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We have been asked many times, and in our 5th 6th year I felt it time to tell you.


12160  is a shortwave frequency used by many alternative radio broadcasters.


The former site admin named us that and well, here we are.



12160 meaning , Definition of 12160 , what is 12160

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Easy guys..

Alex Jones' Infowars is what directed me here..Banned due to the comments i was making, I was not profane *much, and didn't go against the rules. They wanted me to turn here and jot down my truths and so far it seems like the place to do it..

I am not of the impression that he means anyone harm over here. Surely however, he and his team are aware of the dangers involved in stepping out of the limelight with these "topics". Him "cutting ties" publicly was (in my opinion) to protect this site, the users of this site and what it stands for.. Understand that devaluation of a source by a known target is the best protection for that source from those that are in pursuit.

Now lets be honest here, do we really want the attention he gets? Could we openly talk about what we see, research and discover if we had that kind of coverage? With hits and numbers like they generate, come infiltrators and other fine fisherman to the show... Its their job. How do I know? I was one of them. When he sells out, thats a completely different story. So far the worst is the nutraceuticals and whatnot. Even that is to pay the bills, Its quite an op he has got there.

Stay SHARP and don't believe everything you see in the media, some of it is just show and rightfully so. Choose your own truths after seeing the facts through the eyes of those that have no gain, your very own. Even if it is someone you personally trust, you should fact check them every once and a while to ensure the integrity of their individuality. Indoctrination is a SOB, hard to kill and even harder to reverse once it is in motion, so do people a favor.

`Its time to look out for each other, Ill even start!

- Acne does not just go away after puberty.
- Vaccines are not good.
- Agents cook with water. (peel it, cook it or chuck it still applies..*wink)
- Federal land (besides.illegal) is currently being held as collateral by foreign countries and is "restricted (no) access".
- NO, its not all about the Benjamins baby.. Our problem is the people born beyond forms of money and not of this "society" we call the real world.

Debugging the status quo, looking for all the support i can get.





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NSA Hands ALL Raw Spying data to Israel of U.S. citizens.

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