Red Haired Mummies of China

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A Tocharian man with red-blond hair; his clear European features still visible after nearly 3,500 years in his desert grave in China.

Recent excavations in the Tarim Basin in Xinjiang province have uncovered more than 100 naturally mummified corpses of people who lived there between 4,000 and 2,400 years ago, indicating that the Aryan race of red and blonde hair with blue eyes lived in this area at one time.


The bodies were amazingly well preserved by the arid climate, and according to the New York Times:

"...archaeologists could hardly believe what they saw."

The mummies had long noses and skulls, blond or red hair, thin lips, deepest eyes, and other unmistakably Aryan features. Dr. Victor H. Mair of the University of Pennsylvania said,

"Because the Tarim Basin Caucasoid corpses are almost certainly representatives of the Indo-European family, and because they date from a time period early enough to have a bearing on the expansion of the Indo-European people from their homeland, it is thought that they will play a crucial role in determining just where that might have been."

One such mummy of a teenaged girl with blond hair and blue yes, found in a cave, has become quite a tourist attraction in Beijing. She has been nicknamed "The Lady of Tarim" and she is on display to throngs of museum visitors in the Chinese capital.


Apparently she was a princess or a priestess of some kind over 3,000 years ago, for she was buried in fine embroidered garments of wool and leather, along with beautiful jewelry, jars and ornaments of gold, silver, jade and onyx. Her remains are in such a remarkable state of preservation that the dead girl looks as if she were just sleeping.





A Tocharian female mummy with long flaxen blond hair, perfectly preserved in ponytails. Items of weaved material, identical to Celtic cloth





One of the most famous Tocharian mummies found, the so-called "Beauty of Loulan"; and her face, to the right, as reconstructed by an artist.





Close-up of a Tocharian male, and to the right is a swastika decoration found on a clay bowl recovered from the Tocharian grave sites. The swastika was part of the original Indo-European language, meaning "well being". It seems that this symbol was universally accepted as such.






A search of a museum reveals a young woman with an overbite, which is European in nature, and a elderly man with reddish hair.


They also find woolen textiles woven into twill and tartan patterns in blue, white, and red. Similar to the Celtic tartans from Northwest Europe. Scientific reconstruction of the heads of the mummies produces a face that strongly resembles ancient Celts and Saxons.

The mummy people used the wheel long before it was known in China, and may have played a role in introducing it to Chinese civilization.

There are 3,000-year-old rock engravings similar to ones in Bulgaria and the Ukraine. The characters have long noses, long faces and round eyes. According to the ancient Chinese, the European nomads had red hair, bluish-green eyes and had long noses.






In, The World's first DNA PCR investigation of Biological Evidence from an Alien Abduction, by Bill Chalker, Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG)
we find that a Sydney, Australia abduction experience from 1992, with biological evidence, became the subject of the world's first DNA PCR "alien abduction" related investigation, yielding intriguing results that have suggested fascinating new lines of investigation and speculation... (For the complete story click HERE.)

The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair recovered from an ET by the abductee. Anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming a RARE CHINESE TYPE DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible BASQUE/GAELIC type DNA in the root section.

The hair sample seems to show it contains 2 deleted genes for CCR5 protein and no intact gene for normal undeleted CCR5 - this CCR5 deletion factor has been implicated in aids resistance.

The nature of these genetic findings has lead to some interesting possible connections with ancient cultures, myths and archaeological finds such as the strange Taklamakan mummies in China (tall European like peoples with red hair.... some of whom had blonde hair) - see above insert.




The stories of the female Basque God Mari and the Gaelic Irish tales of the Tuatha da Danann. The Tuatha tales describe powerful gods with orange or blonde hair and other unusual attributes.

Mari - the neolithic Goddess of Old Europe and the primary deity in Basque mythology - has many manifestations, including "as a tree that looks like a woman or a tree emitting flames", "a white cloud or rainbow, or a ball of fire in the air", a "sickle of fire, as which she appears crossing the sky" and "seen enveloped in fire, lying down horizontally, moving through the air".

