegie,
Brookings—a whole alphabet soup of them.


But each generation of the Rockefeller family and the other
families, the Morgans, who are the Bush can see
that they inherit the power. They still control that money. And
they have a system so that each generation has one person in
charge. So it's like a kind of hidden aristocracy. Instead of
inheriting land, they inherit assets and everybody who works
within those assets is like a peasant working on the lord's estate.
So, if you work for Standard Oil, you're a Rockefeller serf in a
way, because they have the ultimate control.


K C : Okay. That's the Rockefeller side
of things. Are you also able to trace it from
the Rothschilds, the European side?


B F : Yeah. Now, the Rothschild thing
goes back 300 years, basically. I think this
is well-known stuff... However, I think the
Rothschilds had very deep religious
convictions and were at heart fairly decent
people. Although they apparently financed
and engineered the US Revolution in
1776—with East India Company money—
they also financed and engineered the Meiji
reforms. These are good things, in many
ways. Canada has always been Rothschild
territory, and Canada is a very nice country,
you know?


So I don't think they're on the same
level. Their system was, basically,
ancient Babylonian royalties. This is
where it gets really weird and esoteric,
but it goes back 5,771 years. The
Rothschilds used to say they were
descendants of Nimrod, who
conquered the peoples of Babylonia—
a herding people, a pastoral people.
They [the Rothschild predecessors]
conquered the peoples of Babylonia,
or present-day Iraq. They said:
"Well, isn't there some way we can
herd people the way you herd sheep?"
And they came up with a system: you
have to control their food supply; you have to control their
information supply; and you have to have means of violence to
discipline them...


K C : But, this is the Illuminati you're talking about, right?

B F : Well, I mean, you can call it Illuminati or you can call it
the King's Court. I started looking up how the ancient Sumerian
society was managed, and you find that it's really quite similar to
the modern United States. In Japan, they used to call the Finance
Ministry the "Big Warehouse" Ministry... And remember, if you
control the food supply then you can hire warriors and
intellectuals and control society—control their thinking, control
their food, and control them through violence if necessary. And
that's how it works even now. That's why it's so important to
understand that finance is control over your food supply…

B R : Control over your energy supply as well.

B F : Energy supply, yes. But I mean, at the end of the day it's food. Without it, you die.

K C : Basically you keep people busy by sending them to war?

B F : Apparently what happened was that, in 1812, the
American Republic decided not to renew Rothschild's banking
licence and the American people took control of their own
money. That's why Rothschild invaded the United States, and
that was the real reason for the war of 1812. For the next
century, the Rothschilds plotted and schemed to get back control
of the US money supply and therefore the American people...
John Rockefeller I was into oil, and he would buy the
refineries. He would come up to a guy at an oil refinery and
offer him cash and a low price. If the man refused to sell, he'd
cause problems with the workers or maybe sabotage, whatever
necessary. And the Rothschilds took note of this Rockefeller
guy and they decided they'd help him. They would allow him to
transport his oil at much cheaper rates than all his competitors.
So he got the oil monopoly.


In 1913, finally, the Rockefellers, the
Harrimans, the Warburgs, this group of
families, were able to take over the Federal
Reserve Board, supposedly on behalf of the
Rothschilds. But I do believe that
Rockefeller staged a sort of coup d'état. He
said: "Hey, I control the American army
and I control the American economy, and so
I'll cooperate with you, but I'm in charge
here." And he took over the United States.
So I think you [the USA] became a
Rockefeller fief, not a Rothschild one. They
meet and they cooperate.


K C : Right. So, to this day, you feel that
there's cooperation?

B F : I think there is some
cooperation. I think there is also
conflict. If you look at the pattern of
European versus American voting in
the UN, you can see the difference
between the two sides.

K C : Right. So where does Japan
fall in this group? 


(see article or watch video -see links above)

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I just uploaded this:  The Future of Food: Dr. Vandana Shiva "Food as a Weapon"

This tells you how they are doing it now.  Knowledge is Power.

It doesn't have to be this way. We can stop Monsanto...we need to stop them, imo.  After you watch the video interview with the distinguished Dr. Vandana you will know why, and a solution.


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