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Bottle-shaped, almost brand new, 13.5" tall 30mm top 19mm stem 20cm long barrel Perc and 14.5mm etched bowl stem, no breaks, no cracks, no hairlines, no chips Extra thick glass, Barrel perc, and bowl piece included Now with additional Perc

PM me a reasonable offer '-}

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also various glassware here, several pieces, make offer

Funky Bubbler

Tall Bong -Needs slider/bowl

great shape, has internal slider part, needs external slider w/ bowl..Cheap Cheap

How much?

Do you trade?

dang..missed this somehow...Dec...lol

How much for which couz ??

Was looking at the top 1 for a X-MAS gift,.

Dohhhhhh...sorry bout that GlassFX...still got it

What sorta money would you wish for it?  I need to be mindful to shipping weights, as I currently reside in Brisbane, AUSTRALIA.  However; nice glass never goes out of style..

WoW, never shipped anything that far...lol, wonder how much that would cost??

box probably be about 15" (38cm)tall and guesstimating 6-7"(15-17cm) width/deep, whole thing weighing in at about 3-4 lbs(1.3-1.8kg)

see what shipping would entail from East Coast (Va) US sir, I can adjust a little for a 12160 member ;)

Mr GlassFX wants to buy a glass bong. That's not my real question.

How did you end up living in Australia? That's a cool question.

Care to write a blog about how that move happened?

Shifting continents .... I'm a hermit-crab myself

Always love a good story. Cheers Mate!

Not much to blog about on that, just meet-up with a great lady, her time in the country was limited, and I knew in my heart, if we said good-bye,... it would be good-bye forever, With a lifetime of "what if's" facing me, I knew I would be facing a precipice of a void one would feel forever. I made the correct choice.


Pussy. No kangaroos, wombats wallabys or crocodiles involved. I guess I shoulda guessed. :) Either way I always thought Steve Irwin was awesome (even though he drank Al Gore's global warming Kool-Aid). Even still, pussy always tastes better than Al Gore's best Kool-Aid on the warmest day. Have Fun

Stever Irwin shot to fame because of his wife Terry activism.  She had connections, and used the environmental movement to launch a career.

They rode the tail'' on Paul Hogans success of Croc Dundee.  AUSTRALIA is long taken over,.. it is a shadow of a cancer ridden corpse in stage 4.

I own land in the Philippines, I will be making another move,... hemispheres mean nothing to me.  It's the shear cost of paperwork relocating that is prohibitive.

I am now more a citizen of the world kind of man, as identifying with just one country.  And I am getting real tired of GOVERNMENTAL wastes.

GFX, Sorry. No Reply button to your last reply. NING sucks Donkey Kong.

My Reply: "Steve was doing great work prior to hooking-up w/ Terry & fathering 2 great kids before the sting-ray got the best of him. Truly sad day, more for his kids & his wife than anybody else. I aint gonna go into oneupmanship (way too old for that anymore) but Steve was a True Pioneer & Terry, his beloved Wife, he loved dearly, & His kids. Tragedy is tragic. Other than the guy's brainwashed belief in the cult of man-made Global-Warming, he was a pioneer (along with his beloved wife, Terry) towards the Cause of communicating with the environment. Not into divide & conquer BS. Too old & wise for that....

What was the Point?

Steve was a wonderful Human Being....

God Bless His Soul



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Please remember this website is supported by your donations...


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