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George Carlin's words years ago are truer today

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I really miss Carlin.  I can only imagine what he would say about our current events if he were still with us today.
That would be interesting Nikki. I miss him too, he was special.
I know what Carlin would say, "Now they want to raise the debt ceiling. And that's going to fix all of our problems. congress is going to throw on some fuc#*in' hard hats, put this juggernaut machine of government to work, and lift it up like the tower of fu#*in' babel. the sky is falling, the very foundations, the corner stones of all that America WAS, is falling to pieces and their answer is to raise the debt ceiling. oh no, the pillars are crumbling, quick raise the debt ceiling! oh, you won't give up social security and medicare to pay back the money we used to get rich off of two wars, trillions of dollars in oil, military bases in almost every country, a military budget in excess of 6 billion annually, the worlds biggest supplier of opium in Afghanistan, just 95% of the world opium comes from Afghanistan but noo they would never profit from that?! so you won't give up social security and medicare to pay back the money we loaned ourselves through the unconstitutional federal reserve banking system? not a problem, we'll just create a super government of 13, crash the stock markets because we own over 90%, scare the shit out of the entire country, and smoke a big opium fattie, ya know why? because they don't care about you! at all!! at all!!!! at allll!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yep, it would be something like that.  I don't want to get all teary-eyed on you guys but I often do think of what my deceased parents, grandparents and friends would say about 9/11 and all that's happened since.  Part of me says it's better they passed on before all this happened because at least they died thinking the American Dream would continue for their children and grandchildren.  Sometimes I have dreams that I'm trying to explain it all to my mother or grandmother. Then I wake up and realize I feel better that they never knew.

In short this country suffers from the elite's greed, decadence, abuse of power, superiority complex, etc. The problem with the sheep is that we have been programed to follow and not get pissed too much. Keep watching American Idol, etc. and to be afraid of them. Them as in communism, socialism, individual thinking, terrorists. In the near future they need a big war with all the necessary false flags.

1. military

2. electronic terrorism (see how they are ramping up Chinese internet attacks in the news)

3. Financial terrorism (they will come up with a new word since terrorism doesn't cut it anymore), reporting that they, the Chinese are cashing their us bonds.


Well said, Jose. The sheep only get pissed when and at whom they tell them to, like "Islamic terrorists" or whatever the flavor of the day they can scare them with.



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