Indian newspaper unveils dubious machinations by US ambassador Robert Ford.

by Victor Reznov

The renowned Indian journalist Prem Shankar Jha has reported in the prestigious newspaper The Hindu” on Wednesday that the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, Robert Ford, has informed some ambassadors of several countries, including India, after the massacre of about 20 Syrian soldiers by jihadists in the Syrian city of Daraa in April 2011, about the fact that al Qaeda has arrived in Syria. Thus, the U.S. administration know about this fact already for a really long time.

The U.S. administration and its allies concealed this information in their attempt of a “regime change” in Syria by force and they still try to conceal it until today. Instead, they are still spreading the lie that at that time, there were only and exclusively peaceful protests against the Syrian government, which had then been suppressed by the Syrian security forces with violence. (Syria: The peaceful beginning of the Syrian crisis is a fairy tale)

Hence, the United States and its allies have spread the claim by the use of their established propaganda networks, that the numerous Syrian soldiers and policemen, who were murdered by jihadists already in the first weeks of this attempt of a regime-change in Syria by them, that these soldiers and people were killed by other Syrian soldiers because they have refused it to shoot at peaceful demonstrators or because they have deserted.
Even though the U.S. government under President Barack Obama and its allies already knew very well that those terrorists and Islamists of al Qaeda (“Al CIAda”) and other jihadists were already in Syria and that these religious fanatics had committed the murders.

Ali Hashem, one of many journalists who have left the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera due of the mendacious propaganda by Al Jazeera has stated in March 2012, that he had seen with his own eyes how armed militants have entered Syria from Lebanon in April 2011 and that he even succeeded in May 2011 to record these armed militants on tape.

But the Qatari television channel Al Jazeera, his employer at that time, has refused to broadcast the material about the armed militias because that would undermine the mendacious propaganda story for the intended regime change in Syria by force.

The extreme Zionist Canadian government has still publicly mocked the true statement of the Syrian government December 2011 that Al Qaeda is active in Syria and that these terrorists are committing murderous terrorist attacks.

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who still knew exactly from her time as a senator of the Democratic U.S. opposition that the “use of the Islam” in the Wahhabi kind as it is practiced by al Qaeda and other Takfirists for the own war aims creates huge problems, has first admitted that Al Qaeda is active in Syria in February 2012 – although she already knew about it for over about ten months (and probably even longer).

The U.S. government, its allies and its propaganda outlets like Al Jazeera, CNN and the German evening news “Tagesschau” still maintain the coordinated lie that anti-government protests in Syria were peaceful until today.

Instead of the truth, these mainstream medias are still spreading the fabricated story that the protests against the Syrian government in Damascus has only become violent over time because the protesters have just tried to protect themselves from the security forces of the Syrian state.

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The oral recitation of the filioque began in Syria - God is visiting the iniquity.

There are 394 days left until the new heavens and new earth.


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