The records from ancient Ireland describe a whole series of invasions. The "Lebor Gabala Erren" ("The Book of the Taking of Ireland"), compiled during the 12th century A.D. describes the coming of the mysterious Tuatha de' Danann or Tribe of Danu. They were apparently tall, blond or red-haired strangers, "expert in the arts of pagan cunning", who supposedly interbred with the locals, while teaching them many kinds of useful skills.

The Lebor Gabala records their dramatic entrance to Ireland as follows:

"In this wise they came, in dark clouds from northern islands of the world. They landed on the mountains of Conmaicne Rein in Connachta, and they brought a darkness over the sun for three days and three nights. Gods were their men of arts, and non-gods their husbandmen."


A gold ship model from 1st century BC

Broighter, Ireland.



There are many stories of aerial ships or "demon ships" ("loinger demnacda") in the Irish annuals.

According to the mythic tales the Tuatha de' Danann were advanced enough to arrive in western Ireland (near modern Connacht) by air. They divided into two social classes:

  1. "gods" as teachers of medicine, smithing, communication or druidry

  2. "non-gods" as farmers or shepherds

Although no one knows for certain what the Tuatha looked like, descriptions, such as of their female war-leader Eriu, indicate tall attractive people with pale skin, high foreheads, long red hair and large blue eyes.

Other descriptions indicate blonde, golden hair with blue eyes. The blonde haired woman in the 1957 abduction of Antonio Villas Boas also had red body hair (pubic hair). She seems remarkably like Peter's female visitor, of which DNA testing was done, and the description of Eriu.


If the Tuatha cross-bred with local humans, they would have left hybrid descendants who look somewhat like themselves.

Bill Chalker/APEG reports the following:


Many abduction cases exist where alleged biological evidence has been reported. Such events lend themselves to an established forensic DNA profiling technique, which could help establish the credibility of such claims.


Since most abduction cases imply a measure of unwanted assault on the victims of such experiences, a forensic approach towards verification of the alleged perpetrators is desirable. Since DNA is the only building block of life that we know, biological specimens recovered in alleged abduction cases would provide researchers with a clear point of comparison.

A key claim by many abduction researchers is that abductions involve some form of genetic agenda. This scenario would require compatibility between aliens and humans. The claims of sexual encounters are alleged to add further support to this scenario. This very element amongst the extraordinary range of fantastic claims made about abductions is one of major stumbling blocks to the credibility of abduction claims.

Mainstream science argues that if alien life exists it is unlikely to be compatible with human life. Hence any claims to the contrary, such as alien abductions, are regarded as absurd. Therefore this limited and focused DNA profiling technique goes to the very heart of one of key claims behind the alleged alien abduction agenda. It provides an opportunity for testing the credibility of such claims.

If such claims are true then there should be some compatibility in the DNA of alleged alien specimens, but some possible anomalies may be evident that would perhaps not be readily reconciled with measures of human DNA variability. One established way of undertaking this is to undertake such analysis with the goal to establish a precise DNA base sequence of mitochondrial hypervariable region I, spanning nucleotides 16,000 to 16,400 of mitochondrial DNA.

Such DNA is present in hundreds of copies within each human cell, and therefore acts as an easily amplified genetic marker for the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), even in moderately degraded samples, i.e. measuring the DNA variability beyond the documented "human consensus" of the region of DNA hypervariability.

This technique has been tested in one abduction case to date, in an investigation undertaken by this writer of a biological sample - a blonde hair - implicated in the abduction milieu of a Sydney man, Peter Khoury, during 1992:

  • "Strange Evidence", International UFO Reporter (IUR), Spring, 1999 issue, Volume 24, No 1, pgs. 3-16, 31.

  • "UFO ABDUCTIONS & SCIENCE - A CASE STUDY OF STRANGE EVIDENCE", Australasian Ufologist, Vol.3, No.3, 3rd, 1999, pgs. 43-56.

