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Warning to all pot smokers in Colorado and Washington: You are about to experience a costly lesson in federal tyranny and Obama betrayal

Marijuana- Gods plant.


Colorado and Washington pot smokers are lighting up in celebration after having achieved a stunning decriminalization victory at the ballot box. Inhale while you can, my brothers and sisters, because Obama is already plotting how to re-criminalize your swag and nullify states’ rights.

Marijuana decriminalization, you see, was a states’ rights victory that more or less flipped Washington D.C. the finger. From Obama’s point of view, this simply cannot be allowed to stand because it would set a precedent of the tyrannical federal government “allowing” states to decide their own laws, separate from federal law. While the U.S. Constitution clearly encourages precisely such a structure, the U.S. federal government that exists today operates like a power-hungry gang of thugs who seek to crush anyone and anything that threatens to stand against it. There does not even exist the facade of respecting the limitations of federal government described in the Constitution.

Mark my words: Obama, who is himself an admitted pot smoker, is coming after YOUR right to smoke pot.

It will start with polite-sounding lawsuits. The federal government will claim total control of all individual activity under the “commerce clause” of the U.S. Constitution and pressure a few key federal judges to overturn state decriminalization laws.

If, for some reason, that fails, the DEA — which operates much like a pack of hungry wolves barely restrained on a short leash — will be given the green light to start conduct armed federal raids in Washington and Colorado. The point of the raids? To send the message that the feds are still in charge, regardless of what the voters say.

A lesson in power

All the pot smoking voters in Washington and Colorado are about to receive a valuable lesson in power. They think they have won a permanent victory for liberty, even if they don’t describe it in those words. In reality, all they have done is antagonize federal forces of evil which are already planning a powerful counter-assault that will remind the slaves of America (the voters) who is really in charge.

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You can bet that the day after the election and referendum results were known, there were angry phone calls into Washington DC from Big Pharma, Big Oil, Brewers and Distillers - and major Drug Dealers (... and its not just Mexicans & Colombians ... look on THIS side of the border.)

Read: Marijuana: A History - by Martin Booth.

There's too much money to be made by keeping pot illegal ....

The Governor of Washington went to the district of Columbia the day after elections and 'discussed it "behind closed doors" with the Justice Department' to find out how they were going to react.  It is my understanding that the reason the Justice Department and Media focused on Colorado was because Colorado's made it legal and lawful to 'grow your own'.

Well, if this occurs, then we have a clearly marked domestic terrorist cell called the federal government which authorizes the state militias and all citizens to defend themselves against these raids.  The federal government, if they ignore state's rights, is warring against the constitution and is a continuing threat to national security.  If they want a civil war, they will get one.

they will get the CIVIL WAR, yes. i see it coming. thing is i dont think that they do! well, not the one they planning anyway, the outcome aint gona be what they think it is going to be!

HUGH-yes they can, and in part that is exactly what is going to happen. the SHERIFFS are going to take a stand, and when they do, tons of people are going along for the ride!
the SHERIFF is the CLEO of the county, PERIOD! [for those few that dont know, CLEO=chief law enforcement officer!]

that is, if 1.) the sheriff is an honest man, 2.) the sheriff truly represents the Law (Constitution)

the FEDS are going to do nothing, they can do NOTHING! washington STATE you think are stupid, they seen this coming and have something very special for the FEDS. hold on to your hats men and women, things are about to get real bad real soon for the FEDS! and thing is, they havent a clue as to what it is!!!

OBUMIE needs to try and take on a few STATES, if would be funny, not for him, but for us! he should start with TEXAS, not for any reason, just for the fun of it to see what would happen, then california, i dont mean the way they have, with the gloves on.....COME ON OBUMIE, take the gloves off and arrest all those in CALIF smoking weed, go for it and see what happens........i would pay to see that up and personal, front row seat please!!!!

move to Cali, become one of the ones gone after...that should insure "front row seating"

i cant understand why people still dont know, there are things the FEDS cannot get into. you cant be charge with murder, [ the crime] in the U.S.DISTRICT COURT-[that is a federal court, not a state court], ITS A CIVIL RIGHTS ISSUE. remember OJ? murder within the borders of FLA. NY. CALIF. TX. OHIO,WASHINGTON-state,GA.,AL,NJ....etc. is a state issue and the FEDS cannot do anything at the criminal level, only in a court at the level of equity, for those that dont know, equity=issue of $$$$=money=something of value!

this is just my thoughts, and not representing ANYBODY, not even my opinion.  again, this is just a thought.

How about we take the plant known as Cannibus off the books entirely.  After all, if we allow regulation of ONE plant, why not allow regulation of ALL?  How about we make it so you need a permit to grow tomatoes in your garden?  or Corn?  If it is removed from the books entirely, then WHEN commerse occurs with it, THAT gets regulated, as the Constitution for the State requires.  And if commerse occurs across State lines, THEN the Constitution for the united States requires that the Congress insure that the commerse is regular among the States.  Otherwise, if it does not leave your land, it is no one's business what happens to it.  This includes the smokable herb, the resins, the oils, the cake, the fiberoous material used for making canvass.  But ONLY when those products leave the original land due to commerse. 



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