The original analysis confirmed the hair came from someone who was biologically close to normal human genetics, but of an unusual racial type - a rare Chinese Mongoloid type - one of the rarest human lineages known, that lies further from the human mainstream than any other except for African pygmies and aboriginals.

There was the strange anomaly of it being blonde to clear instead of black, as would be expected from the Asian type mitochondrial DNA. The original DNA work was done on the shaft of the hair. Fascinating further anomalies were found in the root of the hair. Two types of DNA were found depending on where the mitochondrial DNA testing occurs, namely confirming the rare Chinese type DNA in the hair shaft and indicating a rare possible Basque/Gaelic type DNA in the root section.

This case confirms the utility of the DNA forensic approach, however the real challenge ahead for researchers is to determine if these anomalies are both valid and significant. To do this, researchers in the controversial area of abductions should cooperate with a testing program focused on this specific area of DNA profiling. Testing of a significant number of legitimate samples would provide an opportunity for validation of the unusual anomalies found to date. The further results would add to the database of biological evidence of alleged alien specimens.

Such a strategy could help to determine if aliens are a biological reality and if indeed any are visiting our planet and abducting humans. Perhaps such information could also provide for an interesting perspective on the many stories of Nordic type beings implicated in UFO abduction and contact cases.

The Anomaly Physical Evidence Group (APEG) has been formed to focus attention on biological strategies in abduction investigations. Preliminary funding has facilitated a small laboratory presence addressing this exciting area.

The APEG can be contacted through this writer at P.O. Box 42, West Pennant Hills, NSW, 2125, Australia or via

Further funding of this research is encouraged. Please contact Bill Chalker for further details.

Anyone who believes they have legitimate biological evidence implicated in UFO and abduction experiences are encouraged to contact the APEG through Bill Chalker. Any such evidence will need to be assessed for its potential as credible evidence warranting the cost, resources and time involved in this DNA focused study.



Yuya, Egyptian nobleman from 1400 BC, father of Tiy, the wife of Pharaoh Amenhotep III. Yuya's blond hair and Nordic facial structure have been well preserved by the embalming process; Alongside, his equally blond haired wife, Thuya, great grandmother of Tutankhamen


Ancient Civilization of a Red Haired Race Found in Peru
Chaucilla, Peru.

The earliest art: the Woman from Willendorf, present day Austria,

dating from 30,000 BC.

Late Paleolithic period



How far does man really go back... and where has this man gone to now. Has he moved on to the stars? Has he made claim to the Inner Earth? Does he walk among you?

Highly advanced civilizations have been here before us. They have peaked to their highest level just to be destroyed by some great catastrophe. But for each race that has died out another has taken its place with a selected few holding on to the memories and sacred knowledge of the past race.


Who man is and where he came from has always been the eternal question... Did we come from the stars... or we molded from clay?


Maybe the answer is yes to both. In our vanity we think we have discovered some of the great truths of science and technology... but in fact we are just beginning to re-discover the wisdoms and technologies of races past. The answers to who we are and what our future holds is found by studying our past civilizations. Life is cyclic and so are the Ages of Man.


The purpose of this site is to uncover some of the mysteries and hopefully answer some of our eternal questions. If nothing else... at least uncover the lies that have kept mankind bound in darkness.

How far does 'intelligent' man go back. Some claim over 1 billion years...maybe even further. But in order for us to do an intelligent study we need to throw away the 'myths' of our preconceived evolution i.e. Lucy was not on man's evolutionary scale. Evidence shows that Lucy was an Ape... just as the Java Man was. Although these two examples have been proven as a hoax, some do not want to recognize their mistakes and still go on in search of the 'missing link' between them and man.

Another theory that does not hold water is the 'Out of Africa' Theory.



Skull Dates 1.8 Million Years Old
The moment is indelibly burned into Dato Zhvania's memory.

The archaeological site at the medieval town of Dmanisi, 80 kilometers (50 miles) south-west of the Georgian capital, Tbilisi, had already revealed some of its secrets.

He did not know it yet, but in his hands he held the almost perfectly preserved skull of the most ancient human being ever found in Europe - 1.8 million years old.
More extraordinary still, it was about to throw into question all accepted theories about the migration of our ancestors out of Africa. (See Craneos Insolitos)


Lemuria (MU) Cradle of Civilization
Churchward goes on to mention that the white people were the dominant group on Mu, (This can be as the rule of thumb in the Israelite tradition as well, through the Tribe of Dan) . In all probability, represented the priestly and patrician class of its population.

"Besides these", he goes on to say, rather enigmatically, that "there were people of other races - people with yellow, brown or black skins. They, however, did not dominate."

This he culled from the Lhasa Record, among many others. According to these ancient manuscripts, the Muvians were great navigators and sailed all over the world - much as the Atlanteans are purported to have done and later Phoenicians, being also a great maritime nation.


They were also reputed to have been great builders, too - another thing they had in common with the Atlanteans and Israelites.




I have had scientists and researchers contact me on this site, saying if you could only 'drop the UFO' it would give you more credibility.


They like what I have to say and my theories - but... In answer to this, out of good consciousness I can not drop the theory of UFO and off world visitors - however I do believe that 're-defining alien' should be considered.

To give credence to 'off world' visitation let me offer the following statements and hopefully you will then understand my stance on this issue.

The UFO crash in Roswell has always been a touchy subject for government officials - but touchy or not - truth never goes away and through the years, more and more evidence has come forth to prove that this was an actual event taking place in 1947.

What we do know is the following:

In July 1947, a piloted, maneuverable aerial vehicle, originating off world was recovered with most material going to Wright Patterson Field. Witnesses to the event were heavily intimidated, some of whom I have personally spoken too. And the craft was reversed engineered .

Years after, in 1953, a CIA sponsored Robertson Panel, recommended that the media be used disinformationally to deflect attention from the subject. Media is still being used for this as could be evidenced in the televised 2005 Peter Jennings Report. Civilian UFO groups were infiltrated by CIA according to the Panel's suggestion and private citizens involved in UFO research were illegally spied upon.

What we believe is that the government began investigating, no later than 1958, the possibility that the off world race behind the Roswell crash was one 'parallel' to our own and 'connected' to human life from 'antiquity'. That they may be instead of 'little green men' none other than our 'ancestors' .

From this same period, NASA was formed for space exploration and the 'Brookings Document
' speculated that our 'discovery of alien artifacts on MARS, THE MOON and VENUS' was inevitable.

By 1966 the presence of a past celestial race became a CERTAINTY, when Soviet lunar probes photographed regular structures in the SEA OF STORMS and the BLAIR CUSPIDS were discovered in the MOON'S SEA OF TRANQUILITY, the latter being the first landing spot of the APOLLO MISSIONS.

Astronomers' records make it conceivable that limited government study of off world artifacts began decades prior.

It is impossible that the government did not have awareness of our MARTIAN CONNECTION by 1961. Government awareness of the Martian connection continues to be evidenced in the dissembling over the discoveries of the Viking probes in 1976, as well as subsequent Mars probes.

There is every indicator that all world governments know about them and have taken the issue very seriously. HOWEVER, it is debatable as how much information they have and to what influence they would have with it. Elected officials seem to have little knowledge of the subject and are blocked in every instance that they try to gain more.


The military, the intelligence agencies, and the president (by virtue of executive privilege with the NSA) are therefore in a unique position of power in their isolated knowledge of the subject, and potentials for exploitation are immense.

It would seem that the 'off world' visitors reason for being here are little known at this time. It does seem that there is no hostile intent, being that if there were, we would have known it by now. We can base this on their actions. They evade when pursued, fire only when fired upon, and despite unquestionable superiority do not exploit their advantage in any discernible attempt for invasion or conquest.


They are plainly 'unfriendly' towards military buildup. They are monitoring our industrial and military capacity .

Source and more...

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Very interessting! Theres some thing very fishy about the past. And the info about the apollo landing site was infact chosed because of photgraphs by russians lunar probes is completly new to me! Thank you


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